Trivia Recap – Sept. 2, 2016 – Original Gravity


Let’s see which smart cookies out there can figure out how the heck this photo ties in with any of the questions I had in my Sporcle Live trivia game Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan! But before I get into the questions, details about how I did in the game… Let’s talk about ‘Three’s Company!” It was a show that my mother forbade me to watch, because it was (are you ready for this) “Jiggle Television.” Does this mean I never watched the show? Heck no! The best way to get your kids to do something is to tell them NOT to do it! Don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t wreck the car, don’t have sex, don’t visit cemeteries after hours, don’t join a coven, don’t read the Necronomicon, don’t try to raise the dead…yada yada. And yes, Mom was fully aware that I did end up watching that show. A lot. Lesson learned? Bras are SO overrated…ahem. She also knows I “may” have done a couple of other things on that list of things “not” to do, lol. Finished with 101 points for the night, no prizes, got first final correct, missed second one but wagered nothing on it. Overall not too bad, I remain in third place overall, just a few league points behind team Josh Pit, which I presume means there’s someone named Josh on the team. I helped “break in” a couple of new players sitting next to me, who wound up finishing just a few points behind me. Maybe I shouldn’t have “given” them the three point newsletter answer, lol! And the questions, one of which may or may not be about Mr. Furley. Read on to see!
Game One
1. Musicals – What European city serves as the setting for “Phantom of the Opera?” Conservative for 4.
2. Nutritional SCIENCE! – All proteins contain carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and what other element? One of the scientists on my team could’ve helped here, miss for 2.
3. Debut Roles – What actress was nominated for a best actress Academy Award for her role in the 2009 film “Precious?” Clearly I have to commit her name to memory, this isn’t the first time my team has missed on questions about her…miss for 1. So much for saving my 1 point for boxing!
4. Historic Nicknames – Titanic survivor Margaret “Molly” Brown was known by what descriptive nickname? 10
5. Print Words – What word from the French means stereotypical phrase or lack of original thought? One of my coworkers is actually named this. Truth….got it for 9.
6. Dogs – What breed of dog is used to advertise Hush Puppies shoes? Aww, they’re so cute with their droopy ears and short legs….8.
7. Book Series – What is the name of the book series that starts with the 2005 book “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo?” I KNEW this category would be bad….miss for 3.
8. Inventions – What toy, first sold in the 1940s, was utilized as a makeshift antenna by U.S. troops in the Vietnam war? “Blank, blank, everyone loves a blank.” Yes, the answer is “log,” of course. All kids love log! JK…got this for 7.
9. Boxing (just shoot me…) – Name one of the two boxers listed as sextuple champions for winning world titles in six different weight classes? Talk about crash dieting…whoa…not a freaking clue. Miss for 5.
10. State Mottos – Which U.S. state has the official motto “North to the Future?” Nope for 6. I think I may have been the only team missing this one, duh…
Mystery – Name the celebrity/notable person based on the following “before and after” style clues.
1. First name of Florida senator who ran for president in 2016 and name of a sport played on horseback
2. First name of lead guitarist for The Who and first name of JFK’s mother
3. First name of Kermit the Frog’s nephew and last name of actor who played Greg on the “Brady Bunch” (side note, this is the second Brady Bunch question I’ve flubbed in a couple of weeks, clearly I need to study up, lol)
4. First name of oldest daughter in “Bob’s Burgers” and last name of Orlando Bloom’s character in “Pirates of the Caribbean.”
Missed 3 & 4, but was SO close on getting #4…I knew the first name of Orlando’s character…
Standings: 13 teams, scores 35 to 61, with How How Brown Cow in first. I was in eighth with 45 playing under the moniker Tentacle Porn Star. Whatever you do? Do not look up “tentacle porn.” Don’t do it! Especially in google images. Don’t do it! 🙂
Final Category – TV Spinoffs (I was so hoping the answer would be Maude…)
In early 1960, the producers of The Danny Thomas Show decided to create an episode where Danny gets pulled over for running a stop sign in a rural town. That episode led to a spinoff-series that ran for eight seasons. Name that spinoff.
Got it, but too far behind to win anything…unsure who game winners were.
Game Two
1. World Landmarks – By what more common nickname is the Flavian Amphitheater known? Got this for only 4, had Mike been there would’ve wagered higher.
2. Hit Singles – Audio clue of song, had to identify within one in what year “A Thousand Miles” by Vanessa Carlton was released. I was off by 4, missed for 3. Very Tori Amos-ish, her…
3. Products – Victorinox is the company that makes what multi-tool? FB clue, 10.
4. NBA Coaches – Phil Jackson spent the first 10 of 12 years playing for what NBA team before becoming a coach? Gee, do you think I got this one? Nope…but my guess was not far off. Geographically…miss for 1.
5. Cocktails – What are the two main ingredients by volume in a Moscow mule? 9
6. Biographical Films – Michael Fassbender was nominated for an Academy Award for best actor for playing what person in a 2015 film? And for extra nerd point, for what 2013 film was he nominated for best actor? Got nerd point but missed BIG on main question for 8.
7. Textiles – What country is the world’s largest supplier of wool? 5
8. Reality TV – I did not write this question down well…It went something like what was first name of the bachelorette on “The Bachelorette?” I was so pissed off by this category that I wrote “whore,” which made the host Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC laugh out loud. Miss for 2.
9. Animals – If an animal such as a turtle is oviparous, what is it capable of doing? Speaking of that…THIS game…ugh. Shall I get another beer? Nope, better not, have to DRIVE…
10. Newspapers – What oldest continually circulated newspaper operates in what U.S. capital city? Really? This city? So tired of blowing these newspaper questions. Miss for SIX.
Visual Mystery – Missed EVERY SINGLE ONE. Terrible…
Standings (awww, do I hafta?). Oh all right…11 teams, scores 29 to 57, with Team Not Significant Other in first. I was in seventh with 36, using the name Earl Warren Fan Club. Maybe a friendly final question category can bail me out? Nope!
Final Category – State Quarters
Fifteen State Quarters include the shape of the state on the reverse side, but only one also includes the shape of the entire contiguous United States. It is a state that joined the Union in 1812.
Name that State Quarter.
Wagered zero…and missed it.
Top scores were 70 and 77. Until next time, which is TBD, but Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse for sure.


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