Trivia Recap – Dec. 29, 2016 – Wurst Bar (GDX)

Two teachers, an automotive marketing person and an ex-journalist walked into The Wurst Bar Wednesday for a My Trivia Live game hosted by Stacy. The “purpose” was just for a “girls night out,” but we wound up dominating the night, winning a first place/$30 prize. But even better than the gift card win (and bragging rights) were the fun conversations, covering topics as varied as jive-talking crows, “bang-able” male celebrities, and of course…spouses and significant others. Players included myself (Heather), Angie (from More Beer Less Pants, Kim and Kirsten, both from the trivia team Sparty On. Though there was not agreement about whether U2 lead singer Bono was hateable or bang-able (’80s era Bono specifically), we came to agreement on enough of the answers, so that’s what matters! And Kirsten, the photo with this re-cap is dedicated to you 🙂 For the record, there were no questions about Bono or U2! Speaking of questions, here they are! They are abbreviated verions of the ones that were asked.
Round One
1.. Food – What is the name for small deep-fried balls made of corn meal? 5
2. Creatures – What is the name for the segmented worms which used to be used to draw blood from patients? 3
3. People – What group of people found predominantly in Pennsylvania are known for simple living and a reluctance to adapt to modern society? 1
Round Two
1. Literature – What Washington Irving short story published in 1819 is set in the Catskills despite the author never having been there? 3
2. Television – What was the first animated prime time series? 5
3. Voting – What U.S. state has the most electoral votes? For an extra three point bonus, how many U.S. states besides the District of Columbia have exactly three electoral votes each? Did not attempt the bonus.
Round Three
1. U.S. States – In what U.S. state would you find the presidential retreat Camp David? 3
2. Awards – Jacques Plante’s name is misspelled five of the six times it appears where? Good guess for 1
3. Music – What 1984 Leonard Cohen song was used in the film “Shrek?”
Halftime – Fill in the blank book titles
1. Go Ask (blank), Beatrice Sparks
2. (Blank) Fowl, Eoin Colfer
3. Travels with (blank), John Steinbeck
4. (Blank) Huggins, Beverly Cleary
Missed #3.
Sixteen teams – scores 13 to 33, with GDX (aka us) in the top spot
Round Four
1. Taxes – What president introduced the first personal income tax in the United States? 6
2. Numbers – What is unique about this sequence of numbers? 8, 5, 4, 9, 1, 7, 6, 3, 2, 0? Nope, miss for 2.
3. College Football – What team was Boston College playing against in 1984 when Doug Flutie pulled a Hail Mary? Had right state, but miss for 4.
Round Five
1. Games – What chess piece was originally called elephant? Angie with right guess (and a semi-phallic drawing…)
2. Civil War – What southern state’s city was the first Confederacy capital during the Civil War? What’s so civil about war, anyway? 🙂 Miss.
3. Music – What celebrity with a hit TV show also had a 1986 album called “Heartbeat?” And we of course started naming off all of the other celebrities who pretended they could sing in the ’80s. Sorry, Patrick Swayze, stick to keeping the riff-raff out of the roadhouse and teaching Baby how to dance, not trying to carry a tune!
Round Six
1. Movies – In “Apocalypse Now” Robert Duvall’s character says, “I love the smell of napalm in the morning because it smells like (blank)?”
2. Words – What old Italian word for “table” means place where money transactions took place? Miss.
3. Exploration – Where did the Beagle crash in 2003?
Standings: Nineteen teams, scores 13 to 57, with us in the top spot again.
Final Category – Magazines
Dumbo was scheduled to be on the cover of “Time” magazine when what timely world event occurred?
Bet it all and got it. Until next time, which is TBD. We are taking tonight off from trivia since (sadface) I have to work Friday. I usually have Fridays off. As always, Go GDX/Go Pods, and stay classy, Henry Huggins!

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