Trivia Recap – Dec. 18, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Do you believe in UFOs, astral projections, mental telepathy, ESP, clairvoyance, spirit photography, telekinetic movement, full trance mediums, the Loch Ness monster, the theory of Atlantis and that the ‘Pods can get sports final questions right on trivia night? Yes, Sunday was a night for some very strange things to occur. The strangest thing was winning second place and a $10 gift card in game two on a category that we would normally not wager on – especially considering the players who were in attendance. Myself (Heather), Mike and John all hit up the YpsiAlehouse for a shot of Sporcle and Shine with Emily Sunday, and the first strange thing that happened was another team approaching us to offer to buy us a round of beer. Really? My birthday isn’t for a couple of months! All right, twist my arm…. Yes, Teamy McTeamface, whom recently occupied our spot in a recent Sporcle Live tournament, wanted to thank us for giving them a chance to make “real” money. Also they also apparently had surplus gift cards #humblebraggers 🙂 Thanks, Sarah, Rebecca, Joshua and Jason for the round of beers! And thanks for being “Bizarro Pods” at the tournament. They truly are “bizarro” versions of us, though we’re truly the more bizarre team if push comes to shove #weownit And the questions…
Game One.
1. Pizza – In 2012, Peyton Manning invested in 21-Denver areas franchises of what pizza chain for which he also serves as a spokesman? 3
2. Actresses – What actress played Queen Elizabeth 1 in a 2005 miniseries and Queen Elizabeth 2 in a 2006 film? Hiccuped a bit, but got this for 5.
3. Cities in Song – (I was really hoping this question would be about the “Route 66” song, alas, it was not) What Florida city name is the title of a song in the 2011 Broadway musical “The Book of Mormon?” Good news is we picked a Florida City. Bad news, not the right one, miss for 2.
4. U.S. States – Other than California, which U.S. state’s lowest elevation is below sea level? John comes up with right state for 6.
5. NBA Draft – What player drafted #1 overall in the 2002 NBA Draft is as of 2016 the most recent draftee to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame? Miss for 1.
6. Comedians – The artwork on Prince’s 2013 album “Breakfast Can Wait” features what stand-up comedian dressed as Prince and serving pancakes? Miss that show…got this for 10.
7. Diseases – White nose syndrome is a fungal disease that has killed millions of what animal in North America since it was first identified in 2006? 9
8. TV Settings – On “Two and a Half Men,” the main characters live ina house located in what affluent beach city? For an extra “nerd” bonus, which character has appeared on the most episodes of that show? Pulled right answer for main question from the ass for 4, but missed the bonus.
9. World War 2 History – Which of the five beaches on which the allies landed on D-day was originally codenamed “Jelly” until Winston Churchill insisted that it change? Mike for 8.
10. Book Characters – What character in the 1985 novel “Trilby” has a name that has come to refer to a person who exercises a a controlling influence on another for evil purposes? Nope…miss for SEVEN. Clearly this slip should have been used elsewhere!
Mystery – Quickfire
After Chicago, name four of the most populous cities in the U.S. starting with the letter “C.”
Got three of these.
Scores – Ten teams, scores 28 to 64, with Teamy McTeamface in first. We were in second with 57 (would have been tied with them if not blowing that book characters question…ugh).
Final Category – Music in Movies
Five songs that won the Academy Award for Best Original Song were from Disney animated films released in the 1990s.
Name three of those five songs.
Only managed to get one correct.
Gotham Knights and Teamy McTeamface finished in second/first.
Game Two
1. Religions – Tlaloc was the supreme god of the rains in what Mesoamerican culture? Mike all over this for 10.
2. McDonalds – What is the name of the large purple monster-like McDonald’s character introduced in the 1970s? 9
3. Speeches – Audio clue, miss for 3
4. World Events – The epicenter of the strongest earthquake ever recorded was located in what South American country? For “nerd” bonus, in what decade this occur? Missed both for 2.
5. Olympic Events – What type of off-road bicycle racing debuted as an official event at the summer Olympic games in 2008? 8
6. Title Roles – What TV series that aired from 1977 to 1982 starred Ed Asner in the title role? Yay we’re old, handed this in before the question was done being read, 7.
7. Directors – What Academy Award winning director’s highest grossing film is the 2011 film “Midnight in Paris” starring Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams? Miss for 1, we picked another director who has frequently cast Owen Wilson.
8. Lead Singers (I prayed this question would be about ’80s music) – From 1977 to his death in 1997, MIchael Hutchence was the lead singer of what Australian rock band? And this question “may” have inspired an impromptu game of charades (dead celebrities edition) where we attempted to “act out” how he died. Seriously, we have no taste whatsoever…got this for 6. RIP Michael, you were SOOOO hot!
9. Ice Cream – What brand of ice cream cone comes from Nestle in varieties including classic, super nugget and simply dipped? 5
10. Planets – At just more than 25 million miles on average, what two planets in the solar system are the closest together? 4 Only managed to get ONE of these…yuck.
Scores – Ten teams, scores 15 to 61, with Teamy McTeamface in first. We were in fourth with 53 points.
Match the MLB franchise with the team name that it used at some time in the past.
A) New York Yankees
B) Boston Red Sox
C) Los Angeles Dodgers
1) Americans
2) Robins
3) Highlanders
I really wanted to wager “something” on it, since the category was “teams,” and I can at least name all of the MLB teams. Mike wasn’t sold, but (thank you) John backed me up and said we should wager “some” points. So we wagered 10…and we got it! Yes, our teams fourth-best “sports” expert and the team’s sixth-best sports expert managed to squeak this one! And we were really excited, though not as much as when David did a “victory lap” around Johnny’s Grill in Belleville back in 2015 after we won $20 on an MLB final. That gift certificate was later given away to a player from the team we beat that night we won it, ironically enough! All part of the pub trivia “Circle of Life.” And sometimes the wheels of trivia need to be greased (ahem). That’s about enough out of us! Until next time, which will be our “regular” trivia night at The Wurst Bar Wednesday, where we will attempt to win money after TWO prizeless weeks. Will we do it? Only Cthulhu knows for sure! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Svengali!


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