George Michael Eulogy

It seems like I’ve done too many eulogies for pop stars this year. David Bowie, Prince, and today, George Michael. RIP, George Michael! “Make It Big” was one of the first cassette tapes I had of my own, and a classmate and I used to regularly belt out “Careless Whisper” in between classes by our junior high lockers. Why boys weren’t lining up to ask us out, I’ll never know, lol! Unlike with Michael Jackson years earlier, I didn’t “outgrow” George Michael. I practically wore out my “Faith” cassette tape during the summer of 1988 while driving dad’s Buick Skylark coupe. The same car in which my friends and I managed to lock the keys inside of when we foolishly decided to go play hide-and-seek in a cemetery. Boy was it fun trying to convince that police officer that we had a legitimate reason to be hanging around in a cemetery after dark! I always had a talent for talking my way out of trouble (cough). Anyway…One of my classmates always brought along a “boombox” and a Faith cassette when we took bus trips for marching band. And “I Want Your Sex” was always the song that blared from the back of the bus. It was a fairly controversial song for its time, even though by today’s standards, it would probably be considered tame. And I would continue with my fandom of George Michael when he released “Listen Without Prejudice” in 1990, for which by then, I’d graduated to CDs, except in the car, so, a copied cassette tape had to do! He had a fantastic singing voice and recorded some great songs that entertained me in my junior high, high school and college/post-college years. Yes, he lived through his share of controversies, and anyone wanting to learn more about those can peruse the Internet to their heart’s content. He, Wham in particular, was also one of the first pop acts to perform in the People’s Republic of China, which was a pretty big deal! RIP, George Michael, and thanks for providing the soundtrack to some great memories!

— listening to Faith (George Michael album).


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