Concerning Hobbits – Trivia Questions about Hobbits!

Think you’re pretty smart for knowing the names of the two Hobbits who, in J.R.R. Tolkien’s universe, share a Sept. 22 birthday with each other? Yes, that does make you smart! We salute you. Let’s see how you do on this set of trivia questions that is ALL about Hobbits! And MAYBE a little “Lord of the Rings” too… Grab your pipe, pipe-weed and settle into a comfy chair, and make sure a nice mug of ale is handy! We made a lot of these multiple choice…have fun!
1. Patriarchs – Gerontius Took was better known by what other name?
2. Former Names – When Gollum was a Hobbit, he was known by the name Smeagol. What was the name of his brother, whom he killed in a fight for The One Ring?
3. Trespassing – For what did Hobbits regularly raid the property of Farmer Maggot? Multiple choice:
A: apples B: pipe-weed C: mushrooms D: cask ale
4.Locations- What town would NOT be found within the boundaries of The Shire? Multiple choice:
A: Hobbiton B: Buckland C: Michel Delving D: Archet
5. Sons – Who was the son of Drogo and Primula?
6. Places – The Green Dragon was what type of business in the Shire?
Multiple choice – A: pub B: brothel C: printing shop D: haberdasher
7. Quotes – Who said the following quote: “I don’t know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve.” And for extra fun, post THIS as your status on Facebook and see what happens!
8. Real Names – What are the real first names of Merry and Pippin? For an extra “nerd” bonus, also give their last names.
9. Birthdays – How many years old was Bilbo in “A Long Expected Party,” in which he disappeared while wearing The One Ring?
10. Characters – What strange character do the Hobbits meet after being rescued at the Barrow Downs, whom is seemingly immune from the powers of The One Ring?
Mystery – Add ’em up – total will add up to the number in a title of a 1957 Henry Fonda film multiplied by four.
1. Number of Bilbo’s address at Bag End
2. Number of rings given by Sauron to the race of men
3. Number of total Istari
4. Age of Frodo at Bilbo’s birthday party in “A Long Expected Party”
Final Category: Pets
What are the names of the three attack dogs owned by Farmer Maggot?

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