Trivia Recap – Nov. 4, 2016 – Original Gravity

It’s been an interesting season at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan, MI. I started the Sporcle Live season here back in August with four consecutive solo games, then as competition started heating up a bit, I began adding some other ‘Pods (and in one case, family members) to the equation in what started out essentially as a battle for “third” place. After 12 games, the ‘Pods remain in third place here, with that being unlikely to change – unless some very, very bizarre things happen. Hasn’t been a bad season, our average score has been 113 points per night, with five of those games fielded by just one player, and one game missed for illness. The spirited competition with the veteran trivia team More Beer Less Pants has made it enjoyable, and the competition between our teams Thursday night couldn’t have been more heated! Just two points divided our teams at the end – us finishing with 160 points (second place for the night), them finishing with 162 (first for the night). Clearly this game could have gone either way at any turn. Oh had we not blown five points on that OPEC question! Curse you, oil “producing” countries! Curse you! Now to go buy an electric car! Ha ha, joke’s on you – where I’m going, I won’t NEED gas! Or an oil change! Just an electrical outlet every now and then, right? Ahem… ‘Pods in attendance this time were myself (Heather), Mike, Brad and John, who usually play Wednesdays at The Wurst Bar, but were clearly more needed in battle here (bye week for My Trivia Live)! And about that trivia battle…read on!
Game One
1. Games – Also known as “Forcing the City Gates” and “Octopus Tag,” what children’s game involves two lines of players holding hands and a runner attempting to break the ranks? I played this game as a kid and surprisingly never dislocated any joints as a result…And I have never heard this game called “forcing the city gates” or “octopus tag.” But then, I grew up in a rural area, we weren’t too sophisticated! 10
2. Banned Movies – What 2003 comedy film was banned in Egypt and Malaysia because of its portrayal of God as a normal person? 9
3. News Headlines – On Oct. 28, 2016, a Boeing 767 – which was part of what airline’s fleet – caught fire on the runway at O’Hare Airport in Chicago? Good guess for 1.
4. National Monuments – In which U.S. state is Montezuma Castle National Monument located? One of only two misses for this round for 2.
5. Slogans – What product “does a body good” according to advertising slogans? This one was a groaner…8
6. Cover Songs – What number one song by Dolly Parton was been covered by the White Stripes and Olivia Newton-John? And John showed up precisely in time to nail this one (not the first time this sort of thing has happened with him on trivia nights), got this for 3.
7. College Football – Which school is ranked #1 on the AP College Football Poll? I’m pretty sure there was more to this question…Brad got this for 4.
8. Current TV – In 2016, what TV series based on a 1973 film of the same name debuted – which was written and directed by writer Michael Crichton? For extra “nerd” bonus, on what network does this show air? John nails both for 7.
9. Research Tools – What is the more common term for the anthropomorphic full scale test devices which were first used in 1949 under contract by the Air Force? 5
10. Colorful Names – What is the shared “colorful” last name of the author of “Paper Towns” and a co-creator of “Robot Chicken?” 6
Mystery – M and M – Each correct response will be two words beginning with M
1. Title character played by both Mel Gibson and Tom Hardy
2. Dungeons & Dragons guide with detailed creature information
3. Gold medal Olympian known for her “not impressed” face at the 2012 Olympics
4. Political movement prominent in the 1980s founded by Jerry Falwell
Missed #3. And thank you Sporcle for question #2, which allowed some players to proudly raise their “nerd” flags! 🙂
Standings – Twelve teams, scores 29 to 63 with Green and White in the top spot. We were in second with 63, just one point ahead of MBLP.
Final Category – ’80s Film Actors
What actor made credited appearances in both the highest grossing film of 1980 AND the highest grossing film of 1981?
Here we thought this one was TOO easy. But host Michelangelo – Sporcle Live MC said some teams wrote down “I wasn’t even born yet” in their responses. Really? Is that an excuse to not know about iconic films? Then maybe I should forget all about films like “Gone With the Wind,” “On the Waterfront,” “West Side Story,” “Lawrence of Arabia….” Seriously though, I do need to study up on some of these “older” films. Especially James Dean films, wink-wink!
Final standings: MBLP, 82; MUFC, 83. Razor-thin lead! What will happen next game? Read on, if you dare!
Game Two
1. Sandwiches – What sandwich is traditionally made from peanut butter and marshmallow fluff and served on white bread? My parents had a cat named Ginger (aka Stampy, which used to be my FB handle as a memorial to that wonderful polydactyl cat until FB made me change it to something more “realistic”), whom I sometimes would call by this trivia question answer, because that’s what he looked like. Though I have never eaten one of these. Nor do I want to…ick. Maybe if it were made with Nutella… 10 points.
2. Museums – What European art museum features a large glass and metal pyramid in its courtyard? And we were worried when we heard this category…9
3. Disco – What group had hits with the songs “Get Down Tonight,” “Boogie Shoes” and “That’s the Way (I Like It)?” And to think Mike had the gall to ask if I was “sure” on this one…(blows raspberry). Silly boy! 8.
4. World Series – Before this question was read, Brad was saying, “This is going to be tough…this is such a HUGE category” I was having none of that! I said, “No, Brad, this is going to be one of those questions that makes you say, ‘that’s easy.’ And you’re going to nail it.” Then we talked about our players’ individual “tells” when we know answers for sure – John – he says “Oh God…” Me: “Oooh…I know this” (either that or I just take the highest slip from Mike’s hands). Mike? He just writes down the answer and hands it in without saying anything. Brad? He says, “That’s easy.” And nothing could sound more beautiful on a trivia night than Brad saying this (really, you have to be there). The question: “Prior to 2015, the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians won the World Series in 1908 and 1948 respectively. Name one of the two teams defeated in either of these championships, name both for an extra “nerd” bonus.” And we got one for 2.
5. Film Resumes – Who has played a Starship Trooper, a Wild Thing and a Bond girl? 7
6. Elements – What element used the single letter “A” until it was changed in 1957? 6
7. Sitcoms – Audio clue of theme song from TV show starring Jenna Elfman that we may have watched 1-2 times before realizing it was crap. Obviously we did not watch it enough to remember its theme song. Miss for 1.
8. Energy – What does the “P” stand for in OPEC? Miss for 5, though the right answer was one of our options (beats head against the table). Uh, another beer? 🙂
9. Brand Names – Launched in 1891 and originally selling soap and baking powder, what company is the world’s largest producer of chewing gum? 4
10. Sickness – What is the more common name of the A/H5N1 virus? 3
Mystery – Got them all (thanks mainly to every person on the team but me, lol).
Standings – Ten teams, scores 29(?) to 60 with MBLP in first. We were in third with 57 points.
Final Category – World Capitals
In 1991, Abuja became the new capital of what is currently one of the ten most populous countries in the world. What city did it replace as capital? The city that was replaced is the most populous in its country.
And I started to write down my answer before he even finished reading the question…(this does not happen very often)
Final standings: MUFC, 77; MBLP, 80. Until next time, which will be the YpsiAlehouse Sunday, or possibly another show before then…(only Cthulhu knows for sure). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you malfunctioning robots in “Westworld!” And no, I do not have “fear of a bot planet, Mike!”

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