Trivia Recap – Oct. 27, 2016 – Wurst Bar

We finished the My Trivia Live season at The Wurst Bar Wednesday on a high note – 70 points heading into the final question, and managed to take the first place prize. Overall, we took first place at the venue with 871 points, just 17 points ahead of second place Team Pants, whom will also advance to the semifinals Saturday, Dec. 3. We had a fairly “friendly” final question for one of our players who just happened to pay a lot of attention to current events in the ’80s – and a Beatles halftime round turned out to be easy for us, too! The high point of the night was receiving a “compliment” from Team Pants! And here goes – “We know that when your team calls ‘shenanigans’ on a question, that really means that NO teams managed to get it right.” Aww, shucks, guys! And we did indeed call shenanigans on an “investments” question in the second half, which did wind up being thrown out and replaced with another question. We appreciate that little show of respect! We feel so warm and fuzzy! Wow… Thanks guys! And the questions, which were served up by trivia host Stacy.
Round One
1. Martial Artists – What martial artist trained Chuck Norris, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Steve McQueen? 5
2. Baseball – The Flamingoes was considered as a name for what MLB team that began playing in 1993? Brad and I teamed up here with success for 3 (though we did consider one other expansion team in the same state).
3. Food – What triangular British pastry is often served with clotted cream and jam? 3
Round Two
1. Music – What 1972 song’s lyrics include, “I remember when rock was young…Me and Suzie had so much fun?” 5
2. TV – What long-running television series from the ’80s returned in June, 2012 after a 21-year absence? Apparently none of us watched this the first OR second time around, miss for 1.
3. Computers – What does WIFI stand for? For an extra three points, in what year, within one, was the term wifi first used commercially? Did not attempt the bonus question, got the main question for 3.
Round Three
1. Champagne – What item is used in opening champagne if using the sabrage method? John for 5. One of the YouTube videos I found demonstrating this skill includes the note, “Do not try this at home.” Okay…..
2. Movies – What 1977 movie has the tagline “We are not alone?” 3
3. Pizza – What are the two main ingredients on a Hawaiian pizza? 1
Halftime – Name four of the five movies in which the Beatles appeared as stars. Got them all.
Standings – Nine teams, scores 15 to 36, with us in the top spot.
Round Four
1. Flowers – Cranesbill is the wild form of which garden flower? 6
2. Sports – What did professional basketball player Lloyd Bernard Free change his name to in 1981? Miss for 2, we went the Harlem Globetrotter route here.
3. Investments – If an investment is described as “copper bottom,” what kind of investment is it? We called “shenanigans” on this one, and it was thrown out – no teams got it correct. Replacement question is below. We did, however put down “investment that needs polishing” as our answer, to which host Stacy said, “Nice answer, ‘Pods!”
3. Beverage History – What size beverage container was introduced by Pepsi in 1970? Brad actually remembered this, got it for 4. And we had a good old time trying to imagine 9-year-old Brad asking his Mom to buy him this size of pop – and him drinking it right from the bottle (guess you had to be there).
Round Five
1. Roller Coasters – What is the three-digit number that follows the word “Magnum” when referring to the Cedar Point roller coaster? 6
2. Elements – What is the main metal element obtained from bauxite? Brad/John for 4.
3. Food – What is the name for the veined Italian blue cheese made from unskimmed cow’s milk? 2
Round Six
1. Animals – From what animal is lanolin derived? 6
2. TV – What ’90s TV series featured a character named Joel Fleischman, who is sent to practice medicine in Sicily, Alaska? 4
3. Military – What is the military term for not wearing underwear? 2
Standings – Ten teams, scores 16 to 70, with us in the top spot heading into the final. Final Category: Newspapers
Final – What American celebrity died at age 52 in 1982 in a car crash and was the first person featured on the very first front page of USA Today?
My “obsession” with celebrity deaths helped us here! Did not write down the teams finishing in second/third. Well that’s it for this season! Until next time, which will be Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan tonight, where the ‘Pods are in third place overall. We will be back here after the “bye” week next week, As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ypsilanti!


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