Trivia Recap – Sept. 1, 2016 – Corner Brewery

The trivia “elders” (those who have played this game longer than I, not necessarily older than I) told me a while back that there would be advantages in playing in more than one trivia league. That came into play Wednesday when a question from a Sporcle With Tim game at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery wound up tying in with the final question asked at The Wurst Bar in a game hosted by Stacy. Too bad I didn’t wind up winning any money in the first game and did not win as much as I would’ve liked at the second trivia spot, but that’s the way the cookie trivia crumbles! And there’s no crying in ….you get it. Here are the questions from game one at Corner Brewery Wednesday…game two questions are lifted from the recap done by Your Resume Sucks!
Game One
1. Books – What character in a series of books by Michael Bond was named for the London railway station in which he was found? 10
2. Filmographies – What actress has appeared in all of the following films – “Brady Bunch Movie,” “Zoolander,” and “Dodgeball – A True Underdog Story?” 9. And I was very thankful to remember her name, as I don’t think all of the teams managed to do this…
3. Mottos – What nine-letter Latin word means “Still Higher,” and is the state motto for New York? Mike chipped in on this one before he left for 8.
4. TV Companies – As seen on a TV series that debuted in 2005, what fictional companies logo can be found on signs in around Scranton, PA? 7
5. Elements – What paeriod table element is named for the island of Cyprus, where it was heavily mined by the Romans? Good guess for 2. Also got nerd bonus asking for atomic weight of this element within 5 (thanks Mike!).
6. Tributes – Queen’s “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” from 1979 was a tribute to what musician? 6
7. Cycling – After France, what coutnry has been represented by the winner of the Tour de France, including Eddy Merckx; five times? Miss for 1, though my initial guess was correct…
8. Commercials – During the 1990s, NBA player Grant Hill appeared in a long running series of commercials pitching what soft drink? Guess pulled from my ASS for 3.
9. Audio – clip of 1981 Academy Award winning film featuring a lovable drunk, who was later portrayed by Russell Brand. And this is the question that put the right information in my head for the final question later on at Wurst…it’s all a rich tapestry. Got it for 5
10. Schools – The Research Triangle is anchored by North Carolina State, the University of North Carolina and what other private university? Another good guess for 4.
Mystery: Give the first and last names of the people based on the description – whose initials will form the name of a Phoenix suburb.
1. American diver who won four gold medals in 1984 and 1988
2. Lawman played by Kevin Costner in 1987 film
3. Ring name of current WWE world champion
4. Actress named for long-running role as Dr. Lisa Cuddy on “House.”
Missed the last two.
Standings: 21 teams, scores 23 to 64, with Ypsi Squidbillies (‘Pods) in third with 62, ahead of every heavy-hitting team besides Your Resume Sucks.
Final Category: Novels
What novel, whose title character shares his name with a world capital, won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction and is the only novel by this author with a title in which each word has exactly the same number of letters?
Nope…Miss for 20,
Game Two (all commentary is from Your Resume Sucks, I did not play game two)
1. 2016 Hits: What 2016 single was Justin Timberlake’s first #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart as a lead artist in nearly 10 years? Miss for 1.
Nerd Point question: This song is featured on the soundtrack to what upcoming film? Miss for 0
2. Desserts: What is traditionally the main fruit ingredient in black forest cake? Hit for 9
3. Natural Disasters: What type of natural disaster destroyed the Colossus at Rhodes and the Lighthouse at Alexandria? Hit for 8
4. Companies: Founded in 1988, Gaiam is a company that specializes in products relating to what?
a. Dance
b. Education
c. Art
d. Yoga Hit for 5
5. MLB Stadiums: What current MLB franchise played at Ebbets Field from 1913-1957, while playing in a different city than they do now? Hit for 7
6. Bodies of Water: What body of water off the coast of Alaska, which was named for a member of the British royal family, was the site of the 1989 Exxon Valdez oil spill? Miss for 3
7. Child Stars: What child star appeared alongside Brad Renfro in the 1995 film Tom and Huck? Hit for 6
8. Flowers: Fusilier, Black Parrot and Zurel are all varieties of which garden flower in the lily family? Miss for 2
9. Game Show Hosts: What actor serves as the host of Match Game, which was revived on ABC in June 2016? Hit for 4
10. Office Supplies: In 1867, Samuel Fay patented the first type of what now-common office supply product, which was originally designed for attaching tickets to fabric? Facebook clue of the day, hit for 10
Mystery Round 2, Visual:
I’m Just a Bill. Name the pictured William, Bill, or Billy. (Last name required) Hit for 8
So going into the final question we were tied for 6th with 57
Final Question category: Politicians
Name EITHER the only losing Vice Presidential candidate ever to become President later, OR the only losing Vice Presidential candidate ever to become Chief Justice of the Supreme Court later. Both occurred in the 20th century.
Totally tanked a 20 point wager, ended up with 37 and out of the Swag.
Tough night!
As for the ‘Pods? We wound up with a sexy 42 points, a nod to Douglas Adams…Had to book to next game, so did not write down the game winners.Our next outing will be Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse, possibly with visiting family members. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy Ypsilanti!


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