Trivia Recap – Sept. 8, 2016 – Corner Brewery

Sometimes a trivia game that is appearing to suck is a good omen. Such was the case Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for Sporcle With Tim, when I blew four consecutive regular round questions, including the one tied to the Facebook clue (so amateur hour…), Made a decent comeback by finishing in fourth overall in game one. I had a little help for a few regular round questions this time from Brad, who briefly joined me before heading out to join Mike and John at The Wurst Bar for our “other” trivia night (recap of that game will be posted after 3:30 p.m. today). And the game one questions, I will edit this post to include game two questions if any other teams happen to do their own recaps of both games.
Game One
1. Posters – In posters for “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray is depicged as being trapped inside of what? 10
2. Books – What author’s 1996 memoir about his youth in Ireland is titled “Angela’s Ashes?” Could not come up with his name – though had Brad showed up just a tad earlier, he could’ve helped here…miss for 2.
3. NHL Draft Picks – What NHL franchise had the #1 overall draft picks in the ’93, ’95, and ’96 seasons – following the first four of their seasons in existence? Miss for 3.
4. Music Videos – What Academy Award winning actor danced in a deserted hotel in the music video for the 2001 song “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim” Thank you Sporcle Live for offering this up as a clue that I should’ve paid more attention to…miss for 1.
5. TV Actresses – From 2009 to 1014, Tiffany Thiessen played the wife of an FBI agent on what TV series – and for an extra point, who played the FBI agent? Nope and nope, miss for 4.
6. Elements – Among the elements on the Periodic Table with names ending in “gen,” which one has the highest atomic number? Brad for 5.
7. Songs in Movies – Audio clip of 1980 film featuring the vocal stylings of an actress playing a singer.
8. Commercials – First airing during the Super Bowl in 1997, a group of controversial ads featured Fred Astaire with what household item? I had right guess for 6.
9. Largest Cities – According to the 2010 Census, other than its capital city, the two most populous cities in what state are Huntington and Parkersburg? 8
10. Famous Names – Parker and Barrow are the last names of what duo killed by law enforcement in Louisiana in 1934? 7
Mystery – “D” list actors – Give first and last names of actors in the following movies whose names begin with “D.”
1. Animal House, JFK, Hunger Games
2. Blame it on Rio, The Juror, Mr. Brooks
3. Uptown Girls, Secret Life of Bees, Every Secret Thing
4. Earth Girls are Easy (ding ding ding, photo tie-in winner…), Major Payne, Bamboozled
Missed #2, though I did think of this person’s name AFTER handing in my slip…
Standings – Sixteen teams, scores 19 to 65, with ??? in the top spot. So many teams use pseudonyms here I have no idea which teams is which sometimes. I was playing under a fairly obvious pseudonym Miskatonic University Water Polo Team and was in eighth with 54 points.
Final Category – Shakespeare
Mistress Ford and Mistress Page in one play and Katherina Minola in another play are the only women in Shakespearean plays who are title characters without being explicitly named in the the titles. Name the two plays in which they appear.
Got them both…which put me just shy of the money zone… Your Resume Sucksfinished just ahead with 77, did not write down the other teams finishing #1 and #2.
Game Two (all commentary is from Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, I did not play game two)
1. Coffee: In 2015, what company controlled roughly 20% of the US coffee retail market, more than Folgers and Starbucks combined?
**Dropped the 2
2. Settings: As seen on a TV series that debuted in 1993, the talk radio station KACL was based in what US city?
**Got it for 6
3. NBA Mascots: The mascot for the Detroit Pistons, named Hooper, is what kind of animal?
4. Scientists: What Renaissance astronomer published his heliocentric model of the universe in a book shortly before his death in 1543?
5. 2000s Movies: Who co-wrote, co-produced, and directed the 2006 film Apocalypto?
**Knew it was an actor who’s batshit crazy. Just picked the wrong one. Dropped the 3.
6. Presidents: What 19th century US president had the longest first name of any president to date? Bonus: who preceded him in office?
7. Tourist Attractions: The Skylon Tower is an observation tower in Canada that overlooks what well known tourist attraction?
8. Tours: What artist’s first headlining tour was the That Bass Tour which took place in 2015?
9. Video Game Characters: Which of the following has not appeared as a playable character in all eight console game in the Mario Kart series: Yoshi, Princess Peach, Bowser, or Wario?
**Too many hours spent playing the original SNES game made this easy.
10. TV Characters: Andre, Hakeem, and Jamal are the three sons of a company’s CEO in which series?
Visual: Missed #1 and 3. We actually discussed the correct answer for #1, but were considering that artist for #3. Art sucks.
Heading into the final:
Magical Unicorn 22, Pirates of the Caribbean 28, Aquanuts 40, Storm Chasers 42, Spaceballs 3: The Revenge of the Schwartz 55, Dennis and the City Boyz 59, In First Place with 1000 Points 60
Final Category: Running Backs
Final Question: Only four running backs have ever led the NFL in rushing yards in three consecutive seasons. Name two of the four, who began their careers in 1944, 1957, 1978, and 1990 respectively.
**Could have named three if we needed too. One of them should have been a gimme for anyone who has even basic NFL knowledge, seeing as he led the league in eight of his nine seasons.
Final Standings: Spaceballs 3: The Revenge of the Schwartz 63, Storm Chasers 62
Until next time, which will be a solo hunt tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ypsilanti!


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