Trivia Recap – Oct. 5, 2015 – Johnny’s Grill


“I don’t FEEL tardy.” Some of you Gen-X folks or well educated millennials might recognize these as lyrics from Van Halen’s “Hot For Teacher,” which is is on their “1984” album. Released fittingly enough in 1984. I bring this up because apparently only two teams had signed in to play at Johnny’s Grill Tuesday as of 10 minutes before the 7:30 game time! Mike and I were among those running late, having been stymied by wall-to-wall traffic on eastbound I-94 at Huron/Whittaker, which forced us to detour. And then detour again, as traffic was too heavy on our “plan B” route. So plan C it was, and we wound up behind a Slowpoke Rodriguez (that’s a Looney Tunes reference) who clearly needed more lead in his foot. It looked like he was watching porn or something on his dashboard-mounted phone. Kidding, of course! Who would do THAT while driving? Uh….So during the game, Sporcle Live Host Elyse gently reminded the players that the game starts at 7:30 p.m. And that’s when I really “felt” tardy! Schooled! I don’t like arriving late to trivia games, for the record! And I have officially been “shamed” into hopefully not doing so again! Wouldn’t want a rap on the wrists with a ruler! Or would I? Nah, that would hurt, no thanks! All that said, I wound up finding two seats “kind of” next to each other at the bar, but had to kind of cram them in because of the video poker machine. Or whatever it was, I didn’t really look at it. Anyway, onto the questions, which on this night were answered (some of them correctly) by ‘Pods Heather (myself) and Mike.
Game One
1. Soft Drinks – What calorie-free, lime and grapefruit-flavored soda was first introduced by Coca-Cola in 1966? 10.
2. Movie Trilogies – Which U.S. president did Robin Williams portray in the “Night at the Museum” movie trilogy? Got this for 9, missed the bonus.
NERD POINT: What is the subtitle of the third movie in the series?
3. Clothing – What retailer carries the clothing lines Truly Scrumptious, Aden + Anais, and Koala Baby Boutique? Miss for 2.
4. MLB Records – Doing so in 1995 while playing for the the Cleveland Indians, who is the only MLB player to hit at least 50 home runs and 50 doubles in the same season? Miss for 1.
5. Theme Parks – Disneyland Paris was originally known by what name: 8
6. Games – What is needed to play the game Cat’s Cradle other than another person? Host commented that this question seemed to favor females. Who I said would grow up to use this item when they wanted to get kinky with their boyfriends, lol… 7
7. Bodies of Water – Which of the following is the saltiest – The Dead Sea, The Great Salt Lake or the Red Sea? Nice use of re-rack Mike for 6.
8 Lead Singers – Simon LeBon is the lead singer of what British band that had a hit with the song “Rio” in the ’80s? Very tough song to conquer vocally in “Rock Band.”
9. Goverment – In 1997, Madeleine Albright became the first woman to hold what position in the U.S. government? 4
10. Tourism – What is the name of the boat that takes tourists to see Niagara Falls up close? 3
Mystery – Late Night Hosts – Anagrams
1. Film Only Jam
2. Beer Cloth Spent
3. Corny Salad
4. Here System
Missed 2 and 4.
Standings; eight teams, scores 42 to 64, with Where’s Everybody At? in first. We were in fourth with 59 behind Venus Flytrap with 60 and More Beer Less Pants with 63.
Final Category: Broadway
The five shows that have had the most Broadway performances all-time are The Phantom of the Opera, Chicago, The Lion King, Cats, and Les Miserables.
Name 2 of the next 6 shows that have put on the most Broadway performances, each with over 5,000.
We wagered 20 on this and missed, but were so, so close! This was how our question was worded: Of the top ten shows that have had the most performances on Broadway, 4 have ended in the year 2000 or later.
Name two of the four shows ,
Final Standings: Your Mom Says Hi, 53, Where’s Everybody At, 64. Were we the only team wagering on this? Hmmm….
Game Two
1. Job Titles – What is Subway’s trademarked title for a person who prepares their subs? 10.
2. Common Objects – A standard paper clip has how many bends? Nice work Mike for 3.
3. Magazines – For what magazine did Burt Reynolds pose partially nude in 1972? Considered right magazine but went a bit too “porno” here, miss for 5.
4. Scary Movies – What is the name of the hotel in “The Shining?” 9
5. Duets – What singer released the 2001 hit single “Nobody Wants to Be Lonely”, which featured Christina Aguilera?
NERD POINT – On what island was he born? Missed both for 1.
6. Competitions – What is the name of the competition in which Cub Scouts race handmade cars? Now if the cat’s cradle question was for the girls, was this a “boy’s” question? And if so, what does it say about our team’s woman knew this one? Yes, I had brother who was in scouts for about one year, long enough to make one of these things. 8
7. Stock Symbols – What company trades on the NYSE under the stock symbol BBY? Nope, picked a really close one, miss for 4.
8. ’80s TV – Theme song of cop show from ’80s composed by Jan Hammer
9. Boxers – Retiring in 1956, who was the only heavyweight boxing champion to end his career undefeated and untied? Miss for 2. Needed Brad for this one.
10. Medicine – Which branch of medicine deals with the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the heart? 6
Mystery – Missed one of these (don’t recall which one).
Standings -Nine teams, scores 34 to 64, with MBLP in first. We were in fifth with 49.
Final Category – Quarterbacks (ouch, not a good category for this particular “duo!”)
Four quarterbacks have started a Super Bowl for the New York Giants. Phil Simms was the first, and Eli Manning is the most recent. Name one of the other two quarterbacks.
Nope, but did not wager. Finished with 88 points for the night. And this concludes our brief engagement with this place. Not that we have any real problem with the place or the host, but Tuesdays will have to go back to being our “off” night from trivia. Laundry doesn’t do itself! But that might be kind of fun to watch, maybe like watching that Herbie Hancock video “Rockit” with the dancing pants #datingmyself. Until next time, which will be tonight at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for Sporcle With Tim We will be doing things differently tonight and playing BOTH games tonight! Unfortunately, we don’t have the “staffing” to do a Stacy game at The Wurst Bar tonight, but will attempt to make it up with another MTL game and be back at it next week! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Burt Reynolds!


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