Trivia Recap – Oct. 7, 2016 – Original Gravity

For the third time this Sporcle Live season, the ‘Pods are tied for second place with More Beer Less Pants in the venue standings at Original Gravity Brewing Co. So far, neither team has been able to truly dominate the other, which means for a team like us, the competition is “just right.” We’ve always enjoyed spirited trivia competition, whether it’s duking it out for gift cards among the “megateams” at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery, or our ongoing competition for first place with team Izzy and the Peeps at the YpsiAlehouse on Sundays. Maybe “The Eye of the Tiger” should be our team’s theme song, because we love the thrill of the fight! Wait, our team already has a theme song…Anyway, we will shy away from no trivia battles, no matter how “Kobiyashi Maru” the scenario may be. That’s Star Trek speak for “unwinnable scenario” for those of you non Trekkies out there. We believe no scenario is unwinnable! Except maybe having a comfortable second place spot at OG, but I digress…This time the representing ‘Pods were myself (Heather), Mike and John, who has only played with us at OG once before. And the questions…
Game One
1. Iconic Movie Characters – Actor Pat Morita, who died in 2005, was best known for playing what mentor and karate master? 10
2. NFL Teams (spoiler, this is one of three sports questions we got correct on this strange trivia night with NO sports experts among our players – strange things afoot at the circle K?) – According to Forbes, what is the most valuable NFL franchise? I remembered reading this list a while back, thank goodness this tidbit took up residence in my brain! Got it for 3.
3. Song Titles – What 2001 single shares its name with a Chinese dish sold commonly in American Chinese restaurants? Thanks David for helping me get this right even though you were not there! I remember this song being among the selections in “Singstar” when we used to play that at your house, which is essentially the only reason I got it. 9
4. Measurements – A device kown as a dolorimeter is used to measure what – arm span, lung capacity, flexibility, or pain sensitivity? Mike with right guess for 4.
5. Dancing – The samba is a dance with origins in Africa, but is primarily associated with what South American country? I used to have a pair of shoes called Samba that were designed for a specific sport popular in this country (popular being a huge understatement), 8.
6. Kings – How many wives did Henry the Eighth have? Our first game miss for 5.
7. Department Stores – What department store chain was founded by Alvah Curtis Roebuck? 7
8. TV Lawyers – Name one of the two series in which William Shatner played an attorney named Denny Crane? Miss for 1. Also missed nerd point asking for both series.
9. Artwork – Originally named “The Poet,” which Auguste Rodin sculpture is believed to depict Dante? One of Mike’s favorite writers…6.
10. Video Game Characters – What is the name of the small robot often paired with a character named Ratchet? 2
Mystery – Before and After
1. Meaty snack stick with a rhyming name and actor who played Lloyd Christmas
2. Group who had hits with September and Shining Star and object attached to a water supply for extinguishing fires
3. Epic John Milton poem and TV series featuring Will Robinson
4. Face that launched a thousand ships and #1 overall draft pick in 1989 (second sports related question correct for the night – weird, right?)
Got them all.
Standings – 11 teams, scores 47 to 63, with More Beer Less Pants tied for first with two other teams whose names I did not record. We were tied for fourth playing under the name Cthulhu 2016 – No More Years! with team Rich’s Bitches with 60 points.
Final Category: Baby Names
On the U.S. Social Security Administration’s Top 10 Baby Names For 2015 list, two of the top ten girls’ names are only three letters long. Name one of them.
I pushed to wager full points on this because Mike has taken so many baby names quizzes on the Sporcle site. And also because the scores were so tight – though because of the number of apparently new parents sitting in the bar, I was a little nervous! We discussed two names that were essentially the same with two different spellings, my logic was to go with the spelling that was more “designer-y.” Even though Mike and John wanted to go with the other spelling.
Final Standings : Rich’s Bitch’s/’Pods, 80; Inconceivable, 81; 83, Rum and Ham. No money for us!
Game Two
1. Presidents – How many presidents’ last names end in “son?” Worked really hard on this and got it. Also got nerd bonus asking which president was first to be inaugurated in 20th century.
2. Games – What kids’ game has the theme song “It’s a race, it’s a chase, hurry up and feed their face!” Mike used to play this game with a friend when he was a kid…and it should totally be a movie. Why stop at “Battleship,” “Clue,” and “Ouija?” While we’re at it, when will someone start penning a script for “Connect Four: The 3D Motion Picture?” Just imagine 3D checkers hurtling through the air and having to direct them into the slots. The drama! Got this for 10.
3. Clothing – What word describes a long wide-sashed Japanese robe that translates to “thing to wear?” 9
4. City Nicknames – (ugh these categories are deadly for us) What U.S. capital city’s nicknames include “City on a Hill,” “Athens of America,” and “Puritan City?” 3.
5. Book Series – At 870 pages, what Harry Potter book is the longest? Miss for 2.
6. Dreams – Psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden used what adjective to describe dreams in which a dreamer can gain control of their dreams? Mike all over this for 8.
7. Singers – Audio clue, had to ID single-word singer of an ’80s song which includes the lyrics “Coast to coast, LA to Chicago, western male…” Yes, kids, that was “baby making music” in the ’80s! Maybe YOU were conceived while your mommy and daddy listened to this! A while back there was a story about a rest stop near Chicago being torn down and a guy protesting it because his parents conceived him in one of its bathrooms after going to a concert or something. It was either Genesis or Phil Collins, don’t recall…wait, found the article, will share it after posting this…it’s super funny.
8. Baseball Teams – Name all of the MLB teams with bird mascots. Mike and I did not agree about wagering just one on this, and some colorful language “may” have been uttered by me…got this for ONE.
9. TV Characters – Shaun Cassidy and Parker Stevenson played title characters on a TV series who were also featured in a book series?
10. Condiments – What brand of hot sauce shares its name with a Mexican state? 5
Visual Mystery – Missed the one with the dinosaur.
Standings – Eight teams, scores 43 to 60, with Smokin’ Aces in first. Interestingly enough, they were in last going into the final in game one (nice comeback)!
Which U.S state holds the record for having the smallest range of recorded temperatures? The highest temperature ever recorded was 100° Fahrenheit and the lowest recorded was 12° Fahrenheit.
We only wagered 4 on this but got it…
Did not record final standings…we finished with 142 points for the night, second place overall. Next trivia battle will be Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse. With real ”Pods this time, lol! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you ’80s couple making out to that “Smooth Operator” song!

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