Trivia Recap – Dec. 16, 2016 – Sticks

Two ‘Pods ventured out on a cold, cold…let’s be clear – REALLY cold winter night to check out the trivia scene at Stick’s Thursday for a Sporcle With Tim gig. We arrived to find the room half full of 20-some-odd women, all appearing to be in their 20s. Most of them “appeared” to be getting ready to head out, showing their intent to leave by standing rather than sitting, wearing coats and having handbags over their shoulders. Some, however, had not quite committed to leaving, and had their handbags on the table rather than in their hands or over a shoulder. It was apparent mass indecisiveness. It was as though the lyrics for the Clash song ‘Should I Stay Or Should I Go” were running through all of their collective (and apparently) intoxicated heads. However, once 9 p.m. started to rear its head, a decision to leave was seemingly implanted forcefully into their heads, and the room cleared out for the small, yet dedicated group of people who had come there just for their trivia fix. I guess you had to be there…but the mass exodus truly was a glorious sight to behold. If there was a soundtrack for that moment, maybe “Exodus” by Bob Marley and the Wailers would be the perfect song (take note, Tim). And so game time commenced, and that means questions!
Game One
1. Which doll franchise introduced by Mattel in 2010 features characters inspired by sci-fi, horror films and thriller films? “We used to sell that stuff at our store,” got this for 5.
2. Word Origins – What academic study gets its name from the Greek meaning “love of wisdom?” 10
3. TV Catchphrases – since 1996, what TV show has usually ended with the catchphrase, “Here it is, your moment of Zen?” 9
4. Instruments – How many strings are there on a typical violin? 4
5. Gum – Introduced in 1984, what was Wrigley’s first brand of sugar-free chewing gum? I remembered the jingle for this song, which made us confident enough to go 6. And this was just one commercial jingle for gum that kind of implied sex in its lyrics (really it did, look it up). Maybe not as much as “Take a sniff…pull it out” or “Big Red,” which…speaks for itself. Ahem…sex sells, people! Those Madison Avenue executives knew it! Sigh…I kind of miss those silly commercial jingles which stuck in my head WAY too well.
6. Actresses – Who played the lead character Helen in the 1998 film “Sliding Doors?” Miss for 1, never heard of it, but we picked similarly looking actress to this person (though from completely different continents).
7. College Football (note I did not write this question down super well, but I’ll do my best to recreate it) – The Bayou Classic is an annual rivalry game played in the Mercedes Benz Stadium in New Orleans between the Tigers and the Jaguars. Name one of the two most successful Southwest Athletic Conference teams, both for an extra “nerd” bonus point. Miss and miss for 2.
8. International Trading – In 1994, President Bill Clinton lifted the 19-year trade embargo with what Asian nation? Tragic flop for 7. But we did pick an Asian nation! Boo….
9. Autobiographies – “Decoded” was a 2010 autobiography by what hip-hop artist? Miss for 3.
10. Museums – What museum located on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is one of architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s most recognizable creations? He was obviously inspired by looking at a toilet, lol…8.
Mystery – Anagrams – Christmas Songs edition (yikes) – We did what we usually do with this type of mystery round – I brainstormed a crapload of Christmas song names, Mike looked at my list to see if any matched the anagrams. Though this has worked well for us in the past, uh not so much on this night as we only got two of them.
1. English Tint
2. He Knew Tigers
3. Flesh Colored Table
4. My Father’s Own Snot
Missed 2 and 3 (in my defense neither of these songs are in the rotation in the store where I work, which is good in the case of #3, which is truly insanity inducing, imho).
Standings: Six teams, we were in third with 49 heading into the final (curse you, Bill Clinton), with Dem Iggs in first with 54.
Category: Movie Heroes
In June 2003, the American Film Institute published its list of the 50 greatest movie heroes. Who is the only hero on AFI’s list that is NOT human, NOT alien, and NOT a robot or cyborg? This character first appeared on screen in 1943.
We had this question a few years ago, and knew we were torn between two possibilities for it then just as we were Thursday. And we thought we’d picked the right one this time. Nope…
Standings: Dirty Mike and the Boys, 62, I Named My Dick Cheney Because it Shoots People in the Face (playing under the name Trump 2020: Make America Great Again).
Game Two
1. Coffee – What coffee brand claims to be “the best part of waking up?” Blissful sigh, again with a jingle…10 easy points for all!
2. Mascots – Wally the Green Monster, Tessie, and Lefty/Righty are all official mascots for what MLB team? I actually thought of the right team right away, but didn’t think the name made sense. Silly me for thinking these things should make “sense,” miss for 1.
3. Movie Dogs – What type of dog, who is an alien in disguise, is Frank in the 1997 film “Men in Black?” 9
4. Christmas Albums – What singer released the 1998 album “These Are Special Times,” which is one of the best selling Christmas albums of all time? Pulled this correct answer from the depths for 2.
5. Money – Which of the following European countries does not use the Euro? France, Switzerland, Ireland or Finland? Mike all over this for 8.
6. TV Settings – Audio clue of TV series featuring Neve Campbell, had to identify the city in which the show was set. Miss for 3.
7. Disease – Also known as Vareola Minor, what disease had its first vaccine released in 1796 and was declared officially eradicated by the World Health Assembly in 1980? Mike again for 6 (when you think about it, the word “minor” is a good clue).
8. Shopping – If you are using a Brannock device, what are you shopping for? 7 Nice hefty metal thing, can be used as a hand-held weapon in a pinch if you have good aim, lol. Also small enough to be thrown at a customer who comes at you too aggressively on Black Thursday! #themoreyouknow
9. Bridges – Name one of the two states connected by the Cairo I-57 Bridge, which crosses the Mississippi River? Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus point. Got one, but not the bonus for 4.
10. Pasta – Which pasta translates into English as “little ribbons?” Had choice of two, picked wrong one (just NOT our night…clearly our brains need to adapt to the frigid cold), miss for 5.
Visual Mystery –
Missed #2 (forgot “real” first name of the guy’s second wife, wow she picked the uglier of two possible names imho).
Standings – Six teams, we were in second with 52 behind One is the Loneliest Number.
Final Category: Board Games
In the America’s National Parks edition of Monopoly, there are six playing tokens, each representing activities that one might enjoy while visiting the national parks.
Name three of the six playing tokens.
We did not wager on this but should have…usually this is a scary category for us.
Standings: Dirty Mike and the Boys, 65; Dem Iggs, 67.
Until next time, which is…??? That all depends on weather, of course. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Grover Cleveland – even though you supposedly raped a woman and had her locked up in an asylum (seriously this is something I read recently). Again, Go Pods!


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