Trivia Recap – Sept. 8, 2016 – Wurst

A quartet of ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar Wednesday for our regular trivia fix hosted by Stacy. Came so, so close to a perfect first half, just barely edged out of first at the end by “Team Pants,” winning a $20/second place prize. It’s worth noting that this is the first “bridesmaid” (aka second place) My Trivia Live prize we’ve won since we began playing as a league team in April, though we’ve won many third place and first place prizes. Yay beer money! ‘Pods in attendance this time were Heather, Mike, Brad and John. And the questions…
Round One
1. Comic Book Characters – What is the last name of the police commissioner in “Batman?” 5
2. Car Racing – In motor racing, what are “slicks?” John for 3.
3. Movie Lines – What is the three-word line repeated by Vin Diesel’s character in “Guardians of the Galaxy?” John and Brad for the point.
Round Two
1. Advertising – What word did Volkswagen use to describe “driving pleasure?” VW nut Mike bragged, “I can even spell it correctly…” 5
2. Speeches – What famous speech lasted 2-3 minutes and was only 10 sentences long? 3
3. Holidays – Boxing Day occurs the day after what holiday? And for an extra three points, in what month are both Earth Day and secretary’s day? Brad asked me, “What does boxing day mean?” “Well,” I said, “It’s when people working in stores have to box customers who come in and trash the store with all of their crappy returned merchandise – ugly sweaters. unneeded gadgets, what have you.”#themoreyouknow Got the extra three points plus one.
Round Three
1. TV – Actresses Jane Leeves, Teri Hatcher and Courtney Cox have all played girlfriends of what TV character? Brad the expert in this show stepped up for 5.
2. Puppets – What is the more common name of the puppet show featuring a character named Pulcinella and his wife? 3
3. Animals – A Russian blue is what type of pet? 1
Halftime – Identify the artist based on release year and album.
1. 1972 – Harvest
2. 1987 – Slippery When Wet
3. 1996 – Jagged Little Pill
4. 2003 – Get Rich or Die Trying
And we missed #4, though considered the right answer (slaps face repeatedly).
Twelve teams – scores 11 to 40, with Team Pants in first with a perfect game.
Round Four
1. Outlaws – In the old west, what gunfighter was born Henry McCarty? 6
2. TV – “The Debate,” was a live episode of what series airing in 2006, which featured different broadcasts for the east and west cost? Brad with right answer for 4.
3. Corporations – What American company tops the Fortune 500 list? Miss for 2.
Round Five
1. CIties – What city was named for a lawyer and founding chairman of U.S. steel? No teams got this, so it was “shenaniganed” out for this question instead…
1. Fables – In the Aesop fable, what fruit did the fox presume to be sour? 2
2. Capitals – The birthplace of Ludwig von Beethoven was in what city, which was the former capital of West Germany? 6
3. Movies – What 1969 movie was the only one to win the Academy Award for best picture and be rated X, though the rating was later downgraded to “R?” Anyone else think it was funny what year this was released? 🙂 4
Round Six
1. Football – What NFC team was 1995 the best year ever for an expansion team? There was more to this question…miss for 2, though we discussed the right team.
2. Musicals – Which musical is based on a 1931 play called Green Grove and Lilacs by Lynn Riggs? Me with right guess (yay “girl” stuff, lol), 4.
3. Military – Of what material is the necks of marine uniforms made, which was supposed to keep their postures erect? Mike the army brat for 6, who knows all of the branch’s “nicknames.”
Ended up with 68 points heading into the final, in second behind Team Pants. Not to be confused with the team More Beer Less Pants, which may be battled in a Sporcle Live venue tonight. We find it amusing that it seems to be our fate to regularly do trivia battle with teams with “pants” in their names… And interestingly enough. we also play against a team called My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem at Wurst, and previously played against a team with the same name at Heidelberg in Ann Arbor (completely different players). It all sounds like some kind of bad re-run, lol…
Anyway…final category – History
In the 1800s, British Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli called what country the “brightest jewel in the British crown?” Brad knew this one instantly, wagered it all…wound up in second with 136 points behind Team Pants. (shakes fist), curse those “pants” themed teams! Drinking Team with a Trivia Problem wound up in third. Well that’s all, folks! Check in for our game recap of tonight’s game on Friday morning. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ypsilanti!


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