Trivia Recap – Oct. 6, 2016 – Corner Brewery

Our normal ‘Pods group was missing Brad, one of our key players, Wednesday. He was paying a visit to his mom (and so commences the “Brad’s mom” jokes, lol!). So a couple of us hit up an old favorite trivia haunt, Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery and took a stab at a very challenging set of questions! We took a night off from playing at the The Wurst Bar for our regular My Trivia Live game with Stacy, but will be back at it next week! Our duo of myself (Heather) and Mike did not win any prizes – but had quite a few “fist bump” moments throughout the night, including getting one of the final questions correct. We wound up finishing in ninth for the night with 87 points. And about those questions…
Game One
1. Candy – What variety of Skittles includes flavors kiwi-lime and banana berry and comes in light blue packaging? 2
2. U.S. Geography – The geographic region sometimes referred to as OBX is located primarily in which U.S. state? Miss for 1.
3. TV Characters – What TV title character had relationships with Jen Lindley and Gretchen Witter, among others? Miss for 5. David probably would have known this…
4. Patriotic Songs – What patriotic song by Samuel Francis Smith uses the same melody as the national anthem of the U.K. and for nerd bonus what is the name of the U.K.’s national anthem? 10
5. Websites – In 2011, Yahoo Real Estate formed a partnership with what online real estate database to form the largest real estate advertising network on the Web? 6
6. ’00s Films – Philip Seymour Hoffman was nominated for an Academy Award for best supporting actor for his role in a 2007 film in which what other actor played the title character? 9
7. Tennis – According to the Women’s Tennis Association, what American tennis player finished the year as the top-ranked woman player in the world in ’98, ’01, ’04 and ’05? Only one team managed to get this correct, we missed for 3.
8. Artowrk – One of the most famous works by artist Henri Toulouse-Lautruc depicts three men and two women sitting around a table at what location? 8
9. Pilot episodes – What character was introduced in the pilot episode of 30 Rock as a new network executive and Liz Lemon’s boss? Knew the actor but not the character’s name…miss for 4.
10. World Leaders – Following his 2011 death, who received the designation of Eternal General Secretary of the Worker’s Party of Korea? 7
Mystery Round – Add ‘Em Up (yikes!) – the sum total of the numbers mentioned in the following songs, given the release year and a snippet of lyrics…
1. ’90 – “It’s been (blank) hours and 15 days…”
2. “04, “Beauty queen of only (blank), she had some trouble with herself.”
3. ’66 “Let me tell you how it will be there’s one for you and (blank) for me”
4. ’10 – “Do you ever feel already buried deep (blank) feet under screams and no one hears a thing”
Strike out! We only knew #1 for sure…
Standings – 18 teams – scores 34 to 62, with Ennui in first. We were in ninth playing under the moniker Two Tentacles to Paradise with 48 points.
Final Category: Plays (host Sporcle With Tim hinted that the category could be about sports plays, or the literary type…we wagered according to the literary type.
Sweet Bird of Youth, The Night of the Iguana, and The Eccentricities of a Nightingale are three of the major plays of a well-known playwright. Name that playwright, and name the only other animal that appears in the title of one of his multi-act plays.
Got it…but so did enough teams ahead of us….Ennui wound up finishing in first in game two, did not catch the runners-up.
Game Two
1. National Parks – Glacier National Park is the only one of the 59 U.S. National Parks located entirely in which U.S. state? Miss for 5.
2. Direct to Video – What film has spawned direct-to-video sequels called Aftershocks, Bloodlines, and Back to Perfection? Mike was every excited about this one…got it for 10.
3. Children’s Authors – What American children’s author set many of his works in the fictional Busytown, inhabited by anthropomorphic animals? Picked another author who had such animals, miss for 3.
4. Hit Singles – What band’s first top 10 hit was the 1997 single “Quit playing games with my heart?” After hearing a millennial woman squeal nearly orgasmically upon hearing this question I figured it HAD to be a boy band. Hey, I can name 2-3 of those from that time! And I picked the right one for 1. Guess who squealed next? 🙂 OK, it was more like a shriek…hey, my excitement was warranted. I’m not good at questions about “boy bands.” Yeah, yeah…I know. I fail as a “girl” on the team!
5. Miniseries – what is the full title of the 13-episode miniseries that debuted in 2015 and was a continuation of the series “Heroes?” Mike for 4.
6. Yoga – What system of hot yoga popularized in the 1970s consists of 26 positions and shares its name with the first name of one of its founders? Will I ever attempt this yoga? Let’s see…exercising on purpose in a steaming hot room….uh, no. And don’t get me started on yoga pants! No thanks…9 points.
7. Animals – Mouton is French for what animal? 8
8. Headquarters – The headquarters of both Puma and Adidas are in what country? Miss for 2.
9. Movie Friends – Phil, Doug, Stu and what other friend make up the four friends in “The Hangover” movie series? For nerd bonus, who played Doug? Nope and nope. Hate that actor who played the fourth guy, he’s just creepy….
10. Communication – In 1950, an early version of what communication device became available to New York physicians at a price of $12/month? 7
Mystery – Hey, maybe we can make up some ground by acing this one! Nope, not to be on this night! Brad and Dave both would have helped greatly here. I just sat and stared at these faces for a bit, hoping that maybe I would know ONE of these. Nope…nope.
Final Category – Long-Running TV (Why oh why did we wager full points on this? Can I get into a time machine and tell my past self to NOT do this?)> No? Oh OK…. #talkaaboutawasteofatimemachinebutitsmyfantasydamnit
Shonda Rhimes has been the executive producer for six shows broadcast on network television, but as of September 2016, only two have aired over 100 episodes.
Name those two shows.
No idea who this person is. The TV producers I can name would probably not even fill a whole hand. Norman Lear. Steven Bochco (is that how it’s spelled?). David Kelley. Mark Frost. Chuck Lorre. There, that’s five….nope, did not get this.
Did not write down final standings…Until next time, which will be tonight at Original Gravity Brewing Co. AKA a vain attempt to be #2 in the standings there. Will we do it? Read about it in our recap Friday! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you creepy bearded actor from “The Hangover.”


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