Trivia Recap – Nov. 17, 2016 – Corner Brewery (Venue Tournament)

Here is the question set from the Sporcle Live venue tournament Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Congratulations to Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender and Cool People and Jeff for advancing to the league championship! And thanks Kevin for providing this question set…all commentary is from him. And I did not take time to edit this, but may do so later. In the meantime, here…we…go!
Round 11. Movie Characters
Mary Clarence, Mary Patrick, Mary Robert, and Mary Lazarus were all characters in which 1992 film?
(Right for 10, I think Dylan and Elizabeth were all over that one)

2. US Capital Cities
What capital city was named after a nearby river, which was named after the Catholic right of the Eucharist?
(Right for 9 after Kevin pulled this out, although the question isn’t worded that well) And then it starts going downhill

3. Terrible Songs
What 2005 Black Eyed Peas song (#3 on the Billboard Hot 100) was named worst song ever by Rolling Stone, The Guardian, and AV Club
(Wrong for 4) A few people had the right answer, but others thought that song came out later

4. Beer
What Belgian beer producted by Anheuser Busch used the slogan ‘reassuringly expensive’?
(Right for 8–Jessi and Elizabeth were all over that one)

5. College Basketball
What West Coast team has been to the NCAA tournament 29 times w/o making the Final Four, more than any other?
(Wrong for 2–we named the second place team on the list, with 19 straight times)

6. Human Body
What is the general term for the air-filled parts of the body named maxillary, frontal, ethmoidal, and sphenoidal?
(Right for 3–in hindsight, we should have gone higher)

7. Children’s Books
The controversial 2005 children’s book And Tango Makes Three is a true story about a family of what animals at the Central Park Zoo?
(Right for 1–Elizabeth pulled that one out of nowhere)

8. Slogans
What 21st century losing presidential candidate used the slogan Let America Be America Again?
(Right for 5–we had a few possibilities, but logic won out)

9. Vegetables
After potatoes and tomatoes, name one of the next two most-consumed vegetables by annual weight per capita in the USA. Nerd point–name both
(Right for 6, but we didn’t get the nerd point)

10. Talk Shows
In 2011 what talk show host revealed their biggest regret was bringing a wagon full of 67 pounds of animal fat on stage to indicate their recent weight loss?
(Wrong for 7, ouch–we did consider the right answer)

Mystery Round
(Same Title, Different Song)
Each song reached the Top 25 and none were covers of each other. Name the common song title between the two singers/groups.

1. Patsy Cline and Gnarles Barkley (the one easy answer)
2. Justin Bieber and Queen
3. Pat Benatar and Dionne Warwick
4. Green Day and Madonna

We only got #1 right. Ouch.

Final Wager Question #1

4 answers, need 2 (he was convinced by coworkers against giving us 2 answers and making us get 1 of the remaining two

Two men and two women have won Primetime Emmys for their work on Saturday Night Live. Name two of them.

We had one right immediately and wrote down the other three, highly considering one of them, but picked wrong. No team got it right.

Round 2

1. Cartoons
Hell Pass Hospital, Stark’s Ond, and Imaginationland are all locations in what animated show?
(Right for 10–Dylan was all over that one)

2. Cocktails
According to the International Bartenders Association, a Kamikaze is composed of equal parts of vodka, triple sec, and what fruit juice?
(Wrong for 4–Ennui is 0 for 2340923402 in cocktail questions in trivia. Maybe we need to do some group research)

3. Military
The largest naval base in the world is in which east coast state?
(Right for 3–Kevin knew it, but in hindsight we should have gone higher)

4. Co-Stars
Name one of the two theatrically-released films wtarring both Paul Newman and Robert Redford. Nerd point–name both.
(Right for 9–Brandon knew this right away, as he was a big fan)

5. Non-US Presidents
Ashraf Ghani and Hamid Karzai are the two most recent Presidents of which country?
(Wrong for 2–our current events weakness was exposed)

6. Restaurants
What Kansas City-based business is the highest-grossing US restaurant chain that is not fast food or quick service?
(Wrong for 1–we considered the right answer, but someone thought it was in Columbus, OH, so we discarded it)

7. Math Words
What 8 letter word is defined as one of the four regions on the Cartesian plane, as determined by the axes?
(Right for 8–Dylan knew right away)

8. Counties
What is the most common name for a US county not named after a President?
(Wrong for 5–we never considered the right answer)

9. Championships
What is the most recent Philadelphia sports team to win a Major 4 sport championship?
(Right for 7–not too hard for our sports guys)

10. #1 Songs
What #1 song from 1977 includes the lyrics ‘Because we’re living in a world of fools, breaking us down, when they all should let us be?
(Wrong for 6 – Ouch, I hate lyrics questons

Mystery Round #2–Countries with Two Borders

Name the only country that has land borders with the 2 countries listed. That country can’t have borders with any OTHER country.

1. China and India (they said we got it wrong, but later accepted our answer)

2. Finland and Norway

3. Argentina and Brazil

4. France and Spain

We got 1 through 3 right. Had I been paying better attention, we would had four.

Final Wager Question #2

Movie Firsts

In 2017 what black woman is scheduled to play the President of the USA in the live-action feature film, Crossbreed. This actress won the NAACP Image Award for 1-800-Missing ten years after winning the MVT Movie Award for Best Kiss.

No team got it right. We didn’t even think of her. I don’t know if ANY team actually considered her.

Low, low scores for the final. Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender and Cool People and Jeff tied for first with 95, and instead of a tiebreaker, they invited both to the finals. No team got a final question right!


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