Dungeons & Dragons Trivia Questions!


Here is a set of trivia questions all about Dungeons & Dragons! Just for clarification for all of you “hard-core” D&D nerds out there, these questions will ONLY pertain to first edition Dungeons and Dragons rules or general D&D knowledge! Jason, Kevin, Mike, John, Sam Straight, John, Matthew, Fantasy Games, More Beer Less Pants be sure to take a look at these!
1. Acronyms – What does NPC stand for in D&D parlance?
2. Character Classes – In the Player’s Handbook, character classes are listed at the front of the book. Which additional character class is listed in the appendix? HINT: this character is by its nature “multi class.”
3. Abilities – There are six character abilities in the Player’s Handbook – strength, intelligence, wisdom, constitution, dexterity and charisma. What new ability was added in “Unearthed Arcana?”
4. Giants – In the “Monster Manual,” under the section “giants,” which giant race is the tallest? For “nerd” bonus, within three feet, how tall is this giant listed as being?
5. Monsters – How many eyes does a Beholder possess?
6. Dead or Alive – Which of the following monsters is NOT considered undead? Wraith, Ghoul, Homonculus or Lich?
7. Alignments – What does NG stand for when describing character alignments?
8. Damaged Goods – How many hit points of damage do trolls regenerate per round (within two)?
9. Healers – What is the six-letter word for a character who is primarily used as a healer, among other things?
10. Depths – How deep is an open portable hole?
Mystery – Which die do I use? List the numbered dice needed to do the following things:
1. Make a saving throw
2. Cast a magic missile
3. Roll damage on a medium-sized creature with a two-handed sword
4. Roll the starting hit points for a barbarian class character
Final Category – Conventions
In what year was the first Gen Con held in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin?


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