Trivia Recap – Nov. 6, 2016 – Oscar’s Sports Grill

Two ‘Pods visited Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline for a Sporcle Live trivia fix Saturday, mainly because our team’s recap writer was scheduled to work today (oh the humanity), and because we’re seeing a movie tonight! So excited!!! Anyway… Heather (myself) and Mike didn’t win any gift cards this time, but man oh man…getting that hockey arenas question correct? Even for just one point? Priceless…Here’s the question set, provided (or rather lifted) from Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz, a Toledo trivia team. We finished with 106 points for the night, wagered cautiously on both final questions.
Game One
1. Technology: What video conferencing application was acquired by Microsoft in May 2011 for $8.5 billion? Good guess for 3.
2. Candy: “The juice is loose” was a 1990s ad slogan for what brand of fruit flavored candy? 9
3. Broadway Musicals: What musical, that debuted on Broadway in 1982, features the songs “The Moments of Happiness” and “Memory?” Was going to go ballsy on this one, but was not sold on the first song being in that musical – or 100 percent on the year it came out, but we got this for 5.
4. NBA: How many seconds are on the shot clock in the NBA? Miss for 2 (nice try, Mike).
5. World Leaders: In 1969, Golda Meir became the first female prime minister of what country? 10
6. Rock Bands: What rock band appeared in the movie Back to the Future Part III playing a hillbilly version of their song “Double Back?” Bonus: in what state did this band form? Got this for 9, missed the bonus.
7. Video Games: Which member of the New England Patriots appears on the cover of Madden NFL 17? Really? That team has another player besides Tom Brady? Who knew? 😉 Apparently, not us, lol, miss for 1.
8. Rivers: What river, the third longest in Italy, flows through Rome on its way to the Tyrrhenian Sea? We joked that the “real” name of this sea is the “Tyrannosaurus Sea,” but it was changed so that people wouldn’t be scared to take their boats out in it or swim in it. However, the Tyrannosaurs are still there, which explains the lighthouses, which of course, help scare them off (they don’t like the bright lights). Yes, we occasionally have some strange conversations on trivia nights (and other nights, too). Oh yeah, got this for 7 (thank you Sporcle for providing this as our “hint” question for the night).
9. Chemistry: Which type of first generation subatomic particle is found in a valence shell: proton, neutron, electron, or quark?
This one was all Mike…got this for 4 (we did not have multiple choice options).
10. Celebrity Fashion Lines: What Grey’s Anatomy star released a line of colored medical scrubs that were available for only 30 days in 2007?
Uh, nope…miss for 6.
Mystery Round: Anagrams – Top 10 grossing films at the US box office in the 1990s.
1. 1994 – LIKE NOTHING
3. 1997 – BLANK MINCE
Mike and I “teamed up” in our normal manner for these types of rounds – I started writing names of high-grossing movies from that time, he wrote down the question clues. Got all of these, but #3 was a bit dicey!
Heading into the final:
Eight teams in contention, top team whose name/people I did not recognize were in first with 65 points. Our team and one other had a scoring discrepancy, which took a few minutes to iron out. However, the host sped ahead to the final question before ours and at least one other team had a chance to take a little time to decide upon our wagers, or give other teams time to alter their wagers accordingly after the scores had changed. So I hurriedly decided to do a “strategic” wager of 8 instead of zero like Mike wanted to do (which did not please him AT ALL). And the low-ball wager didn’t help in this case, as at least three teams got it (ours not being one of them).
Final Category: Legal History
Final Question: “Loving Day,” an unofficial holiday celebrated annually on June 12th, commemorates a Supreme Court decision handed down in what decade?
Go Blue, 76; Go Cubs go, 79, final standings.
Game Two
1. Measurements: One gross is equal to how many dozens? 10
2. 90s Lyrics: What group had a hit in 1992 with a song that opened with the lyrics “At home drawing pictures of mountaintops with him on top?” 9
3. NHL Teams: Which NHL team plays its home games at Rogers Arena, formerly known as General Motors Place?
The Toledo venue where Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz played had a clue about where this team was located geographically, but our bar did not have this clue. I sat there trying to think of what city might have had a strong enough GM stronghold to have formerly had an arena with their name there. And for some strange reason, my mind went to the very region where the Toledo teams had the “hint.” I hastily wrote down a team name, after eliminating a few others from that area just as the host was calling for the slips. Then he says “Only one team got this one correct.” Yep. This was our game “moment.” But only for 1…Woot?
4. Comic Book Characters: What is the name of the fictional metal alloy bonded to the skeleton of the Marvel Comics superhero Wolverine? And another very goofy conversation started here, about the origin of this metal’s name, which is of course derived from a early ’80s new wave artist known for the hit song “Goody Two-Shoes.” I mean – what else could possibly explain how this metal got its name? Yeah, yeah, X-Men came out in the ’60s, this artist recorded in the ’80s. We never said that all of our conversations make sense, did we? Got this for 8.
5. US Presidents: After FDR’s New Deal, what is the name of the domestic policy agenda presented by Harry Truman to Congress in a 21 point program in September 1945? Close but no cigar, miss for 3.
6. Comedies: Audio clip of a man who is frustrated that a school is entirely too small for people to enter. It needed to be at least three times larger. We were worried this would be from the sequel instead of the original movie, but got it for 7.
7. Mathematics: In trigonometry, what value, abbreviated cot, is equal to the length of the adjacent side of an angle divided by the length of its opposite side? I would say “nice work, Mike (he would have been the “ranking” mathematician on this night),” but in reality, we overheard someone from another team say the answer, which turned out to be right, got it for 4.
8. Cooking Terms: What French word beginning with the letter F refers to a dish of pieces of meat such as chicken or vegetables stewed in a stock and served with a white sauce? Who says watching “Bugs Bunny” can’t teach you stuff you need to know on trivia nights? Seriously, this is how I knew this, I remembered someone talking about this in one of the shorts as a way to eat rabbit, 6 points.
9. Cartoons: In Dexter’s Laboratory, what is the name of Dexter’s hyperactive older sister? Bonus: what color gloves does Dexter usually wear? Five points, but missed the bonus.
10. Asian Cities: Before 1976, Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam was known by what name? 2 missed 1 and 2.
Heading into the final:
Only four teams game two, top two teams with 56 points.
Final Category: Long Running TV
Final Question: Four television soap operas have aired for more than fifty years each on American networks. Name three of them. Our bar only had to name two, we came up with one of them.
Unsure when we’ll be back in the trivia saddle…Wednesday for sure at The Wurst Bar for our “regular” trivia night with our “Fearsome Foursome.” Does that sound kind of super-heroish? Meh…As always, stay classy, Adam Ant, and Go Pods!


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