Trivia Recap – Sept. 29, 2016 – Wurst Bar

A trio of ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar for a trivia fix Wednesday hosted by Stacy. Finished with 56 points for the night, and a third place gift card. We have been in a bit of a “slump,” with this being our second game this season with fewer than 60 points for the night. We set our standards high, and will have to try to remedy this! Our representatives this time were Heather (myself), Brad and John. Mike is taking a brief hiatus from playing at Wurst, and seemed to be very relaxed in his jammies after last night’s game! Though we’d love to have him back playing with us, we certainly don’t want to have to resort to shanghaiing him. Or do we? Hmmmm…now where did I put my shackles? Anyway, he has been greatly missed at our games! And not just because of the entertaining doodles he always does. And the questions…
Round One
1. Languages – What is the official language of Quebec? 5
2. Geography – Wht country is only bordered by Spain and the Atlantic Ocean? 3
3. Presidents – On what religious holiday did Abraham Lincoln die? Miss for 1, though we did consider the right answer.
Round Two
1. TV – What show produced more episodes – Addams Family or Munsters? 1
2. Materials – What material is made of coarse aggregate, sand, cement and water? John shows up in time, 5.
3. Food – If you order pasta con pollo, what is being served with your pasta? For extra three points, what is called “Norwegian Omelette” in France? Had right guess for this but did not risk losing the points, 3.
Round Three
1. Actors – What is the last name of the actor who appeared in “The Outsiders,” “Singles,” and “Wild Things?” 5
2. Baseball – Whose career home run record did Barry Bonds beat in the 2004 season? 3
3. Latin – What four-letter word means “therefore” or “hence” in Latin? 1

Halftime – Identify the song with a woman’s name in the title based on the release years and the band names.
1. ’79, The Knack
2. ’76, Fleetwood Mac
3. ’61, Dion
4. ’82, Toto

Missed #3, but only because we didn’t put down the whole title (amateur hour).
Standings: We were in third with 32 out of about 10 teams. The top team was four points ahead with 36.
Round Four
1. Football – Set in 2007, what NFL kicker has the record for most field goals in a game, with 8? 6
2. TV Personalities What is the last name of the surgeon and professor at Columbia University with the first name Mehme? 4
3. Movies – What is the subtitle of the 2015 “Mad Max” installment? 2
Round Five
1. U.S. States – What U.S. state has been the site of the most nuclear testing? Miss for 2.
2. Restaurants – What is the highest number of stars the Michelin Man offers to restaurants? What, the tire guy reviews restaurants now? Where have I been? Miss for 4.
3. Populations – According to the U.S. Census, between 2000 and 2010, within 3 percent, how much population increase was there? Question did not specifically say United States, or any geographic entity whatsoever so that was the question we attempted to answer. I attempted to ask for clarification on this question, and was only told “I’m going to assume they mean United States.” I should know better than to ever, ever ask for clarification on these questions. Number one? I will get little or no clarification (which is not the fault of the hosts, I want to make that clear). Number two? My only recourse is to e-mail the league, which I see that as a largely pointless gesture. So….no more questions about questions! I’ll just keep my fool mouth shut! If we f— them up, because we don’t understand them, then so be it! Back in the day on car trips when I’d ask my dad “Where are we going?” He would answer by giving a cardinal direction.I’m not joking. He would really say “West,” or “South.” Or even “Southeast.” We have a good laugh about it now, but bottom line, darned if that didn’t teach me cardinal directions, dammit! Now when I asked about his “Woody is a Pecker” bumper sticker (referring to former OSU coach Woody Hayes)? Now about that answer….! I learned later that Woody Hayes is not really that much like Woody Woodpecker. At all. Oh the lies parents tell their kids to “protect” them!
Round Six
1. Golf – What is the name given to holes 11, 12, and 13th holes following the 1958 Masters at Augusta? I so remember this (NOT) miss for 2.
2. Authors -Published in 1959, who wrote “On the Origin of the Species? 6
3. Animals – What type of animal is a goby? Nice John for 4.
Standings: We were in fifth with 54 tied with one other team whose name I didn’t write down. Team Pants was the top team with 64 points (again, this team should not be confused with More Beer Less Pants). Yes this Wurst team has beaten the pants off us the past couple of outings to be sure!
Final Category – Companies
What Japanese company, founded in 1889, has a name that means “Leave luck to heaven” and was originally a playing card company? this company is the biggest company of its type in existence today.
John knew this answer immediately. This put us in a tie for third with My Drinking Team Has a Trivia Problem, headed by Hamad. We had to answer a tiebreaker – In what year was Donny Osmond born? I wound up being off by only one, MDTHATP was three off, so we won $10. Woot! Not much, but we’ll take it! Until next time, which will be tonight at Original Gravity Brewing Co. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Matt Dillon!


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