Trivia Recap – Oct. 31, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

It’s gratifying when you know a trivia answer because you were a smarty-pants in school, or have bothered to “study” the topic for trivial purposes. Or maybe you pull the right guess from the depths, or recently read something about a particular question. But it can be even more gratifying when you know an answer for the most ridiculous reason imaginable – because you read about it in one of your mom’s old “Mad” magazines! What? Me Worry? Never, because surely I’ll be able to summon an answer from a vintage “Mad” magazine! One of the movie titles we needed for a final question Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse was one that was satirized in a 1976 “Mad” magazine, with illustrations by the iconic comic artist Mort Drucker. This Ypsilanti watering hole was a little more crowded than it usually is on trivia nights, thanks partially to Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor recently ceasing to offer trivia on Sundays. Sporcle and Shine with Emily offered up extra bonus points this particular night to teams with players wearing costumes – one of which was ours, and at least one other team with someone wearing a hot dog costume. We finished with 119 points for the night in fifth place, though the point spreads between the second, third and fourth place teams were quite slim. ‘Pods playing this time included myself (Heather), Mike, Brad and Dave. We remain in first venue place here, which for us as a barhop team, basically just means “bragging rights,” though we will attempt to hold this spot until the venue tournament! And the questions…
Game One
1. Biographies – Originally published shortly after her death, what woman is the subject of a 2005 Herbert Kohl book called “She Who Would Not Be Moved?” 10
2. Short-Lived TV – What short-lived series debuted on ABC in 2009 and featured a major plot point in which most people on earth simultaneously lost consciousness? Miss for 2.
3. Acting Roles – What actor, who won a best actor Oscar for his portrayal of an accused murderer in 1990 went on to provide the voice of a villain in a Disney film a few years later? 9
4. Opposites – What seven-letter word is the opposite of convex? 8
5. Grammy Nominations – What band received two Grammy nominations for their 2005 debut album called Save a Life?
6. Pitchers – Name one of the two National League teams other than the Atlanta Braves and the Chicago Cubs that Hall of Famer Greg Maddux pitched for in his career? Nope and nope, missed the bonus for knowing both.
7. South America – What is the only South American country to border both the Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean? 7
8. Candy – What brand of fruit-flavored candy was first introduced in 1945 and is currently produced by Tootsie Roll Industries? Good guess for 4.
9. Songs in Movies – Audio clue of song used in 1991 thriller featuring a serial killer named for a Wild West icon
10. Buildings – The Thomas Jefferson Building is the oldest of three Washington, DC buildings that house what institution – the largest of its kind in the world? Miss for 5. Completely forgot about a certain thing Jefferson was fond of collecting.
Mystery – Before and After
1. American romance novelist who is the best-selling living author and band whose hits include “Reelin’ in the Years” and “Do It Again?” And to keep Brad from talking out loud for how the band got its name (which he loves to talk about), I wrote this on the paper for Dave to see so that Brad wouldn’t say it out loud!
2. 1993 Smashing Pumpkins studio album and two-word subtitle for the third installment of “Nightmare on Elm Street”
3. Animated TV series featuring Scrooge McDuck and anthology horror series created by George Romero and debuted in the 1980s
4. HBO series set in Bon Temps, LA and dog breed famed for its sense of smell
Missed #3
Standings – Twelve teams, scores 29 to 66. We were in fourth with 56 points. Unsure which team was in first, since the team’s name does not appear in standings for having played on Sunday.
Final Category – 80s Cartoons
When it debuted in 2003, Star Wars: Clone Wars became the first Star Wars animated TV series since what other series went off the air in December 1986 after two seasons and 35 episodes?
Miss…wagered 20. Second place won with 66 (moved up from seventh), first place had 86 points, too many pseudonyms in the room – do not know who was “who!”
Game Two
1. 2000s Movies – What 2002 drama film used the tagline “America was born in the streets?” 10
2.Deliveries – What restaurant advertises their delivery service as “freaky fast?”
3. Philosophy – What Greek philosopher wrote “The Republic?”
4. Navigation – What navigational whose name means 1/6 of a circle is used to measure the angle between two visible objects?
5. Speeches – What Notre Dame coach gave the famous “Win one for the gipper” speech in 1928?
6. Video games – Released in 2001, what was Nintendo’s first gaming console to use discs instead of cartridges?
7. Birthplaces – Abraham Lincoln is the only president to date born in what U.S. state? For an extra “nerd” bonus, what year was he born, within three?
8. Singers – What singer gained fame with the Miami sound machine?
9. Rivers – What U.S. river forms the border between Oklahoma and Texas and also between Texas and Arkansas?
10. TV Characters – Which two of six “Friends” characters are NOT related to any of the others by blood or by marriage?
Mystery – Missed #2.
Standings: Eleven teams, scores 51 to 67. We were in fifth with 63 points.
Final Category – Directors
At this point, Brad whined, “I wish my brother (Kevin) was here.” Though I was “slightly” insulted, I just said, “Why? I’m here!” Maybe that was the kick in the pants I needed to get this one right for the team (thanks Brad).
From 1960-1975, Stanley Kubrick directed four films with named title characters. Name two of those characters.
Got them both, but finished just shy of prize zone. Until next time, which is TBD! This is a MTL bye week, and don’t have any games planned until Thursday. That is, unless we play somewhere tonight, which is TBD. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Barry Lyndon!


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