Trivia Recap – Nov. 22, 2016 – Powell’s Pub

'Our "Dynamic Duo" visited @[296538773991:274:Powell's Pub] to hit up its @[302131201124:274:My Trivia Live] scene Monday, only to learn that...when battling the questions, we weren't "quite" that dynamic! We missed seven regular questions, and three of the "halftime" questions. But it turned out to be worth it to stick it out, and we wound up moving up from last place to third after the final question. Bill Murray in "Caddyshack" would call that a "Cinderella story." Now where did I leave that glass slipper? Am I even thinking of the right princess? Pumpkin chariot? Ruby slippers? My brain hurts... (ahem) and the questions... Round One 1. Math - What is the name for the distance measured around a shape? Miss for 5 2. Automobiles  - what subsidiary automobile  manufacturer made the Beretta from 1987 to 1996? Thought of correct answer after handing in wrong one....miss for 1. An "NPC" sitting a couple of seats down threw us off here, and, though attempting to "help" us, kept mentioning another car model repeatedly. Had I been able to focus on thinking of the right answer rather than politely trying to get him to shut up, I probably wouldn't have missed it.  3. Biology - What biological kingdom  do molds, yeast and mushrooms  belong to ?  3 Round Two 1. TV Hosts - what comedian succeeded  Jon Stewart  as the host of The Daily Show on Comedy Central ? 1, thought of guy's last name but mistakenly thought his last name was his first name. And I miss Jon Stewart hosting this show! 2. Oceans  - What three oceans coastlines  does Canada  border? 5 3. Cities - What city was previously called Bombay?  3 Round Three 1. Military  - In 1966, captured POW Jeremiah Denton sent a message about his treatment as a prisoner to his superiors in a taped TV interview using what word in Morse code? Nope, miss for 3. Never heard of this guy. 2. Internet - What domain registrar website was a NASCAR  sponsor and featured  Danica Patrick in its advertising? Yay one point! 3. Lyrics - The Beach Boys hit song "Kokomo" mentions what two islands first in the song? 5 Halftime - Identify the Pulitizer-prize winning novels made into movies based on the following clues 1. Written 1998, author Michael Cunningham, film 2002 starring Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep 2. Written 1987 by Toni Morrison, film 1998 starring Oprah Winfrey and Danny Glover 3. Written 2006 by Cormac McCarthy, film 2009 starring Guy Pearce and Charlize Theron 4. Written 1946 by Robert Penn Warren, film 2006 starring Sean Penn and Jude Law Missed 1, 3, and 4.  Standings: We were in last with 19 points going into the second half among eight teams, with team Trump in first with 31. Round Four 1. Movies - In what film does Humphrey Bogart play a character named Charlie Allnut? 6 2. Authors - Attorney Mark Lane Warren has written many books about what assassinated U.S. president? Probably not helpful here that we named all three U.S. presidents who were offed by someone in office, since we completely overthought it. Miss for 2 3. Authors - Tatiana, Oberon and Puck are characters in what Shakespeare play? 4 Round Five 1. Organizations - NATO is headquartered in what country? Miss for 4. 2. Cruise Ships - What was the name of the Italian cruise ship hijacked by Palestinian terrorists in 1986? My notes are fuzzy on what year this happened, but drew a blank here and guessed "Mussolini Queen." Miss for 2. 3. Documentaries - Melissa Etheridge won an Academy Award for her song "I Need to Wake Up," which was featured in what 2006 film? Miss for 6. Whole...round...sucked! Round Six 1. Inventors - Theophilus Van Kannel was famous for inventing what in 1888, which is often found in office buildings and department stores? 2 2. Colors - Chartreuse is mainly a mix of what two colors? 6 3. Movies - "Blue Chips" and "The Air Up There" are both films about what sport? 4 Standings: Last place for us again heading into the final with 41 points, top score was Ham Wallets with 61 points.  Final Category - Production Located in Asian, what nation leads the world in the growth of poppy flowers, producing more than any other nation in the world? Mike knew this one instantly, and had that "This isn't going to be discussed, let's just write the answer and turn it in" vibe going on. And...(drum roll) We finished in third with 82 points, winning $10! Way to take a shitty game's taste out of our mouths! Until next time, which will be Wednesday at @[282357178481266:274:The Wurst Bar], with some family members (hopefully) accompanying us. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you Palestinian terrorists!'

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