Christmas Trivia Questions

'It's Dec. 25, which means it's Christmas! Which means we'll give all of   you a bunch of trivia questions about Christmas TV specials, Christmas food, Christmas movies, Christmas songs, Christmas get the drift. Let's see how you do on these "theme" trivia questions! And there is also commentary with the questions! Yeah, I know, it's a crappy "present..." you go! 1. Christmas Episodes - In a 1999 episode of "The Simpsons" called "Grift of the Magi," it is discovered that toys resembling Furbies are trying to destroy all of the other toys. What 1970s sitcom star, known for a certain catchphrase, stars as a security guard in this episode, and uses a variation on this catchphrase at the very end? Hint: It's NOT "The Fonz." 2. Christmas Songs - In what Christmas song would you find the lyrics "And mom and dad can hardly wait for school to start again?"   3. Movie Characters - What iconic movie character receives, instead of a Christmas bonus, a membership in a "jelly of the month club" in a 1989 film? Going apeshit with a chainsaw after getting this news really is the only appropriate response. 4. Duets - The Christmas duet "Baby It's Cold Outside" had parts for the two singers listed on the original score as being for a wolf and for what other animal? Hint: the "wolf" part is for the male singer, the other animal's part is for the female singer. The wolf is a predatory animal, the other animal? Uh, not so much... 5. Beverages -  In Germany, what popular holiday beverage is called "biersuppe" and is made with beer? The Germans REALLY know how to do alcoholism right!  6. Popular Toys - A December 1983 TIME article described parents knocking over display tables, grabbing, and shoving each other just to get what popular toy, which at the time was marketed by Coleco (and later Hasbro) for their kids? And people are still just as bad when they go out shopping today. 7. Christmas Films - What 1946 film was initially a box-office flop, but became a popular holiday film in the U.S., mainly because it was repeated dozens of times on many local stations during the holiday season between Thanksgiving and Christmas Day? Which, of course, is proof that if you shove something down people's throats enough, eventually it will be digested, lol... 8. Ballet - In what ballet would you hear the passage "The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy?" No ballet for me, thanks...just call me when that one scene from "Black Swan" comes on, please! 9. Christmas Songs - Who recorded the 1979 song 'Wonderful Christmastime?" And for this, that knighthood should be revoked....jussayn. Oh, was that a hint? Come on...the queen gives out knighthoods like they're promotional Frisbees. This literally could be just about anyone! :) 10. Fake Holidays - In "The Strike" episode of "Seinfeld," what item does Frank Costanza describe fighting another customer to buy for his son, which inspired the fake holiday "Festivus?" For an extra "nerd" bonus, on what date is Festivus celebrated? Mystery - Before and After - One part of the clue will be a title or a line from a popular Christmas song 1. Christmas carol written in 1818 by German Franz Xaver Gruber and X-Men character whose real name is Kurt Wagner 2. Christmas song mentioning "tidings of comfort and joy" and 1953 film starring Marilyn Monroe 3. SNL star and daughter of singer Minnie Riperton and Christmas song about bullying, ostracism, and using others for personal gain (OH's also the title of a 1964 Christmas special with Burl Ives) 4. A 1978 film starring Brooke Shields as a child prostitute and song originally recorded by Darlene Love in 1963 and covered by other artists containing the lyrics "They're singing deck the halls...but it's not like Christmas at all..." Final Category - Benefit Singles On the 1984 Band Aid song "Do they Know It's Christmas," representatives from 14 different musical groups are listed among the credited singers on the song. Name any of the three singers who are not listed as being part of a musical group from that single.'

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