Trivia Recap – Jan. 3, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

A ‘Pods “duo” visited Powell’s Pub for a My Trivia Live game Monday, managed to win a $10/third place gift certificate thanks to a friendly final question about magazines. Yes, “friendly” final question about magazines! This is normally not one of our stronger categories (ugh). We started off fairly strong, we were in third place going into the second half, and dropped down to seventh going into the final! Sometimes those “comebacks” can be pretty sweet! And the questions…
Round One
1. Music – Whose 1971 album was titled “Man in Black?” 5
2. Politics – For which state was John Glenn a U.S. Senator? 3
3. SCIENCE! What science deals with the study of the earth including the study of the origin of and structure of rocks? 1
Round Two
1. Celebrities – Who declared himself “King of All Media” in 1992 following his successes outside of radio? He has such a great face for radio…Mike all over this for 5.
2. Sports- What Greek-sounding nickname was used by the University of Houston men’s basketball team from 1983-1984? We went with a brand name used for prophylactics, miss for 1.
3. Folklore – What was the better known name of John Chapman, who introduced fruit trees to large parts of the Midwestern United States? For an extra three point bonus, what was the nationality of William Tell? I had right guess for this, but we were not confident enough to risk it, no extra three points, but got this for 3.
Round Three
1. Game Shows – At 44 years, what is currently the longest-running game show? 3
2. Authors – What author said, “A book is a classic when people praise it but don’t read it?” This is paraphrased…Mike with right guess for 5. “It sounds like something he would say,” per Mike.
3. Law – What is the legal term for a jury unable to come to a final decision, resulting in a mistrial? 1
Halftime – Identify the animals appearing as title characters in the following films/release years.
1. Bringing Up Baby, 1938
2. Oliver and Company, 1988
3. Dunston Checks In, 1996
4. George of the Jungle, 1997
Missed #1 and #2.
Scores: Twelve teams – scores 22 to 36, with Combat Wombats in first. We were tied for third with the Yaks with 30 points, playing under the name Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Squid.
Round Four
1. Sports – William Gilbert Grace was a player of what sport?
2. TV – On what show does actor Joel McHale currently play a starring role? Never heard of it…miss for 2.
3. U.S. States – Identify the state as quoted by author John Steinbeck: “I have said that (blank) is a state of mind, but I think it is more than that. It is a mystique closely approximating a religion. And this is true to the extent that people either passionately love (blank) or passionately hate it.” Miss, picked another state this guy wrote about quite a bit.
Round Five
1. Geography – What mountain pass is named for an Illinois farmer and his family, who was stuck there during an 1846 snowstorm? Anyone else hungry about now? 🙂 Got this for 6. Made me think of Simpsons spoof on the movie about the Uruguayan rugby team who had to resort to cannibalism after a plane crash (vis a vis photo with this post).
2. U.S. States – Who was the first secretary of Homeland Security? Miss for 4, Mike realized his mistake after handing it in (d’oh!)
3. Fast Food – What fast food chain cannot operate under its name in Matoon, IL because a restaurant by the same name is already there that pre-dates the chain? Miss for 2.
Round Six
.1. Music – What month and date are people asked to remember in an Earth, Wind, and Fire song? Knew the month, but not the date…miss for 2. Kudos to One is the Loneliest Number for handing in their slip before the question was finished being read aloud!
2. Home Runs – What city’s Forbes Field was the scene of Babe Ruth’s last home run? Miss for 4.
3. Instruments – Founded in 1853, what instrument is the Steinway Company best known for making? 6
Scores: Ten teams, scores 39 to 62, with Combat Wombats in first. We were in seventh with 48 points. And for the record, Mike was still in a good mood! See what happens when he gets to take a long break from trivia? #winning
Final Category – Magazines
What non-human entity was Time Magazine’s “Person of the Year” in 1982? Knew this one instantly (thanks mainly to my older brother Mike). Nice when family members can help out with questions even if they’re not there!
This moved us up to third, getting us a $10 certificate. The top two teams had to answer tiebreaker about what year For Whom the Bell Tolls was published, One is the Loneliest Number won that tiebreaker. Until next time, which will be tonight, as always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you stranded rugby players in the Andes!


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