Trivia Recap – Sept. 13, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

A solo trivia warrior hit up Powell’s Pub for a My Trivia Live game on Monday in search of the ever elusive trivia prize. Posted a solid game right up until that (wait for it) pesky final question! As a team, we’re no strangers to riding out those “slumps,” as frustrating as they can be. Or in gambling parlance, playing the “long game. ” The board game Civilization is a long game, as any of you whom have ever played it (or patiently waited for a significant other to finish playing it) can attest! Finished with 55 points for the night, was tied for second heading into the final, but nope! No prizes. Our team is taking a much-needed break tonight, but will be mixing things up over the next couple of days, attempting to bring a player off the “bench,” and doing some “role reversal” shenanigans. More about that on Wednesday/Thursday, let’s get on to those questions, shall we?
Round One
1. Comics – Dick Grayson is whose sidekick? 5
2. Food – In what country did Grey Poupon originate? 3
3. Presidents – To what political party did Richard Nixon belong? 1, a nice start…
Round Two
1. Academics – The SAT test given to students wishing to enter college was originally modeled after a test given to whom? Miss for 1, the very quiet solo guy player sitting next to me got a little celebratory with this one when the answer was revealed!
2. Authors – In 2013, who released a crime book called “Cuckoo’s Calling” under the pen name Robert Galbraith? A bit of thinking, but came up right guess for 3.
3 (this is going to be BAD, spoiler) – Voiceovers – In 2013, Bill Hader took over the voice of Mr. Peanut from what other actor who was well known for his superhero movies? I had the right guy written down and changed it so a MISS FOR FIVE. Also missed bonus answer asking for which actor (uncredited) performed the voice of Elvis Presley in “Forrest Gump?” I did not want to risk getting this one wrong, but I had the right guy in mind.
Round Three
1. Same Name – What car manufacturer shares its name with a loop knot commonly used to tie a lasso? Miss for 1.
2. Astronauts – In 1998, John Glenn became the oldest person to fly into space at what age, within 2 years? Miss for 3. Starting to look icky…
3. Musicians – What two musicians from Aerosmith were nicknamed the “Toxic Twins” because of their heavy drug use on and off the stage? Yay, the only two members of the band I can name! 5
I wrote on my paper after this…”Cans I get some halftime love?” Underneath I wrote “NO!!!!!” Read on if you dare, lol…
Halftime category – magazines – Name four of the 5 “Seven Sister” magazines still in publication today, all of which are geared toward women who are homemakers. Nope, not my demographic! Even my own mother who was a “stay at home” mom never subscribed to these, though she may have leafed through them in waiting rooms or while waiting in line at a supermarket. I only managed to get two of these.
Halftime Standings – Eight teams, scores 13 to 34, with “A Different Sort of Deplorable” in first with 34. I was in tied for fourth with a couple of other teams with 21.
Round Four
1. Musicals – The Philadelphia Story film became what Broadway musical? 6
2. Classic Commercials – What did Mr. Whipple tell people not to squeeze? No, not Mrs. Whipple? JK, got this for 4. I am old….
3. Technology – What communications protocol commonly found in many devices shares its name with the nickname for King Harold of Denmark, because of the way he unified Denmark and Norway? 2
Round Five
1. Serial Numbers – The letters I and O are not allowed to be used in VINs because of being confused with numbers. What other letter is not allowed to be used in VINs? Miss for 2.
2. U.S. History _ Ethan Allen’s band of special forces were the (blank) Mountain Boys? I debated between the words “ice” and “space,” but came up with right answer. KIDDING! Got this for 6.
3. NFL – In January, 1973, what NFL team featuring the “No Name Defense” won the Super Bowl? 4.
Round Six
1. Musicals – Originally debuting on Broadway in 1962 and again in 1996, in what ancient city would you find the “forum” in “It Happened on the Way to the Forum?” Got this but not confidently for 2.
2. Geography – Washington, DC is bordered by what two U.S. states? 6
3. Insurance- What insurance company uses the Rock of Gibraltar in its logo? 4
Standings: I was in second with 55 heading into the final, tied with One is the Loneliest Number, and behind A Different Sort of Deplorable, who had 64.
Final Category – Disney (Again?) Aside from Dumbo, what title Disney character had the fewest speaking lines, with only 18? There were other qualifiers/hints given with this question, but did not write them down. Miss…
Final standings: Combat Wombats, 94 Ham Wallets, 98 and Dan Smith, 100 (all the teams wagered and got it, nicely done). Until the itch for trivia strikes again, as always, Go Pods and stay classy, anyone trying to squeeze the….!


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