Trivia Recap – Dec. 3, 2016 – Sporcle Live League Championship

Questions from today’s Sporcle Live Pub Champions League Championships as reported from Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz, if any of these questions differ from the ones played by The Moops or More Beer Less Pants, please indicate so! We did not play this particular question set, but are providing the questions as a courtesy to the fellow trivia junkies who follow this page!
Recap of Saturday‘s Sporcle Live final in Toledo
Round One
1. Nintendo Games: Wii Sports, Originally released in 2006, features five sports-related games, including baseball, golf, tennis, and what other two games?
**Knew one instantly. Unfortunately, a couple of us thought of a wrong answer and went with it. Dropped the 4.
2. #1 Singles: The first album to ever have five singles reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 held that sole distinction for over twenty years. Name two of the five #1 singles from that album.
**Very tough question. Of course, most music questions are tough for us. We only bet 1 and dropped it. This was actually a stumper. Other teams likely bet significantly more than us.
3. Science: Name two of the three main bases that are found in both DNA and RNA. You must give the full name, not just the letter.
**A good thing we needed two and not three. While we could name all five nucleotides that show up in the two molecules, we only agreed on two that were part of both molecules. Got it for 10.
4. Different Actress, Same Role: Within the last ten years, what character has been played by Lena Headey on television and Emilia Clarke on film?
**Andrew nailed this one for 9.
5. NFL Champs: At 36 years, which NFL franchise holds the record for the longest amount of time between their first and second Super Bowl championships? Note: this does not include teams who have won fewer than two Super Bowls.
**Matt figured this one out quickly for 8.
6. Populations: With a population of more than 120 million, what is the most populous country with a common English name that does not contain the letter A?
**Andrew and Matt put their heads together to earn 7 here.
7. Cars: What division of Daimler was started as a cooperation between Swatch and Mercedes, and has produced the fortwo, forfour, and crossblade vehicle models?
**Matt had a hunch that was confirmed by guest player Kevin. Got this for 6.
8. TV Ratings: For the week of November 7, 2016, 14 of the 15 highest rated TV shows in the US were related to either football or election coverage. What TV series was the exception?
**Got it for 2 with a reasoned guess.
9. Comic Strips: What long-running comic strip character was given a notable accessory in 1946, became temporary police chief of the moon in 1969, and grew a mustache in the 1970s?
**Guest player Kevin and Alice teamed up to get this for 3.
10. Supreme Court Cases: In a 2010 US Supreme Court decision which determined that corporations and unions can spend unlimited amounts in election, what conservative non-profit organization was the plaintiff?
**A bit of a softball for a final; got it for 5.
Mystery Round: Quickfire
The halogens are a group of five non-metallic elements on the periodic table, one of which is chlorine. Name the other four.
**Easy 8 points for Matt, the certified science teacher.
After round one, the top 11 teams were:
Talk Nerdy to Me 45, Dunder Mifflin 48, Chem Ballz 48, Kyle Sucks 50, Nice Marmot 50, And We’re All Out of Bubblegum 51, Rosa Parks Should’ve Called Shotgun 51, Dennis & the City Boyz 51, Beers for Fears 51, Fisted Sister 58, Spaceballs the Trivia Team 58
Round Two
1. Numbers: There are two numbers between 1 and 100 that use four Xs in their representation in Roman numerals. Name both numbers.
2. Shakespeare: In Shakespeare’s MacBeth, after the three witches recite the famous line “Double, double, toil and trouble,” and before any other character has a line, the witches mention six non-human mammals. Name two of those mammals.
**Lots of discussion. Ended up getting it right for 3.
3. US Borders: Among the eight US states that share a border with Tennessee, which is the largest by total area?
**Had it narrowed down to three choices, which were the three largest. Andrew came up with the right answer, which we put down for 5.
4. Animated TV: In what 1980s animated series did a main character have to go through five trials before he could truly become the leader of the heroes? They were the Trial of Strength, the Trial of Speed, the Trial of Cunning, the Trial of Mind-Power, and the Trial of Evil.
**Matt knew this instantly, having rewatched some episodes of this show online with in the last few weeks. Unfortunately, things began to unravel after this.
5. Sports Awards: The Best Breakthrough Athlete ESPY Award has been awarded 24 times, and on all but one occasion, has been given to a man in a professional sport. What 2015 winner of this award is the exception?
**No clue. Dropped the 1.
6. Concerts: On August 14, 2014, what musician appropriately headlined the final concert at Candlestick Park in San Francisco?
**Dropped the 2. Alice actually came up with the right answer, but we couldn’t think of what it was “appropriate.” Oh well.
7. Commercials: In September 2016, who became the third former Saturday Night Live cast member to play Colonel Sanders in recent advertising for KFC? He spent one season as a featured player from 2004-2005.
**Couldn’t come up with it. Dropped the 4.
8. Similar Movie Titles: A 1988 acclaimed documentary film about a wrongful murder conviction and a 1998 war film starring Jim Caviezel and Nick Nolte has similar titles that each reference a different color. Name both colors.
**Got it for 8.
9. Running Mates: What former US Navy vice admiral was the highest ranking naval officer to be held as a prisoner in North Vietnam, and was Ross Perot’s running mate in the 1992 presidential election?
**Could not come up with the name. Stuck losing the 6.
10. Poets: What notable 20th century poet was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry a record four times, in 1924, 1931, 1937, and 1943?
**Came up with several poets. Never mentioned this one’s name. Dropped the 7.
Mystery Round: Things in a List – fill in the blank
1. US First Lady maiden names chronologically – Wallace, Doud, *blank*, Taylor, Ryan
2. US State capitals alphabetically – Pierre, Providence, *blank*, Richmond, Sacramento
3. Academy Award for Best Actress winners – Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, Meryl Streep, *blank*, Cate Blanchett
4. Billboard #1 singles by Bruno Mars as a lead artist – “Just the Way You Are,” “Grenade,” *blank*, “When I Was Your Man”
**Missed #3 & 4. Mentioned the right answer for #3 but thought she won after Blanchett, not before.
Only scored 39 points in round two, but it seems like it was tough for a lot of teams.
Top ten scores heading into the final:
The Vulvasaurs 85, Chem Ballz 86, Team India 86, Rosa Parks Should’ve Called Shotgun 91, Rock Hard Times 92, Dennis & the City Boyz 92, Beers for Fears 96, Spaceballs the Trivia Team 97, Fisted Sister 99, And We’re All Out of Bubblegum 102
Final Category: Sports Cities
Final Question: Other than the San Francisco Bay Area, there are four census-defined US metro area that are NOT currently home to a team from each of the four major professional sports leagues, but have been home to a team of all four leagues at the same time at some point in the past. All four of these areas are among the 30 most populous metro-area. Name two of the four.
**Just too much information to consider. We ran out of time.
Final Standings:
8th place: Nice Marmot, 111 points
7th place: The BSers, 113 points
6th place: Team India, 116 points
5th place: Beers for Fears, 119 points
4th place: Rosa Parks Should’ve Called Shotgun, 121 points
Tied for 2nd place: Dennis & the City Boyz and Rock Hard Times, 122 points apiece
Champions: And We’re All Out of Bubblegum 130
The teams who tied for 2nd decided to combine the prizes for 2nd and 3rd and split evenly, rather than do a tiebreaker.

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