Trivia Recap – Dec. 9, 2016 – Sticks

A couple of cephalopods swam out from underneath their respective rocks Thursday to hit up the Sporcle Live scene at Stick’s hosted by Sporcle With Tim. It was a good night to not have too many “predators” to contend with! We blew big points slips in both games, wagered zero on both final questions and managed to finish in first for the night with just 96 points, winning two $10 gift cards (which almost covered our whole bar tab). This was definitely not anything like the trivia scene that we’re used to, especially when we played here in 2012! Though we’d occasionally wager wisely on a final and squeak through with a gift card win, we usually fell prey to a shark attack, maybe lose/regrow a tentacle. But that’s OK, danger is our middle name! We’re constantly swimming into shark-infested trivia waters! A little pain never hurt anyone, right? We’ll have plenty of opportunities for pain when we play in the My Trivia Live finals on Saturday, but that’s another story! Let’s dig into the questions, shall we?
Game One
1. Clothing Companies – What clothing company was founded by a man whose first and middle names were Leon Leonwood in 1912? 10
2. Tough Guys – What tough guy actor played a Navy Seal masquerading as a nanny in the 2005 film “The Pacifier?” Picked the wrong tough guy, as did some other teams…miss for NINE. We haven’t blown big points in a game for quite a while!
3. Veggies – Boston and Tom Thumb are a couple of varieties of what vegetable? FB clue, 8
4. Big Bang Theory – In what coastal Texas city did Sheldon from BBT grow up? For nerd bonus, what is his three-letter middle name? Got the bonus on a guess, missed the main part for 1.
5 Olympics – In meters, how long is the shortest swimming event at the Olympics? Needed Brad or Dave for this, miss for 2.
6. ’70s Albums – What 1971 Marvin Gaye album is ranked in the top 10 of the greatest albums of all time according to Rolling Stone? 4
7. Human Body – Approximately how many miles of blood vessels are there in the human body? 10, 100, 1,000 or 100,000? Miss for 3
8. African Countries -What African country has been called “The Gift of the Nile?” 7
9. Literary Characters – What literary character is assumed to have fallen to his death at Reichenbach Falls in an 1893 short story called “The Final Problem?” 6
10. Holidays and Observances – What holiday was known as “Armistice Day” until 1954? Miss for 5
Mystery – Add ’em up – sum of all numbers needed for the following clues will add up to 34
1. Number in the title of 2014 comedy sequel starring Jonah Hill and Tatum Channing (don’t correct me, in “my” universe this is how his name is supposed to be, since he is the love child of Tatum O’Neal and Carol Channing, lol). Seriously, I can barely watch movies with him in it because this rattles my brain so much (just ask Mike).
2. Number of different colors in Cuba’s flag
3. Number of letters in the title of an HBO series that won the primetime emmy for outstanding comedy series
4. Number of yards for which a team is penalized for a false start in the NFL
Got them all (IKR?) And special thanks to my brother for having the TV show in #3 on at his house when we visited him a couple of years ago (we don’t get premium cable).
Scores: Nine teams, scores 25 to 55, with Dirty Mike and the Boys in first. We were in third with 47 points. Ick…
Final Category – Candy – this category ain’t so sweet for us, so we wagered zero…
When Dum Dums brand lollipops were introduced in 1924, there were seven original flavors, including cherry and orange.
Name two of the other five original flavors.
Funny, we guessed Dum Dums as a potential question topic, since we had a similar question at a MTL game at Powell’s a few months ago.
Did not write down the game winners, but a “visiting” team with about 20 people at their table won first. We got second.
Game Two
1. Landmarks – What suspension bridge had the longest main span in the world when it opened in 1937? 10
2. Country Singers – Name one of the two country singers who have co-hosted the Country Music Awards together since 2008? Good news is I named two country singers, just not the right ones – no apologies for missing this for 1.
3. Software – Before taking its current name, what software went by the names ImagePro and Display? Mike uses this software daily for his job, but I came up with right guess (woot) for 3.
4. Same Name – What 2005 film starring Bruce Willis was based on a Frank Miller graphic novel of the same name? 9
5. Periodic Table – Name two letters not found in the English name of any of the elements on the periodic table. 6
6. NBA Players – What NBA point guard is the shortest player in league history at 5’3″? And a perfect night for our resident Napoleonic sports guy Brad to be absent (not), miss for 2.
7. Animated Movies – What 2016 animated movie features characters named Brenda Bunson and Frank Wienerton? 8
8. Cooking – What cooking term comes from the French for “crust” and describes an oven-baked dish that can include bread crumbs, cheesy crust and a creamy sauce? Anyone getting hungry? Missed this for SEVEN.
9. TV catchphrases – What TV series featured the catchphrase “Book ’em, Danno?” Yay we’re old! 5
10. Museums – In what city would you find the Coca-Cola museum and be able to sample more than 100 different kinds of beverages? 4
Mystery – Missed 1 and 2.
Scores – Six teams, scores 24 to 53, with Dem Eggs in first. We were in second with 49 points.
Final Category – MLB
Name one of the two ACTIVE pitchers with the most MLB career wins, each with at least 200, and each of whom is at least 35 years old. (As of 12/8/16)
Wagered zero again and finished second. What kind of madness is this? Surely we’d get punished for such wagering if more predators were in this room! But hey, with a bigger trivia game on our horizon this weekend, we’ll take it! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mr. Moriarty!


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