Trivia Recap – Nov. 10, 2016 – Wurst Bar

We’re trying to come up with a punchy moniker for our four players who play trivia games Wednesday at The Wurst Bar. Fearsome foursome? Fantastic Four? Fab Four? Quizzical Quartet? Four Cephalopods of the Apocalypse? Yeah, we’ll work on that! Anyway, our “four” ‘Pods visited Wurst for the first game of the My Trivia Live season Wednesday – finished in first for the night and 71 cumulative points. We won a $30 gift card for making a correct guess about Sports Illustrated covers. Our players this time were myself (Heather), Mike, Brad and John. And the questions…
Round One
1. NFL – Which NFL helmet has no logo on it? 5
2. Games – Which chess piece is allowed to jump over other pieces? 3
3. TV – On “The Addams Family” TV show, what are the names of the two Addams children? Mike made me hand in the slip for this one since I was wearing a T-shirt with one of the kids on it. I zipped up my hoodie so as not to give any “hints” to other teams! 1
Round Two
1. Cartoons – Which Looney Tunes character is known as the fastest mouse in all of Mexico? 5
2. Authors – Who wrote “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” which was first published in 1841 and is widely recognized as the first detective novel? 3
3. Royalty – Who is next in line to the throne of England? 1 Bonus: How many children did Victoria and Albert have? Did not attempt the bonus (hint: boy did those two get busy…maybe stable boys lent some help here? 🙂 )
Round Three
1. Awards – Alan Mencken, Alfred Newman and John Williams have all won what type of Oscar? My first “solo” answer of the night (I was beginning to think I could just bail on these these guys, lol) 5
2. Cities – Which U.S. city was ceded to Spain in 1763, sold to France in 1900 and bought by the U.S. in 1803? John nails this for 3
3. Children’s Literature – What type of animal is Akela in “The Jungle Book,” who is the leader of those types of animals? A bit of hemming and hawing here, but Brad came up with the right guess for 1.
Halftime – Name the double word songs by the following artists.
1. The Archies
2. Paula Abdul
3. Thompson Twins
4. Neil Diamond
Brad and I teamed up here and got all 4. For #2, I had to plug my ears to remember this tune, which kind of made me feel bad because the host Stacy was playing a Bob Marley song I’d requested! Then I remembered a celebrity that Abdul was married to or dating at the time – which I’m SURE will be a question sometime down the line! Bets? 🙂
Halftime standings: Ten teams or so, we were in first with 37 points.
Round Five
1. Musicals – What 1950’s movie musical features the song Thank Heaven for Little Girls? 6
2. Mythology – In Greek mythology, who was the first woman created by the Gods? John for 4.
3. World Capitals – Addis Ababa is the capital of what African nation? I started writing down this answer before the host finished reading the question. Kind of like when we had that African capitals final question at Original Gravity last week. Love when these things happen!
Round Five
1. Cartoons – In what U.S. city did Bugs Bunny frequently regret not taking a left turn? 6
2. Musicals – In what musical would you find an animal named Skimbleshanks? John comes up with answer right away. This is the second question we’ve had about this musical in less than a week, we also had one at Oscar’s Grill in Saline Saturday. Reminds me of a “memory” (see what I did there?) from high school where the band had to take a field trip to Detroit to watch this on stage, because we were going to play selections from this musical in our marching band routine. Though I didn’t mind playing the songs, I wouldn’t mind getting that time back from watching that show! Plotless drivel, imho. A bunch of poems about (blank) turned into a musical? Someone thought it was a good idea, and I guess it made some money, but really, it just seemed like some sort of weird acid trip or something to watch. Even though I’ve never dropped acid…I’m totally convinced it would look like this stage production. And dear lord Cthulhu, I’m probably going to get these songs stuck in my head now! The horror…the horror! Oh, we knew this one…
3. TV – What is the name of the fictitious newspaper for which Carrie Bradshaw writes on “Sex and the City?” Our only miss (for 2) besides the bonus in the first half. Shakes fist!
Round Six
1. World History – Occurring in 1899-1901, in what country did the Boxer Rebellion take place? 6
2. Games – What two tiles in Scrabble are worth 10 points? 4
Movies – The world is not “what” according to a 1999 James Bond film? 2
We held onto our first place spot going into the final with 71 points. Final category: Magazines
Final: After football, baseball and basketball, what is the next most popular sport appearing on Sports Illustrated covers?
Came up with right guess, won $30. Woot! Nice start to the season, good teamwork all around. Until next time, which will tonight at Original Gravity Brewing Co., where we are in third place in the overall standings. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, all you Looney tunes characters who would be considered politically incorrect now! Seriously, were Speedy Gonzalez and Slowpoke Rodruiguez just metaphors for drugs (uppers, downers)? That is what I think about the Winnie the Pooh characters (it’s an obsession of mine – most of the animal characters are on different psychoactive drugs and Christopher Robin himself is on LSD because he sees talking animals). Anyone want to spend a day in my brain? I didn’t think so! Over ‘n out! Seriously, who is still reading at this point? Go read someone’s Facebook post about the recent election, it’s probably far more exciting! 🙂

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