Trivia Recap – Oct. 14, 2016 – Original Gravity

If I were a “Sex and the City” character and had to compare Thursday’s trivia game at Original Gravity Brewing Co. to an episode of that show (which I admittedly have never watched on purpose)? Well, none of the red stiletto heels I wanted were on sale 😦 And to make matters worse, the sexy entrepreneur I met while sipping Cosmos in a posh Manhattan nightclub ditched me and opted for a three-way with Miranda and Samantha at MY apartment (show of hands – who wants to see THAT episode?). And to top it all off, creditors keep hounding me day and night because my shoe habit is out of control and Mr. Big? Turns out that’s a misleading name. Oh yeah, and I’m way past my deadline for whatever rag it is that I write for about sex and cities and stuff. Ahem…Yeah, it was a “sacrificial” game. Those ‘Pods games that almost always occur immediately after game or games that go exceptionally well, such as first-place sweeps, tiebreaker wins, etc.. We can’t just win a three-way tiebreaker for first and not have to pay back the favor to our dark watery overlord with a shitty game! How shitty was the game? Well, for starters, it had a (wait for it) “add ’em up” mystery round! I will just put it out there that those are among the most “icky” of the mystery rounds that can be inflicted on poor defenseless trivia teams. Maybe it’s just me and I don’t have as good of a head for numbers as I do for capital cities, names, words and stuff. Thursday’s game was “attended” only by me (Heather). And the questions….
Game One
1. Public Health – First airing in 1987, the “This is your brain on drugs” PSAs compared the brain to what food? The woman in these PSAs was a BADASS. I want her on my zombie fighting team! The damage she can do with that cast iron skillet (and damn if she didn’t look good while wielding that skillet..)…10 points.
2. TV Dramas – On what TV series named for a fictional town in North Carolina does actress Sophia Bush play a character called Brooke Davis? Sounds like a Kimberly question to me…miss for 2.
3. Girl Groups – What girl group was formed in the first two seasons of the U.S. version of “X Factor” and are the current faces of the “Candies” clothing line? They had two top 40 hits in 2015. Nope, nope, nope…miss for 3.
4. Turkey – Which of the following is a word used to describe a young male turkey? Coot, Jake, Tim, or Jack? Never, ever heard of any word for a dude turkey besides “Tom.” Miss for 4.
5. Coaches – Before he was the namesake for a popular video game series, what NFL team did John Madden serve as head coach for between 1969 and 1978? Yay I picked an NFL team! Just not the right one, miss for 1.
6. ’70s Movies – In what ’70s movie does Gene Wilder play a character named “The Waco Kid?” Back in the points zone with 7.
7. Historic People – What was the name of the Russian man who was a self-proclaimed “faith healer” to Nicholas 2 and also nicknamed “The Mad Monk?” Should’ve known this right away, but it came to me a bit later…8.
8. Newspapers – (usually this is a decent category for me, but SPOILER, not on this night…) – What standard newspaper feature first appeared in the New York World in 1913? MISS FOR 8. Everyone’s answers were all over the place, per the host.
9. South America – What South American country borders only Peru, Bolivia and Argentina? Not wanting another miss in this game, I wrote down the name of every single South American nation, crossing off the ones mentioned in the question. I even drew a really crude map. Got this for 6.
10. Literary Characters – What influential novel published in 1852 features a cruel slave owner named Simon Legree? For nerd point, who wrote this book? Salvation in question 10! 5 points plus the bonus.
Mystery – Add ’em Up – Sum of numbers in the questions will add up to 114
1. Number on billiard ball that is solid green
2. Number in title of Johnny Depp TV series premiering in 1987
3. NBA jersey number of Karl Malone, Kevin McHale and Magic Johnson
4. Number of electoral votes held by the state of California
Missed 1, 2, and 4. I was only one off in my guess about California, though!
Standings: Ten teams, scores 20 to 63 (did not write down the top team). I was in ninth with 43 points playing under the name Carrie Fisher’s Coke Nail. Interestingly enough, there was a team called “Scruffy Looking Nerf Herders,” and “Air Force One – Get Off My Plane.” Three team names with Star Wars/Harrison Ford references! More Beer Less Pants was in fourth with 56 points.
Final Category: Automobiles
What man who had a car named after him is credited with creating the first gas-electric hybrid vehicle, as well as with designing the Volkswagen Beetle?
Looking back, I would have had no way to win this, even if I had gotten it right. Wagering zero would have not been enough, and wagering 20 would not have put me in the prize zone. I did come up with a car starting with the right letter at least! On to the next game…
Game Two
1. Voices – Who has provided the voice of Meg Griffin on more than 260 episodes of “Family Guy?” 10
2. SCIENCE! – What is the name of the man named for a common piece of lab equipment which uses a single-flame burner? 9
3. Mascots – What MLB team replaced its “Chief Noc-A-Homa” mascot with Homer the Brave? This is abbreviated…miss for 1.
4. Movie Titles – In both 1987 and 1997, Robin Williams starred in movies with what four-letter word in the title? 8
5. Organizations – What Nobel Prize-winning international humanitarian organization was founded in 1971 by French physicians and journalists? Miss for 3.
6. Cities – Las Cruces and Rio Rancho are the second and third most populous cities in what U.S. state? For nerd bonus, name the most populous city in that state. Got both for 2.
7. Spokespeople – Raquel Welch and Priscilla Presley have served as spokespersons for what low-calorie powdered drink that was first marketed in the 1980s? 7
8. Rock Songs – Audio clue of guitar solo, had to ID the song (hint: overblown, early ’90s, lead guitarist (who almost always wore a black hat) playing his guitar out in the middle of a field, also there is a supermodel in the video). Got it for 6. Poor millennial team sitting near me had the most stumped look on their faces. Bet they knew the TV question game one!
9. Soldiers – The pope is guarded by soldiers from what country? 5
10. Hidden Things – What holiday-inspired name is given to inside jokes, hidden messages n movies, video games, computer programs, etc.? 4
Mystery: Got them all.
Standings: Seven teams, scores 49 to 65, with More Beer Less Pants in first. I was tied for third with Air Force One – Get off my Plane with 61.
Final Category: Stage Productions
In 1959, what play that was later adapted for film became the first play written by an African American woman to be produced on Broadway, as well as the first with an African American director?
Should’ve gotten this, but didn’t…and wagered 20! Are you paying attention, Cthulhu? Is this a worthy sacrifice? He is SO tough to please…and rouse from his slumber (boy can he put away a LOT of Kraken rum). Until next time…which will be tonight! We are doing a “makeup” MTL game for the Wurst game we missed last week. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Carrie Fisher!


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