Trivia Recap – Oct. 28, 2016 – Original Gravity

The trials of Hercules are not really that different than the trials of your average pub trivia team. Sure, you’re not “really” slaying lions, fetching golden apples, or stealing women’s articles of clothing – or maybe you DO steal women’s clothing during trivia games (pervert!). But you can still feel like a warrior after certain trivia games are finished, nonetheless, even if you don’t look anything like Kevin Sorbo from “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys.” Man, that was a great time for TV! “Xena” and “Hercules” were just good campy fun! Speaking of campy fun, two ‘Pods (Heather and MIke) visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. Thursday for a Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC show, finished in second place for the night, logged a near-perfect game one up until the final question, 136 points for the night and a $10/second place gift card in game two. And the questions…
Game One
1. Commercials – A popular commercial for what company features an angry wife catching her husband talking to a guy named Jake at 3 a.m.? 10
2. Games – In the game Yahtzee, what is the maximum number of times a player can roll a dice on a single turn? 2
3. Tourism – Which U.S. state promotes tourism with the slogan, “Enter a Higher State,” which has a double meaning? 9
4. The Lion King – Name one of the two actors who played the non-singing voices of Simba in “The Lion King.” For an extra “nerd” point, name both. Interesting fact – Simba’s parents in this film are played by the same actors who played Eddie Murphy’s parents in “Coming to America.” Mind. Blown…don’t know if I can go on with my day now, lol…oh, got this for 8.
5. Disease – What is the more common name of the viral disease called infantile paralysis, which was largely eradicated after vaccinations for it became widespread? 7
6. Quarterbacks – Joe Montana played college football for what school from 1974 to 1978? Miss for 1. These “games” questions are killing us! 🙂
7. Elvis – Of all the songs Elvis Presley took to number one, what is the only one to contain a question mark? 4
8. Plants – The Venus Flytrap is native to what country? I think our team was one of the only ones getting this correct (this was all Mike, who used to live in a state where these things grow wild and sometimes say “Feed Me, Seymour” in the voice of Levi Stubbs). 4
9. Amendments – Within two, in what year was slavery abolished in the U.S. Constitution? Mike nails this dead-on for 5.
10. Short Stories – In what short story does the Headless Horseman appear? 2
Mystery – All correct answers contain the same letters in the word “Halloween.”
1. TV host who replaced Johnny Carson in 1992
2. To appear to become thinner or less, such as regarding the moon
3. Type of animal featured in 2012 film “Big Miracle”
4. Most recent #1 hit for Adele
Got them all.
Standings – Team teams, scores 23 to 66, with us in the top spot, playing under the name The Hateful Eight (because we were team #8 and were feeling really, really uncreative).
Final Category: Hollywood
What is the three-word term for the area of Hollywood centered on the former headquarters of the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers?
This term inspired the name of a popular tabloid news website.
We did not wager on this, which is good, because we missed it. But bad, because two other teams wound up getting it…
Final Standings: Mind Blown, 84; More Beer Less Pants, 85. We were right behind them in third, so just missed the prize zone…
Game Two
1. “Think Small” was the ad campaign used in 1959 for what foreign car company? 10
2. TV Personalities – What TV personality gained popularity in the 1990s for being MTV’s first Latina VJ and for hosting her own talk show and “America’s Phoniest (sic) Home Videos? Miss for 4, this woman’s name obviously did not earn a spot in my long-term memory banks.
3. Beer – What beer company was the majority owner of the Toronto Blue Jays until 1995? And for nerd point, in what decade was this team founded? Got this on a guess for 1 (really – how many “major” Canadian beer companies are there that are well known in the U.S.?), missed the bonus.
4. Academy Award Winners – In March, 1987, Marlee Matlin gave her Oscar acceptance speech in what language, accompanied by an interpreter? 9, this prompted a “flashback” to a previous game where Brad and I had to “brainstorm” actresses who played Seinfeld’s girlfriends, had to pick the one who had won an Oscar. Good times, good teamwork on that one!
5. Soap (I am so old I started humming theme song for this show when the category was read – SPOILER – the question is NOT about the show!) – What brand of soap produced by Armour was marketed as the first brand of antibacterial soap? 8 Yes, Armour is a meat packing company. Yes, the soap was made from rendered animal fat. Yes, this is kind of like how they made the soap in “Fight Club!”
6. Video Games – Did not write this question down…it was about a city name used in a “Grand Theft Auto” installment, we missed for 2.
7. Political Scandals – Which former U.S. senator was charged with leaving the scene of an accident following an incident in Chappaquiddick in which Mary Jo Kopechne was killed? 7
8. World Geography – What is the world’s second largest country by land area? Our answer, as was the answer that several other teams put down was initially ruled incorrect, but the host later awarded the points, so we got this for 6.
9. Eight-letter Words – What word can be used to describe Frisbee or a type of warrior, and can mean “last” or greatest? 5
10. Boats – A cathead supports what device on a boat? Miss for 3.
Visual Mystery – Missed #3 and #4. We jokingly put “Little Miss Sunshine: Great Depression Edition” for #3.
Standings – Nine teams, scores 26 to 65, with More Beer Less Pants in first place. We were in sixth with 50 points. Will the final question provide some redemption? Read on!
Final Category: Greek Mythology
For his Ninth Labor, Hercules was required to retrieve a particular possession of the queen of the Amazons. Name that possession, which is something that can be worn.
We wagered 20 and got it.
Final Standings: ‘Pods, (aka The Hateful Eight), 70, More Beer Less Pants, 85. We have just two more “season” games here, and will play the end-of-season venue tournament, just to finish what we started. But we’ll be taking a break from playing here in the off-season. We will be doing a “weekend” trivia game, which is, as of now, TBD. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Hippolyta (queen of the Amazons…go ahead, google that one…).


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