Trivia Recap – Sept. 23, 2016 – Original Gravity

An unusual trio of ‘Pods visited Original Gravity Brewing Co. for a helping of trivia served up by Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC. The nicknames of the players involved were Heb, Mom, and Dad, playing under the moniker Cthulhu and the Family Stone. Dad deemed my first team name suggestion of “Keeping it in the family” too risqué. This from a guy who would later make a circumcision reference after offering mom some of his “pickle!” The one that came with his turkey sandwich, that is… Good laughs all around, apples don’t fall too far from the tree, yada yada. Anyway, here are the questions…
Game One
1. U.S. States – Of all of the U.S. states with the word “new” in the name, which is the least populous? 6
2. Symbols – What is the name of the symbol resembling a cross with a looped top that is the ancient Egyptian symbol for life? Mom aka “crossword goddess” and Dad all over this, thank goodness…this is usually a category for Mike, who reads “Awakening Osiris” for fun. Yes, I’ve found this book in his bathroom next to the toilet, as well as Dante’s “Inferno.” Strange creature, him…10 points.
3. Tennis Stars – Pro tennis player Roger Federer hails from what country? And for extra nerd point, in what year (within two) did he become the top ranked singles tennis player? Missed this for one but Dad nailed the bonus, woot!
4. Lyrics – What 1996 top ten song features the lyrics “Dreams last so long…Even after you’re gone?” Miss for 5 (my guess was SO close).
5. Girls’ Names – For each decade from the 1880s to the 1960s, Mary was the most popular baby girl’s name starting with the letter “M.” What name beginning with the letter M replaced Mary in popularity in the 1970s-1980s? Mom came up with this correct one, asking “Did you have a lot of classmates with this name?” Yes I did, Mom! Nice, got this for 3.
6. Birthday Gifts – What politician received a cigar for his 90th birthday Aug. 13, 2016, which was the world’s longest cigar? A little nudge into the grave, maybe? 🙂 Look it up in google images, it looks like a really long turd…8 points.
7. Disney Characters – In the 1992 film “Aladdin,” what is the name of Aladdin’s monkey pal? Me with right guess for 7. Mike made me see this movie when we were dating because he liked Robin Williams. I was not pleased with going to see a Disney film, so two years later when “The Lion King” came out, I insisted that we HAD to see it even though Mike dislikes movies with talking animals. Revenge is a dish best served in a movie theater, lol…I’ve grown up a lot, though. We went to see “Mad Max: Fury Road” on our anniversary last year even though it’s more his kind of movie than mine. Compromise – key to a successful marriage 🙂
8. Restaurants – What restaurant’s mission statement is “a loaf of bread in every arm?” Still had our 9 but went for it with success. My parents do some charity work and knew that this company donates quite a bit to charity. Come eat some of mom’s no-fail goulash on the third Tuesday of the month at Emmanuel Lutheran Church in Ypsi sometime! Free community meal starting at 5 p.m. Sometimes a couple of ‘Pods are recruited to help sling the food! If you try to emulate her goulash you will fail. There is just something about it…yum!
9. Eggs – What flightless bird lays the biggest single egg in proportion to its size? Had the right continent, wrong bird for 4 (nice try, Dad, aka “extreme birder.”) Seriously, he is quite the birder. Keeps track of all the avian specimens he spots in a bird journal. And it’s always fun to hear him and mom arguing about bird identification while they both spot them with their high-powered binoculars!
10. Seinfeld (we saved our 2 for this since we didn’t have our Seinfeld expert Brad playing with us) – What video game does George buy in the ninth season in an attempt to save his high score? Whew this one was easy! 2
Mystery – On this day in History (yay)
On this day in…
1. 1888 – first issue of magazine published featuring a yellow rectangular border
2. 1692 – Final eight people hanged in Salem after being convicted of what?
3. 1964 – Broadway debut of musical featuring songs “Matchmaker,” “Sunrise, Sunset” and “If I were a Rich Man.”
4. 2005 – CBS series featuring actors Thomas Gibson, Jamar Moore and Joe Mantegna
Missed #4 (dang it dad, why don’t you watch this show?).
Standings: Thirteen teams, scores 28 to 67 (I think…), we were in third with 56. More Beer Less Pants was ahead of us somewhere, but didn’t record the points.
Final Category – Award Winning Athletes
Among the four major North American professional sports (MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL), which single athlete holds the record for winning the most regular season MVP awards?
We put a lot of thought into this one, and picked the biggest award winner for their sport, but it wasn’t the sport we were supposed to put (though the right guy’s name was mentioned). Oh well, this one was a big miss all around.
Standings – Team Mott and Others took first with 82, two teams tied for second had to answer this tiebreaker – in what year was Axl Rose born? I played along and got this within two years…
Game Two
1. China – What country shares the longest border with China? Dang it Dad, shoulda listened to you! Miss for SIX. Way to start the game – just send me to my room already! Or suspend my phone/driving privileges! Punish me 🙂
2. Coaches – Vince Lombardi ended his career coaching what team? Now this is where it gets weird…I mentioned this specific guy in a Facebook message hours before the game. And this isn’t the first time this has happened. I also mentioned polar bears and the ozone layer in a message hours before a game a couple of weeks ago and both of those things were asked about that night. Now excuse me while I make a tinfoil hat, someone is obviously reading these messages and tailoring the questions to them! Seriously this is weird. Miss for 1.
3. Computers – what three letter word means the smallest unit of data used by a computer? For extra nerd point, this word is formed by combining what two words? Got this for 10, missed the bonus.
4. Jingles – Before becoming commercially successful, who sang jingles for KFC, McDonald’s, Pepsi, and Chevrolet? FB clue, 9.
5. Energy – Two thirds of the electricity generated in the U.S. comes from what two fossil fuels? 8 (nice, Dad)
6. TV themes – Audio clue of series, had to ID the film director who is shown in profile in opening credits, Mom and I remembered this very well…and her imitation of his catchphrase was amusing!
7. Historic People – In which of the following years was Marco Polo born? 1254, 1354, 1454, or 1554? Too bad Mike didn’t play, he would have known it, but we missed for 3.
8. Peanuts (mom and Dad smiled when this category came up, knowing that I was such a huge fan as a kid…) – What does Peppermint Patty always call Charlie Brown? 4. When Schulz died in 2000, I wrote a piece about what the characters would be like as grownups. In this piece, adult Peppermint Patty advises Charlie Brown to invest in Birkenstock stocks, which makes him enough money to be able to (blank) as many red-headed girls as he likes. And of course Peppermint Patty and Marcie get legally married as adults, though Marcie still secretly carries a torch for Mr. Brown. Anyway…
9. Famous Photographs – What was famously photographed for the first time on Oct. 7, 1959? Miss for 4.
10. Fictional Beverages – In what 2006 film are crops irrigated with a sports drink called Brawndo? 2.
Visual Mystery – Missed 1 and 4.
Standings: Ten teams, scores 15 to 61, with Mott and Others in the top spot. We were in fourth with 49.
Final Category: Music Videos
Three of the four most expensive music videos ever made were for songs by Madonna, and each was released in a different decade. Name one of those songs.
We actually had to name two of the songs, miss. Team Mott and others got first again (way to go for the sweep!). They were the only team getting it correct. Until next time, which will be the YpsiAlehouse Sunday. We will be doing trivia just a tad differently next week because of vacation time, so stay tuned, and stay classy, Mom and Dad!


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