Trivia Recap – Sept. 1, 2016 – Wurst

Four ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar for our regular trivia night Wednesday for a hit supplied by Stacy. The atmosphere was a bit more celebratory than usual, with a large crowd gathered in the oversized booth next to us for the birthday of Hamad, who had helium balloons purchased for him. Dang it, I want some helium balloons! But since anyone who knows me knows I would just puncture the balloons to suck the helium out so as to talk funny? They know not to waste their money! Just cut out the middleman and bring me the helium machine, lol! Anyway, happy birthday after the fact, Hamad! Their “gift” was to win the first place prize in game two, which was courtesy of our conservative wagering. You’re welcome! Anyway, the abbreviated questions…
Round One
1. Military – What branch of the military used the slogan “Be all you can be?” 5
2. Games – What is the last name of the colonel in “Clue?” 3
1. Firsts – Lombardi’s, opening in a Manhattan neighborhood in 1905, was the first place in the U.S. to sell what? Miss for 1.
Round Two
1. Other Sports – Which has more players on the field – rugby league or rugby union? Mike with correct guess for 1.
2. Historical Events – What historic event occurred in the ’60s at Dealey Plaza? 5
3. Food – What is a soft cheese made of cheese curds? For extra three points, what is the largest crop produced in the U.S., with only 10 percent being consumed by its people? Did not attempt to answer that…
Round Three
1. History – In 1469, Isabella and Ferdinand were married in what country? 5
2. Disney – What two Beauty and the Beast characters appear in a picnic scene in “Tarzan?” Miss for 1.
3. TV – “Models Inc” was a spinoff of what series which itself was a spinoff? I knew this “girly” answer, lol (sticks out tongue), 3.
Halftime – Identify the famous William based on the clues.
1. Politician who ran for president three times and was a key figure in the Scopes Monkey Trial
2. Wild West showman known as Buffalo Bill
3. Microsoft founder and billionaire
4. Clergyman who served as advisor to several U.S. presidents
Got them all for 10.
Seven teams, scores 21 to 35, with us tied for 35 with ????.
Round Four
1. Newsletter answer – visit to see this…6 points.
2. Actors – What actor was born with the last name Mapother IV? Me with right one for 4.
3. TV – What ’80s TV show told viewers to “Be careful out there?” 2
Round Five
1. Author – Who wrote “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” 6
2. Newspapers – What newspaper has the largest circulation in the U.S. at 2.4 million? Nope for 4.
3. NFL – In 1967, who became the first quarterback to pass more than 4,000 yards in a game? Nope for 2.
Round Six
1. Books – What nine-time married person wrote books about how to catch, keep and get rid of men? Ooh, that last one sounds kind of intriguing, lol…miss for 2. I would only want to read her book if it were on tape because of her distinctive voice.
2. Felons – How was convicted felon Ronnie Lee Gardner killed in 2010, the first felon to be killed this way since 1996? Hopefully he said “Let’s do this,” or else all of this was for naught…6
3. Fairy Tails – What 1835 Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale was inspired by Tom Thumb, and featured a character who slumbered in a walnut shell? Mike for 4.
Standings: Eight teams, scores 25 to 65, with the Sabretooth Crotch Crickets in first. We were right behind them with 63.
Final: Music
Who won the Grammy Award for best new artist, best album, best song and song of the year in 1981?
And here’s where that audio clue from the previous game kicked in. But since we never, ever, ever, get grammy questions right? Let’s say we were caught between the moon and New York City too much to wager full points. Still managed to finish third. That’s all, folks, I have to go to to work! I will be on the “hunt” again tonight for trivia glory, however, look for a recap Friday morning. Go Pods!

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