Trivia Recap – Jan. 4, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

I paid a visit to Johnny’s Grill in Belleville for a Sporcle Live Host Elyse game Tuesday while a couple of my other trivia compatriots were gathered for “board game night.” Since I prefer games of the trivial variety and the time/location is right, I decided to make this a “semi regular” spot on random Tuesdays for this Sporcle Live trivia season! If nothing else, it’s a chance to test my trivia mettle against rival veteran league team More Beer Less Pants. This time there were just a couple of them to contend with, but I NEVER like to think of the odds of winning. I’m like Han Solo in “Star Wars” when C-3P0 tries to tell him his odds of successfully navigating an asteroid field. Long story short? Never tell me the odds! I’d like to think anything can happen on any given trivia night. And on this night? Well, I won a $20 gift certificate/first place in game two, 109 total points, though game one was…meh. I had a variety of distractions I was dealing with in that game, but I’m not going to bore any of you with those details! Unless I have already, lol…on to the questions…
Game One
1. Candy – Which of the following flavors was not an original Skittles flavor? Lemon, lime, grape or cherry? Miss for 2.
2. Company Mascots – In 2007, Geoffrey the Giraffe, the Toys ‘R Us mascot, underwent a redesign where his spots were replaced with what shape? Good guess for 3.
3. TV Firsts – In 1999, who became the first woman to be a head writer on Saturday Night Live? Initially had right guess, but went with another…miss for 4
4. World Geography – Of the four African nations which the Prime Meridian passes through, which one comes first alphabetically? 10
5. Gases – What gas comprises 80 percent of earth’s atmosphere? 5
6. Sports Records – Within one, in what year did the Detroit Lions become the first team to have a 0/16 regular season record? Miss for 1.
7. Twilight – In Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” series, what capital city did Bella Swan live in before moving to Forks? Miss for 6, no shame in my lack of sparkly vampire knowledge. None whatsoever…
8. Social Media – What is the founder of MySpace Tom’s last name? 9
9. Headquarters – Which U.S. state is home to the headquarters of both Hershey and Crayola? 8
10. Different Song, Same Title – Which 1995 song was a minor hit for Jill Sobule and a major hit for Katy Perry in 2008? 7
Mystery – Name the subtitles of the four theatrical “Ice Age” sequels.
I don’t have kids and don’t watch kiddie movies, so I was kind of handicapped here. But I did come up with two of them, and put in “OMG, the sabertoothed tiger killed everyone” and “Extinction” as my ridiculous guesses. What better way to end this franchise than with “Extinction?” Sorry kids, all the animals are dead! No more giant sloths, no more sabertoothed tigers, no more woolly mammoths…and nope, no more dinosaurs! I kind of wish giant sloths didn’t die out. I want them living among us so I can have one as a pet. I would name him Gilbert. But, since some of them were 17 feet tall, maybe I would have to be the “pet” in this scenario. My luck, I’d be allergic to him anyway, but I digress!
Scores: Nine teams, scores ranging from 43 to 60, with Slick Rock Rumble in first. I was tied for fifth with a team whose name I did not write down with 49, playing under the moniker Beatrix Squiddo.
Final Category – Fictional Characters
The characters “The Whacko” and “The Big Guy,” possibly inspired by Howard Dean and Colin Powell, respectively, appear in what 2006 post-apocalyptic novel, which was made into a 2013 movie?
I managed to pick a 2013 movie, but nope…and for shame, I actually started reading that book! Oh well…next game HAS to be better, right? Game one winners, Your Mom Says Hi, 51; and Slick Rock Rumble (who got it right), 80.
Game Two
1. Astrology – What animal is associated with the zodiac sign cancer? And for “nerd” point, name one of the two months in which this sign falls. Got both for 10.
2. Friends – As a child, which of the main characters on “Friends” created a comic called “Science Boy?” So thankful I read the wiki article on this show a while back so I didn’t actually have to absorb knowledge of this show by watching it. Just not my kind of show…got this for 5.
3. Little League – In what decade was the first time girls were allowed to participate in Little League baseball? I was way too late on this one, miss for 2.
4. Quotes – Who was known for the quote, “Genius is 99 percent perspiration, 1 percent inspiration?” Glad he’s no longer alive so I have to smell him, lol…9.
5. Snacks – What is the name for almonds covered in a hard candy shell, thought to have been named for a river in Asia? 8
6. Military Leaders – Audio clue of military leader and a U.S. campaign through Germany, made right guess for 3.
7. Games – Before developing Pokemon Go, Niantech developed what sci-fi based game that features portals? 7
8. Minerals – What type of mineral, commonly used in making jewelry comes in varieties vermereen, smoky, rose, and milky? 4
9. Department Stores – What department store was the first to offer wedding registry? JC Penney, Macy’s, Marshall Fields or Bloomingdales? Host threw this one out since no teams got it…
9. U.S. States – What is the only U.S. state to end in the letters ng? 1
10. ’90s Music – What top 10 hit from the mid ’90s about a bitter breakup and its aftermath is thought to be about Dave Coulier from “Full House?” Good guess for 6.


Missed visual round #2.

Scores – Ten teams, scores 28 to 60, with Beatrix Squiddo tied for first with MBLP. OK, now THIS is a game! Now to just fuck up that final question and restore order to the trivia universe! Or will I…
Final Category – Landmarks (yikes – this is not a good category for me, even when I have the rest of the team to help out!…wagered 20 anyway)
Put these New York City landmarks in geographical order, from north to south:
The Apollo Theater; Yankee Stadium; Times Square; Coney Island
I know absolutely ZILCH about the geography of the NYC area. Nothing. So I did the next best thing…I figured, “Yankee…that’s what you were if you fought for the North in the Civil War, maybe Yankee Stadium is farthest north? And hm….Coney Island is near the water, maybe that is farthest south. Just flat out guessed on the others. Thought I’d have an aneurysm when the answers were read….bam…bam…bam…and bam. Really? WTF? I don’t even KNOW this stuff! Well, maybe the other team screwed it up and I won. Nope…tiebreaker time!
In what year was the book “Get Shorty” published? My guess was just six years off, MBLP’s guess was off by 17 years, so woot, I got it! Yes, a strange, strange night of trivia. But as I said…anything can happen on any given trivia night! That’s all for now, I’ll have the team in tow tonight at The Wurst Bar for a My Trivia Live game. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Alanis Morrissette!



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