MORE Dungeons & Dragons Trivia Questions!

But wait…there’s MORE! Here’s another set of all Dungeons & Dragons trivia questions! There is no “final” question this time, but more “mystery round” questions. Let’s see if you can “slay” these questions!
1. Magic – In a magic user’s spell list (first edition Player’s Handbook), how many Bigby hand or fist spells are there?
2. Words – In “Oriental Adventures” (first edition), the word shirokinukatsukami is what? a. character class b. spell c. weapon d. monster
3. Levels – At what level does a paladin gain the ability call for his war horse (within one)?
4. Dwarves – Within one, what is the minimum constitution score for playing a dwarf character?
5. Oldest Professions – The “random harlot generator chart” can be found in which first edition rulebook? Some of the “harlots” listed include slovenly trull, sly pimp, expensive doxy, a saucy tart, among others?
6. Companies – In what year was TSR purchased by Wizards of the Coast? For an extra “nerd” bonus, what does TSR stand for?
7. Magical Items – Which specific magic item has the ability to summon a rhinoceros, elephant or a mouse, among other things?
8. Award-Winning Actors – What future Oscar-winning actor appeared in the 1982 film “Mazes and Monsters,” which was a cautionary tale about role-playing games?
9. Dragons – What type of dragon is given the Latin title Draco Electricus?
10. Elves – Drow elves who fail a specially devised test from their demon queen Lolth become what creature?

Mystery round – switched words in song- Key words in the following song lyrics will be replaced with names of D&D things/creatures (which will rhyme with the original words from the songs).
1. “Why do (flying goblins) suddenly appear…every time…you are near,” The Carpenters
2. “When I think about you I touch my (long-lived humanoid creature with pointy ears),” The DiVinyls
3. “Oh, give me a beat boys…free my (Large regenerative humanoid)…I wanna get lost in your rock ‘n (same word again) and drift away,” Dobie Gray
4. “I’m your (magic user specializing in raising the dead), (same word) for money I’ll do what you want me to do…” Tina Turner
5. “Because I gotta have (undead creature, repeat three times), ooh I gotta have (undead creature name),” George Michael
6. “Gangstas and (minor devil, plural)…Love lobsters and shrimps…
Kool-Aid and chicken,” Li’l Wayne
7. “Love (creature with cat head/human body), yeah yeah…”, J. Geils Band
8. “It’s been a (multi-class character who typically plays a musical instrument), days’ night…”, The Beatles
9. “Here I go…Playin’ star again…There I go…Turn the (four-letter word for magic user),” Bob Seger
10. “Baby let me be your lovin’ (bear/owl hyrbid)…Put a chain around my neck… And lead me anywhere,” Elvis Presley


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