Trivia Recap – Sept. 10, 2016, Maplewood Lanes

As our ‘Pods fight song says? “Bright are the stars when the stars are right…hurrah for the purple and green!” Well…the stars were neither bright nor right Friday when a couple of ‘Pods seeking a change of Friday night scenery checked out the My Trivia Livescene at Maplewood Lanes Saline. There, a mix of fairly sizable teams, plus a couple of random “soloists” regularly battle it out, drawn in by the progressive pot questions, which the top three finishing teams have a shot to answer for a cash prize (this time the prize was $150) The good news is we were not in last place going into the second half or final! Like our seafaring mascot, we’re not strangers to occasionally getting roughed up – maybe getting bitten by a shark or tangled up in fishing nets. Maybe even having an arm or two severed. Yes, our game sucked…43 total points, missed the final. Though this particular duo of players has fared well as a duo (or even as a soloist), Friday was not the night this was to be! And the questions…
Round One
1. Athletes – What sport is Lance Armstrong best known for ? What, not doping? Got this for 5.
2. States – What U.S. state is home to the Mark Twain House and Museum? An east coast state was revealed to be the answer, but the host George (who was subbing for the regular host) later came back and said that Twain’s home state was also acceptable as an answer. So got this for 3.
3. Sitcom Stars – What former “Married with Children” actress starred in “Samantha Who” and “Up All Night?” 1
Round Two
1. Roads – How many states does I-75 run through? I did a family road trip from Michigan to Florida in 1981 and could name every one of those states in order. And through each one we had a choice of either listening to the cassette tapes “Paradise Theater” by Styx, or the “Evita” soundtrack (original Broadway cast). So did we wager the full points on this? Nope! That would make too much sense…got this for 1. Which in light of the next question? Uh, read on…
2. Advertising – For what former Pittsburgh Steelers player was a massive insurance policy taken out on the player’s hair, which was featured in “Head and Shoulders” commercials? Miss for 3. Should’ve gone higher on interstates (beats head against table)!
3. Presidents – Which president’s second inauguration in 1997 was the first to be webcast? For an extra three points, what former U.S. president successfully defended the crew of the Amistad before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1840? Got the three points, woot!
Round Three
1. Speeches – Who delivered the “Iron Curtain” speech which accused the Soviet Union of separating from the rest of Europe? 3
2. NASA – What Apollo mission featured Neil Armstrong walking on the moon? Miss for 1, could’ve used Brad’s help here!
3. Musical Groups – The group DNCE, which had a 2015 hit with “Cake by the Ocean,” features the former lead singer of what boy band? MISS FOR 5. Were not expecting such a “recent” music question from this trivia league! Way to ensure no perfect games, lol. Well played…well played. I’m guessing that not every team got this one in this older trivia crowd.
Halftime – Web sites – Identify the web site based on the description
1. Sells handmade and vintage items, name translates roughly as “what if” in Latin and French
2. Originally Auctionweb, first item sold was a broken laser pointer
3. Derivative of “Read It.” Not going any further with this one, which was a gimme…
4. Acquired by Amazon in 2010, featuring “one day, one deal” promotions, name means “exclamation of excitement.”
Missed #4.
Standings: We were second from last place with 27 points heading into the second half, we had a score discrepancy, so did not write down the top scores.
Round Four
1. Composers – What composer was known as the “Waltz King?” 6
2. Beverages – What 1973 soft drink brand was once owned by Coca-Cola and called “Peppo,” but had to change its name because of a lawsuit by another soft drink company? Focused too much on the name and not the owner of the company, miss for 4.
3. Duos – Felix and Oscar are two characters from what Broadway play and sitcom? 2
Before round five, host George asked a random question, for which the team getting closest to the correct answer would select the “you pick” category. That question: “In what year was the Disney film Robin Hood released?” I usually don’t bother answering these because they’re so impossible. But I decided to answer this one! Glad I did, because…yup, I was the only one nailing the year dead on! Why? Because it was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. A drive-in theater at that, but don’t remember it (was only 2 or something). But it’s something my parents have mentioned many times. The first movie I “remember” seeing in theaters was “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” but I digress. Our category choices were bingo, science, and authors. Mike, who used to work in a bingo hall at an Indian casino, did not want to go bingo, thinking this older crowd would find it too easy. So we picked SCIENCE! Hey, if the question was going to take us down, the other teams could come with us! And from the sounds of it, some of them did…
1. Science – The Vanguard 2 was launched into space in 1959 and was the first satellite of what type? Nope, miss for 4.
2. Video Games – “The Legend of Zelda” series creator said the name Zelda was taken from the name of what author’s wife’s name? Yay, a video question that I know (IKR)…6.
3. Michigan History – What Oakland County city had former names Bagley’s Corner and Circle City? Miss for 2.
Round Six
1. Game Shows – How much money was in the title of the “Pyramid” show hosted by Dick Clark in 1973? Miss for SIX. Neither the stars nor answers right for us on this night!
2. Human Body – The three types of muscle are smooth, skeletal and what? We did not use the exact wording for our answer to our folly, miss for 4. Time to put our heads in the ball return when a ball is hurtling back, lol!
3. Planets – What is the coldest and eighth planet from the sun in the solar system? 2
We were third from last this time with 43 points, with Popcorn Brigade (or whatever their name was) in first with 65 points.
Final Category – Lakes
What U.S. state contains the most man-made lakes?
Wagered it all and missed. Top two teams heading into the final both wagered zero and missed it, which makes sense with this being a “progressive jackpot” location.
The jackpot question: In 1986, who bought the computer graphics group from whom and renamed it Pixar? No teams got it…
We’re taking tonight off from trivial pursuits, but will be back in the Sporcle Live ring on Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse. As always, Go Pods!


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