Trivia Recap – Sept. 12, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Next time toss a coin – wager full points on one final question, zero on one? Our “core trio” of ‘Pods visited the YpsiAlehouse for Sporcle and Shine with Emily Sunday, firm in our resolve to “just do it” and our final questions, after having been burned one too many times for not wagering ,on them – and then knowing them. Was the experiment successful? Uh…well, we wagered on both final questions, let’s leave it at that for now! Next week at the Alehouse, our “normal” lineup will not be playing, including our team’s scribe. So we are either looking for volunteers to write up the questions that night, or see that we get them somehow! The show must go on, right, as Freddie Mercury or someone sang? And the questions…
Game One
1. TV Wives – Actress Patricia Heaton played the wife of what title character from 1996 to 2005? Brad and I for the right guess, but for only 4. Such an ironically titled show, that…
2. Casino Games – What game of chance, similar to lottery, has a name that comes from the French word for “five?” Brad and I were pretty sure on this one, but could not persuade Mike of our certainty. I even know the French word for five…we got this for 5. And I briefly took over possession of the points slips, lol. Seriously, there was no bickering, either!
3. Fan Clubs – “The Victims” is the name of the fan club for the band who had a 2004 album called “Hot Fuss?” I KNEW this would be the band when I heard the category…got this for 10.
4. Commercials – Audio clue of cookie commercial, got it for 2.
5. Organizations – What American organization, abbreviated LWV, was founded in 1920 and uses slogan “Making Democracy Work?” 9
6. The North Pole – What country is located closest to the geographic North Pole? A lot of debate…right up until Emily called for the slips…thankfully I insisted Mike cross out what he had written down. Whew! Got it for 3.
7. Government – What form of government is mentioned in the “Pledge of Allegiance?” For extra nerd point, in what decade was the pledge most recently officially altered? Got this for 8 plus the bonus.
8. Sunglasses – What model of sunglasses shares its name with a person who travels on foot or a sailboat? Again, our “Doubting Thomas” Mike, who was again in possession of the points slips, didn’t want to believe that I knew the name of this one so quickly. Hello, it’s an ’80s thing, they’re mentioned in that “Boys of Summer” song? 7. And don’t get Mike started on Don Henley’s solo songs, which he insists were kind of “rapey,” lol. Just look at the lyrics for “End of the Innocence.”
9. Sports Teams – If the rival gangs in “West Side Story” were NHL teams, in what cities would they be located? Brad and I for 6 here.
10. Hitchcock – In what 1954 Hitchcock film did James Stewart play a photographer who was recovering from a broken leg? 1
Mystery – Add ’em Up (ugh,…) Sum must add up to 76, TV edition (double ugh)
1. Number of clues at the start of a round of “Jeopardy!”
2. Number in title of TV series featuring Narn, Centauri, Nimbari, among others (sp? on all of these…)
3. Age of singer Jordan Sparks when she won “American Idol”
4. Number in the title of the 2014 limited event TV series subtitled “Live Another Day”
Missed #3 and #4.
We were in second behind Group W Bench playing under the name Dianne Wiest, with 64 points. The W team had 68 points.
Final Category – Sports Leagues
In 2006, Pittsburgh STeelers player Antionio Brown’s father Eddie Brown was voted the best player ever in what sports league? Picked the wrong defunct league…as did every other team, none got it correct.
Game Two
1. On the Radio – In 1990, what John Lennon song was played on radio stations in 130 countries simultaneously on what would have been his birthday? 10
2. Alphabet – Which letter in Greek has name that means “small o?” 9
3. Bodies of Water – Name one of the two countries with coastline on the Aegean Sea. Both for nerd point. Got one for 8.
4.. Game Show Hosts – Who hosted the original Wheel of Fortune? 7
5. Movie Villains – Kurtwood Smith played the villain Clarence Boddicker(sp?) in what 1987 film? 6
6. Trees – File powder, a spicy herb used traditionally in creole dishes, is made from the trees in what genus? Brad got this last minute for us for 1.
7. Cars – What company created the “blue book” used for determining the value of cars in 1926? 5
8. Sports Films – “Pride of the Yankees” was about what player? Brad fo 4.
9. Toys – Created in 1968, what toy brand was Matchbox’s primary competitor? k3
10. SCIENCE! books – Published in 1939, “The Voyage of the Beagle” was written by what scientist? 2
In second again behind W, who had 60 heading into final with 59 points, playing under the name Whore Island Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Visual round embedded later…
Final Category: Nobel Prize
What was the most recent decade in which the Nobel Peace Prize was not awarded?
Team Eminem the only team getting it, go them!
Until next time…as always, Go Pods, and stay Classy, Whore Island visitors!


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