Trivia Recap – Sept. 9, 2016 – Original Gravity


Now if only my “hunt” for gift cards at Original Gravity Brewing Co. at a Sporcle Live trivia show withMichelangelo – Sporcle Live MC was as successful as a hunt by a polar bear. I watched a show recently that profiled this magnificent beast (which was asked about in game two). Polar bears apparently have such a powerful sense of smell that they can sniff out a seal den through feet and feet of snow. Then they use their powerful girth and limbs to smash through the snow and bam, dinner! Think it was cruel that harp seal pups used to be clubbed to death by greedy humans? Probably a far more humane death than one delivered by a polar bear. Long story short? No gift cards were sniffed out by me! Finished with 72 points, seventh place for the night, and I bumped down to fourth in the overall bar standings. Clearly in this hunt, the roles were reversed, for I was as hapless and prey-like as a seal slumbering away in a den beneath the Arctic snow. My regular rounds were both decent for a soloist, but those final questions…oh those final questions! And now the questions, one of which has a tenuous tie-in to the photo I’m using with this re-cap (yes, really).
Game One
1. Final Movie Scenes – The final scene of what Oscar-winning film features someone saying, “I do wish we could chat longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner?” For extra nerd point, identify the actor who delivered that line. Got both for 10 plus the one point.
2. Toys – After 35 years, what popular children’s toy ditched his pipe in 1987 due to pressure from anti-tobacco protests? 9
3. Earth SCIENCE! – The ozone layer is contained within what major layer of atmosphere? Stratosphere, mesophere, protosphere or thermosphere? Miss for 2. Weird fact #1 – I mentioned the words “ozone layer” in a private message with someone earlier. First of two things mentioned in that message that were asked about in this game. Strange things afoot at the…
4. Political Groups – What revolutionary political group was founded in Oakland by Huey Newton and Bobby Seal in 1966? 8
5. Star Trek – What was Star Trek: The Next Generation captain Jean Luc Picard’s specific beverage of choice? 7
6. Advertising Slogans – In 2009, what retailer replaced its old slogan “You can do it, we can help” with “More saving, more doing?” 6
7. Books – What Michael Crichton book features a team of scientists who investigate extraterrestrial microorganisms in Arizona? Came close to getting this title correct, but nope, miss for 3.
8. Cities – What city that lies approximately between Los Angeles and Fresno is the third largest in the United States beginning with the letter “B?” Helps that my trivia game on Sunday had this as one of the final question answers, so it was still in the “front” of my brain, if you willl. Got it for 5.
9. Baseball – Which American League MLB team is associated with the recently adopted mascot the Rally Mantis? I actually really tried on this one. I started writing down American League teams, but none – none of them sounded anything like having an insect tie-in whatsoever. Orioles? Nope. Blue Jays? Nope. A’s? Nope. Angels? Nope. Yankees? Nope. Rays? Indians? Nope. Red Sox? Nope. Tigers? Big nope. Twins? Uh, no. Miss for 1. And my hatred/phobia of costumed mascots continues. Have no desire to see this mascot up close and personal (long shudder).
10. Song Meanings – According to John Lennon, the title of what Beatles song was inspired by artwork done by his son and not an LSD trip? 4.
Mystery – Initials – Given the clues, the first and last initials of the people described will form the name of a nation bordering Nigeria.
1. Nine-time NBA all-star for the Denver Nuggets who now wears the #7 jersey for the Knicks
2. Singer/Songwriter whose songs included “I’m the only one” and “Come to my window”
3. Comedian who starred in “A League of Their Own,” “Flintstones,” and “Harriet the Spy.”
4. National Security Council staff member involved in the Iran Contra scandal
Missed #1 (sportsball!).
Finished the round with 60 points playing under the name It’s Hentai Night at the A.V. Club, which put me in eighth. The Josh Pit team was in first with 66 points.
Final Category – Emmy Awards (almost scared me enough to seek out a seal den buried in the snow, lol)
The youngest ever nominee for a Primetime Emmy Award was recognized in 1986 for her role in a sitcom. Name either that actress who was nominated OR the name of the character she played.
Wagered TWENTY and missed…though I did have what I thought was a reasonable guess. Now to console myself by hugging my dog, Brandon (gold stars for anyone getting this obscure TV reference). Did not record game winners.
Game Two
1. Team Names – Within one, in December of what year did the owner of the Tennessee Oilers announce that the team name would be changed to “Titans” as “Oilers” made no sense? way off on this one…I thought it seemed like an ’80s thing. Also missed nerd bonus asking how many Super Bowl appearances the Titans made, my guess was actually close there, but nope.
2. Music Videos – Actress Kim Basinger appears as a dead woman in the video for what song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers? And the photo tie-in, Basinger in animated form in “Cool World.” Got this for a cautious guess for 4.
3. Ingredients – Although there are variations, what are the two main vegetables used when making a Denver omelette? Miss for 3, but got one of the vegetables correct.
4. Cars – What full-size car made by GM is a Buick model whose name literally means “The Sword” in French? Even if I did not own one of these, so, so easy…10.
5. White House Pets – What was the name of the cat who lived in the White House during the Clinton presidency? No, not Monica Lewinsky (lol)? Got this for 9.
6. Movie Themes – Audio clip of high-grossing movie with fly boys from 1986 that I should’ve known (face slap). Miss for 2.
7. Bears – In the wild, which species of bear is considered to be exclusively carnivorous? And this is the second thing asked about in the game that I had just mentioned in a private message earlier this day. Polar bears and the ozone layer. Things were starting to get weird! Got this for 8.
8. Roman Mythology – Which month of the year is named for the Roman god of war? Hm, could’ve used photo of this cute guy from “Xena: The Warrior Princess,” who was the Greek’s equivalent of the same guy. But nope, most of the followers of this page are male, so scantily clad animated Kim Basinger it is! Got this for 7.
9. Games – What is the value of a bag that falls through the hole in a game of cornhole? 6
10. Bodies of Water – What sea, nicknamed “Salt Sea” is bordered by Jordan, Israel and Palestine? 5
Mystery: Missed all but #1.
For game two, I was in seventh out of eighth place with 52 points (darn that mystery round!), playing under the moniker “There’s No Crying in Trivia.” The Josh Pit again was in first with 65 points.
Final Category – Biographies
What 20th-century U.S. president has a 1999 biographical memoir that shares its title with a European nationality?
Like with the MLB question, I really, really tried. I wrote down a list of possible European nationalities, and a list of possible presidents publishing a 1999 memoir. Did not manage to list the nationality I needed, but managed to name the president who served after the one that was correct. Better luck next time? Will be back at it soon! Sunday at theYpsiAlehouse for sure. As always, stay classy, all of you costumed mascots and furries! Go Pods!


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