Trivia Recap – Sept. 16, 2016 -Original Gravity

We posted our highest-scoring game of the season Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. for a Sporcle Live game hosted by Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC. Our normal “core” trio of myself, Mike and Brad were joined by David, who came through on some very, very key questions, including a tough final question about music. We wound up finishing in first for the night and took first/$20 in game one with 138 points, missed the second final but wagered low on it. We are now tied for second place in the overall standings with More Beer Less Pants with 43 league points. So a good day at work was topped off by a good night of trivia! It’s the stuff legendary rap songs are made of, like Ice Cube’s “It Was a Good Day.” Speaking of that song, who can name the NBA match-up mentioned in that song? Wouldn’t it be funny if we had a trivia question about THAT song sometime? Actually, I think maybe we did have a question about that song before. Ah, it’s all a blur. Maybe I should look up wikipedia article about that song just in case…hmmmm. Anyway, here are the questions…
Game One
1. Restaurants – What restaurant company trades under the NASDAQ ticker symbol “cake?” Good guess from me for 1.
2. Collecting – A philatelist collects what? This is abridged…10
3. Voices – In what 2008 Disney animated film did John Travolta provide the voice of the title character? Nope, miss for 2.
4. Bones – Derived from Latin for “to chew,” what is the technical name of the jawbone? 9
5. Novels – Winston Smith is the main character who works for the Ministry of Truth in what dystopian novel? Dang, it’s not “The Adventures of Tom Sawyer?” JK, got this for 8.
6. TV Characters – Which of the following characters from “Saved by the Bell” was not one of the original characters? Zack Morris, Lisa Turtle, Jessie Spano or Screech Powers? Dave is the only one of us who has ever watched the show…nice try, but miss for 3.
7. The Supreme Court – Who was the last U.S. president to have more than two of his appointees become Supreme Court justices? A bit of debate, but got this for 4, plus one bonus point for naming the artist/title of the song that was playing.
8. Song Titles – What Chuck Berry song tells the story of a hot rod race and a romance gone wrong and has a title that sounds like a makeup line? And Dave proceeded to sing a bit of this song, which his mother used to play while he was growing up. 7
9. The Olympics – KSA is the Olympic code used to identify what West Asian country? This one was all me…an Olympics question, go figure! 6
10. Deserts – Name one of the two U.S. states that contain a portion of the Sonoran Desert. Name both for an extra point. Got this for 5 plus the bonus.
Mystery Round – Intergalactic Planetary – give the full name of the persons based on the descriptions who share names with planets.
1. Stage name of Farrokh Bulsara
2. Greek statue of a goddess with arms cut off
3. 2013 movie featuring Will Smith and Jaden Smith
4. Kristen Bell TV character from 2004-2007
Got them all.
Standings – Eleven teams, scores 34 to 65 with More Beer Less Pants in first with 65. We were right behind them with 63 points.
Final Category – Number One Albums
Side note – Mike, who usually controls the points slips, was in line getting a beer when we had to put in our wager. Dave said slyly, “I’m going to hand this in (for 20) before Mike gets back.” When Mike got back, seeing what we did, he filled out the wager on the score sheet, subtracting the 20 points, figuring we’d miss it. Little did he know…
Who was the first ever musical artist to have an album debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 chart while serving a prison sentence?
This one didn’t come easily to us, we considered a couple of “old school” artists before coming up with the right person.
Final Standings: Sandbaggers, 60, ‘Pods, 83.
Game Two
1. Opening Scenes – What floats through the air in the opening scene in “Forrest Gump?” Apparently the Forrest Gump questions are making the rounds this week, we also had one in Wednesday’s game. Got this for 10.
2. The Human Body – What is the name for a short band of tough, flexible, fibrous connective tissue that connects two bones? A lot of debate and confusion with this question, as we were not the only team asking for it to be repeated. We wound up getting it, but for only 4 due to not all of us agreeing on the answer (darned committee thinking).
3. Hats – What is the name for the flexible brimmed hat with a dent in the top worn by Indiana Jones and sharing a name with a word in a 19th Century play? Miss for 2.
4. Signals – Did not write down this question since I had to ask one of our players who was standing in line for beer! But it had to do with hand signals used in basketball, got this for 9.
5. Europe – Of the 28 countries in the European Union, which has the highest population at 81 million? A bit of debate again here, but got it for 8.
6. Reality TV – Audio clue of opening theme, got this for 1 (this was all Dave, nice guess).
7. Autobiographies – What rapper released a 2008 autobiography called “The Way I Am?” And Dave nails a second rap music related question for the night for 6.
8. Founders – The co-founder of John Paul Mitchell Systems, a line of salon products, is also the founder of what brand of tequila? A bit of debate, we wound up going with my answer because I said “I read about this somewhere…” got it for 3.
9. U.S. Capitals – Which is these U.S. capitals is located farthest west – Salt Lake City, Boise, Phoenix, or Helena? Mike and Brad went to work here, so helpful that Brad went to college in one of these states…got it for 5.
10. Food – The h’ors doeuvres “angels on horseback” is made of what two components? We had this as a My Trivia Live question and missed it…but got it this time for 7.
Mystery – Missed #3 (dang she really does look like another Oscar winner in that picture…)
Standings – Ten teams, scores 36 to 60, with Hop Heads in first. We were bridesmaids in second again with 59 points.
Final Category: Video Game Characters
1993 marked the first ever time that a video game-inspired balloon appeared in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. What video game character was it?
We wagered only four points on this…
Teams Quiz in my Pants and More Beer Less Pants were both tied with 73, and had to answer this tiebreaker question – in what year was Ted Nugent’s “Cat Scratch Fever” released? MBLP nailed this dead on and won first for game two (nice comeback from fifth). We will have a team playing Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse, but no recap is likely, as our writer will not be present at that game. As always, stay classy, everyone, and Go Pods!


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