Trivia Recap – Oct. 4, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse – featuring “hired goons” from More Beer Less Pants

Sometimes we at MBLP like to lend a helping hand to our fellow trivia fanatics and will sit in on a game or two. Other times, we’re just bribed into filling in so a rival team can get their bar-hopper points and still take a road trip up north. Sunday saw the latter, when Mr. People Person and myself went incognito as the “Hired Goons” to sub in for the Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods at YpsiAlehouse. It was a reunion of sorts for us, as the host at the Alehouse is Sporcle and Shine with Emily, with whom we used to play at the Bowery.

This was my first real visit to the Alehouse. Those of you that know me, know that I’m not a big fan of most brewpubs. To me, it seems like every idiot out there thinks he can open up a brewpub and make good beer just by giving the brews a silly name. If the beer tastes a little funny, then just add more hops! If it still tastes funny, add more hops! Repeat this until the neckbeards find the beer so bitter and pretentious that they can’t help themselves from lining up at the bar. But I digress.

The Alehouse has 3 drinkable (in my opinion) beers: the Blue Racer (somewhat sweet, no bitterness), Jimmy Jack’s Normal Ale (beer flavored beer), and the Trollbridge ( a little bitter, but always $3.50/pint so I’ll deal with it). I settled on the Jimmy Jack’s and MPP went with the Trollbridge. The food was ok. I ordered a pulled pork sandwich, which was functional but could have used a little more smoke. All the meat are smoked in-house, so next time I’m trying the smoked chicken wings. The fries were crisp and salty.

This place used to house the Ypsi BWW, a number of years ago. They’ve done a nice job of cleaning it up and making it seem less like it sits across from a bus depot and strip club. The limits of being in an old building however, mean that the bathrooms are still in the basement. There isn’t much they could do with that, as it was still dank and creepy. I could only think of one of the last weeks the old BWW was open and some sorry sap fell down the basement stairs and died… unfortunately they didn’t find him until the next day.

Anyway, if you’re into the Brewpub thing, I would recommend it. Also of note is that this is one of those “living wage/no tipping” places. So keep that in mind when you look at the menu prices. Overall, we spent about the same as we would any other venue when you factor in the tip.

On to the game.

1)The first leader to be call “Czar of all the Russians” was also known by what nickname, mainly because of his brutality?
– Social!

2)Name 1 of the 2 actors that starred in the 19XX film Tango & Cash.
Bonus – Name the other

3)What longtime Boston Celtics player is 1 of 2 players in the NBA to have a team retire the jersey number “00”?
– An NBA question we got right!

4)Audio – Clip from a TV drama that debuted in 2014, starring Tia Leoni as a high ranking government official.

5)What cocktail made with gin, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth and orange juice is named for a borough of New York City?
– Nope. But I may try one sometime.

6)What appliance was Percy Spencer inspired to invent, after a candy bar melted while working near an active radar set?

7)Struthiomimus was a large, fast, 2-legged, beaked dinosaur, whose name means “Imitator of” what bird?
– Should have gone for higher points, as this one seems obvious.

8)Who was the only Republican to serve as US president between March 1933 and January 1969?

9)What singer’s top 10 hits include “You and your Hand”, “So What” and “Just Like a Pill”?
– Nope.

10) What Las Vegas Hotel/Casino has a revolving restaurant appropriately called “Top of the World”?

Mystery – Elements by Initials
Damn you Sporcle Live, you’re not getting us with Chester A. Arthur again!
Give the full name of the element, based on the famous named person in the clue.

a)Original member of the Monkee’s along with Davey Jones, Mike Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz.

b)Actress/model/singer, who released the single “Fame” in 2012 and is on the current cast of “Dancing with the Stars”.

c)Singer with albums in the last 5 years titled “Yours Truly”, “My Everything” and “Dangerous Woman”

d)Actor famous for his roles as Uncle Fester and Doc Emmett Brown.

Missed C.

Going into the final, the Hired Goons were in 2nd behind Diane’s Genies by 3 points.

Final – Starting QBs
(Could this possibly be a question written by Sporcle Live Trivia with Robear?)

Between Terry Bradshaw’s retirement and Ben Roethlisberger’s rookie season, six quarterbacks started more than ten games in a season for the Pittsburgh Steelers.Name two of those quarterbacks.

Touchdown for the Hired Goons! Too bad Diane also knew it. We stayed in 2nd.

Game 2

1)What company developed the once popular web browser “Navigator”?

2)Singer Jennifer Nettles is half of what country duo, along with guitar player Christian Bush?- Nope. Never going to get this one in a million years. Actually, I still don’t know the answer.

3)What measurement will you find if you multiply the diameter of a circle with Pi?

4)Among the 13 Marvel universe films, which one has grossed the lowest worldwide?- Nope, we missed it. There has to be more to this question than what I wrote down. Upon researching today to supplement my notes, I see that there are way more than 13 films based on Marvel Comics.

5)There were only 2 women convicted of piracy in the 18th Century, one was Mary Read, who was the other?- And another stumper.

6)In a 2010 Internet prank, what country was chosen #1 for where Justin Bieber’s world tours should go?

7)What are the first names of the Ricardo’s neighbors on “I Love Lucy”?Bonus – What is their last name?

8)Which neighborhood is the site of the original settlement of New Orleans?

9)Which state flag does not depict an animal: California, Wyoming, Montana or Illinois?- Oops. I assumed that one of those states had a president on it.

10)Before joining the Big 12 in 2012, TCU was part of what conference that was founded in 1999?- Pulled this one out at the last second, redeeming my flop on #9.


Going into the final, we were in 2nd place again, down by 9 behind a team that I didn’t write down. Diane’s Genies were tied for 6th.

Final – Notable AchievementsNina Davuluri and Kira Kazantsev, both children of immigrants, are notable for both having been awarded what title in the last four years?

We went a completely different direction based on the category, going instead with government titles/awards/ranks. We were way off.

In the end, we kept Miskatonic on top of the season leaderboard, 12 points up on Izzy & the Peeps, who returned after a brief hiatus.

We’re back at Johnny’s Grill tomorrow, to hopefully make them FEAR THE BEER!


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