Trivia Recap – Sept. 30, 2016 – Original Gravity

For almost this entire Sporcle Live trivia season, our team has been hard-pressed to summon more than 1-3 players for most trivia games. Thursday was no exception, with just two ‘Pods available to play at Original Gravity Brewing Co. for a Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC game. Myself (Heather) and David carpooled out this time, thanks to Dave’s car being repaired, so I played some appropriate music to lift the moods and prepare us for the trivia battle ahead. My mood was a little soured from having a gift card wallet becoming MIA the night before (with a little more than $70 worth of gift cards in it). What better music than Rage Against the Machine? Oh that late ’90s music of angst! “F— you, I won’t do what you tell me (repeat until fade).” Such great bards they were! Why did this not win record of the year? This is just one of many reasons I hate the Grammys, but I digress…This particular “duo” of ‘Pods has only played as a duo once before. This time we finished with 148 points for the night, which makes this the highest scoring game of the season for us thus far. Still not enough to win the venue for the night, but hats off anyway to Hop Heads for finishing just five points ahead with 153 points and More Beer Less Pants for holding onto second venue place overall. Had we not missed that five point question about the “Three Tenors!” And five points on Disney in game two…Anyway…the battle royale with cheese for second place continues! Uh, that was a “Pulp Fiction” reference, but you knew that, didn’t you? And the questions…
Game One
1. Musicals – What musical, that first appeared on Broadway in 2003, featured a plant named Audrey 2? 10
2. Baseball Firsts – For what team did the Griffey father/son play for together, becoming the first father/son duo to play on the same MLB team? Nice try Dave, miss for 1.
3. Rivers – I did not write down this whole question (the Nile River was mentioned), but the gist of it was to name the country for which Khartoum is the capital, got this for 9. I actually attempted to memorize Africa capitals a while back but gave up on the task when I learned that so many are six letters long and end in the letter “A.” I instead focused on trying to learn the “major” ones. My favorite African capital is Windhoek, which is of course the name of one of the relatives of Ren Hoek from “Ren and Stimpy.” What else could it be? 🙂 Matt, does my saying this clinch my reputation as a “goofy trivia chick?”
4. TV Timelines (I figured this would be about “Lost” for some reason, a show Dave watched) – The sitcom “Laverne and Shirley” debuted in 1976 but was actually set during whose presidency? 3
5. CEOs – Scott Thompson, Carol Bartz and Marissa Mayer have all been CEOs of what Internet company? 8
6. Fashion – What style of trousers was associated with both the 1960s counterculture movement and with sailors of the 19th Century? 7
7. Singers – What country was the birthplace for two of the Three Tenors? For extra nerd point, what was the other country? Us, like nearly every other team in the bar, had these two switched. Miss for 5.
8. Job Names – A person who is a granger does what kind of job? Helpful that Dave knows the Spanish word for this occupation…4.
9. Superheroes – Which Marvel Comics superhero first appeared in 1964 as the alter ego of Matt Murdoch? Wow, I get a comics question right! Strangely enough I was wearing a Marvel comics shirt (though this character is not on the shirt). 6
10. Agencies – What does FTC stand for? 2
Mystery Who’s the “Man?” Pick the word ending in “an” based on the following clues.
1. Type of holiday celebrated by Audrey Hepburn in an Academy Award nominated role
2. Pencil and paper game that is the basis for ‘Wheel of Fortune.”
3. Stone, ring, amulet or charm that supposedly possesses magical powers
4. Retired NBA player nicknamed “The Worm.”
Got them all.
Standings: Eight teams, scores 30 to 61 with Good King Snugglewumps in first. We were right behind them with 60 playing under the name “Blame it on the Rain.”
Final Category – Academy Awards
Put the following actors in order by the number of Academy Award nominations they’ve received in acting categories, starting with the person who earned the most.
Marlon Brando
Daniel Day-Lewis
Brad Pitt
Jack Nicholson
I had the correct four written down immediately, though I did kind of think I had flip-flopped #2 and #3.
Final Standings: ‘Pods, 80; Good King Snugglewumps, 81.
Game Two
1. Oceans – Which ocean name means “peaceful?” 10
2. Super Bowl MVPs – The New York Giants defeated the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 21 in 1987. Who was the Super Bowl MVP? Dave for 3.
3. Fitness – What fitness franchise has used the slogan “No makeup, no men, no mirrors?” 9
4. Famous Americans – Who wrote “Poor Richard’s Almanac” under a pseudonym in 1732? 8
5. ’90s Music – What Wreckx-n-Effects song from 1992 was about butts? Heh, butts…he said butts…Good guess from Dave, (his guess was SO close). We did get an extra point for naming the tune the host was playing here (a Ronnie James Dio tune, I believe). Miss for 2.
6. The Emmys – Audio clue of actress. Wrong guess for 1.
7. State Nicknames – What is the official state nickname of New Jersey? 7
8. Scientific Tests – A Ganzfeld experiment using Zener cards is performed to determine what characteristic? And “Ghostbusters” helped me get this one, believe it or not…4.
9. Animated Movies – What Disney movie has a song containing the lyrics “All in the golden afternoon?” For nerd point, in what decade was this movie released? Nope, and nope. Damn, I really need to study up on Disney crap…though to my credit, I would have known exact release year of the correct movie (hey I’m trying). Miss for 5, no nerd point.
10. Vacations – (I was so worried this would be about a cruise line or resort or some crap) What 10-letter word describes an extended absence from work commonly used to write a book or travel? Sounds good to me! Wish I could take one of these, lol! 6
Visual Mystery – Missed EVERY ONE. Can the “Friends” questions from this past week just walk the plank, please? 🙂
Standings – Seven teams, scores 18 to 59, with Team Not Significant Other in first. We were in fourth this time with 48 (thank you, mystery round!).
Final Category: Buildings
Name three of the five cities that are home to the greatest number of completed skyscrapers that measure 150 meters tall or higher.
Dave and I teamed up with success here…but finished just out of the money 😦
Team Not Significant Other finished in first with 79, did not catch the name of the second place team.
For those of you still reading? I did manage to locate my missing gift card wallet later this night! Oh the power of retracing my steps! Someone put it in the lost and found of the last trivia place we visited. Restores my faith in humanity a bit! But just a bit…Until our next trivia outing, which will be Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse (possibly) featuring a “special guest” who has graciously agreed to warm the bench for us. We look forward to their commentary on this game! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Peter Venkman in “Ghostbusters” when you’re trying to hit on that girl while you’re using Zener cards! Tsk tsk…

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