Trivia Recap – Dec. 4, 2016 – Maplewood Lanes (My Trivia Live Semifinals)

A foursome of ‘Pods visited Maplewood Lanes Saline Saturday for a My Trivia Live “semifinal” game in which our mission was to finish among the top five teams for a coveted spot in the MTL finals Saturday, Dec. 10. Mission accomplished! We’re not going to “bury the lede” on this news story. But it was not an easy task by any means, and at several points we thought there was no way in HELL we were going to get our tournament spot! Some of those questions were really, really rough…and will make you think about what those meaty dog treats you just bought for your dog are REALLY made of, but we’ll get more into that in a bit! Representin’ ‘Pods this time were myself (Heather), Mike, Brad and Geoff, whom we pulled off the “bench” to help us out on this fine Saturday afternoon. And the questions, some of which may be heavily abbreviated versions of the ones that were asked…
Round One
1. Technology – What does SMS stand for in text messaging parlance? Miss for 1.
2. U.S. Civil War – Where did General Robert E. Lee surrender to Ulysses S. Grant? 5
3. Geography – The eighth most “prominent” peak in the lower 48 states is the 11,916 foot high Mt. Charleston, located in what state? A lot of thought went into this, but nope, miss for 3.
Round Two
1. Artists – John Horsely was an English Academic painter of genre and historical scenes, illustrator, and designer of the first what? Miss for 3.
2. Musical Groups – The members of the pop group Wilson Phillips were the children of the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson and Michelle and John Phillips of what 1960s folk rock group? And commence Mike talking about the YUGE crush he had on the Phillips’ short-haired blonde daughter (sigh…boys….), 5.
3. Monarchs – Who became the world’s longest-reigning monarch after the death of Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej in 2016? We were worried this question would be harder, hence the saving up of the one-point wager which we got correct…ouch.
Round Three
1. Actors – Name one of the two actors who have played the “man in black/gunslinger” in either the 1973 film or 2016 series “Westworld.” A show with everything and….I’ll stop right now! Got this for 5.
2. Hockey – Of the seven retired Detroit Red Wings players whose jerseys hang in the rafters of Joe Louis Arena, which is the only one who was never a team captain? Brad gets this for 3.
3. Food – “Wet Nelly” is a name of a dish popular in Liverpool, England and is similar to the U.S. Southern form of what kind of dessert? Close, but no cigar, miss for 1. Damn, why, oh why couldn’t Paul McCartney have played with us in this game? πŸ™‚
Halftime – First Ladies
Name the First Ladies of the United States who have received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which was first awarded in 1963 under President John F. Kennedy.
Got three of these.
Halftime scores:
Thirteen teams (some teams names abbreviated/changed) Not Morning People, 7; Sabotage, 12; After Party, 16; 50 Shades of Grey, 19; Ham Wallets/That’s What She Said/ ‘Pods, 25; Fat Pants, 27; Cleanup in Aisle 10, 28; Trump University Dropouts/King Kobra, 29; Better Late Than Pregnant, 31, Highly Questionable, 31. We were in seventh going into the second half…ugh. Not looking good!
Round Four
1. TV Occupations – What was the occupation of Tom Bradford on the 70s-’80s comedy drama series “Eight is Enough?” Brad, our elder statesman, was in his late teens when this show aired, and the rest of us were too young to have remembered this “deep cut” about that show about the family with too many damn kids…miss for 2.
2. Candy – Made by Ferrero, the same company that makes Nutella spread, what is the name of the chocolate candy eggs that contain a toy surprise that are illegal to import into the United States? Geoff, who previously lived in Europe, could picture these and had half of the name, but we just couldn’t come up with the other correct half, though it was among our guesses…(facepalm). Miss for 4.
3. Words – Vexillology is the scientific study of the usage of what? 6
Round Five
1. Animal Anatomy – What part of the beef cattle anatomy – which is uncooked and dried – is the basis for the dog treats known as “bully sticks?” Let your mind go to the worst possible place here….miss for 2.
2. Dancers – Known as the “Picasso of Dance,” what dancer and choreographer was the first to perform at the White House, by request of Franklin Roosevelt? Picked one of this person’s contemporaries, miss for 4.
3. Spices – Besides nutmeg, name the other spice derived from the evergreen Myristica fragrans in Indonesia? Miss for 6. Zero points this whole round!
Round Six
1. U.S. Presidents – Who was the first U.S. president to visit the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in Honolulu? Good guess, but cautious for 2.
2. Companies – What Dallas, TX based company currently owns the largest chain of arts and crafts stores in the U.S.? Had right answer initially, but….committee thinking prevailed. Miss for 4.
3. World History – The “Great Smog” of 1952, also known as the “Big Smoke” and “Great Pea Soup” was responsible for claiming thousands of lives in what city? 6
Scores: Not Morning People, 13; Sabotage, 18; 50 Shades of Grey, 29; ???, 33; After Party, 36; Trump University Dropouts/’Pods, 39; That’s What She Said, 41; Ham Wallets/Highly Questionable, 43; Cleanup in Aisle 10, 50; King Cobra, 51; Better Late than Pregnant, 61. We were in seventh place heading into a Science final category question:
Selman Waksman earned a Nobel Prize in 1952 for the discovery of Streptomycin, the first antibiotic effective for treating what infectious disease? We brainstormed lots, lots and lots of diseases…and finally Mike spoke up with the one that wound up being correct (we were one of four teams getting this correct, I think).
Teams advancing to finals:
50 Shades of Grey, 58
Better Late than Pregnant, 61
After Party, 72
‘Pods, 78
King Cobra, 89
Well, that’s it! We’ll be taking today off from trivial pursuits, but will be back in the saddle again in a couple of days! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Dick VanPatten!

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