Best TV Theme Songs!


There was an audio clue question involving the theme song to the ’80s TV series “Dynasty” in a trivia game Wednesday. The woman pictured is actress Heather Locklear, who was, arguably, comic relief on that series, playing the hick character “Sami Jo.” They always seemed to show her eating really, really fattening foods, such as cheeseburgers, and in this case, a corn dog. Nothing inappropriate about this image, is there? 🙂What better time to do a post about our favorite TV theme songs of all time? NOTE: This list is by NO means all-inclusive! There are plenty of good theme songs not on this list that deserve to be here! We’d also like others to chime in with their favorites as well!
In no particular order, here’s our favorite TV theme songs (which are probably all listen-able on YouTube:)
1. “MASH,”, aka “Suicide is Painless.” Nice blend of wistfulness and hopefulness melded with a nice acoustic guitar riff melding into a tune with a nice “catch” to it.
2. Rockford Files – Can’t say I ever watched this show, but this theme song to the James Garner hit TV series is pretty good! Very “electronic” theme that sounds like it mainly uses keyboards.
3. Sanford and Son – This one was written by QUINCY JONES. Yes, the guy who produced Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album. Which kind of makes him the “Fifth Beatle,” if you will. Epitomizes this series nicely with an “urban” sensibility. And Quincy Jones is comedian/actress Rashida Jones’ dad.
4. “Dynasty” – They obviously recruited an entire ORCHESTRA to do this theme song composed by Bill Conti! Nice trumpet solo throughout, though it could also be flugelhorn (my ears are well trained in recognizing musical instruments, but this is some deep music nerd stuff, it could very well be flugelhorn). Very majestic. And far superior to the theme from “Dallas,” which does not make our list. Sorry, Larry Hagman!
5. “Battlestar Galactica.” Very orchestral and space-y. Nice to hear on a good car stereo when you’re accelerating onto a freeway.
6. “Murder, She Wrote.” Nice piano piece, kind of reminiscent in its style, appropriately enough of fingers tapping on an old-school typewriter. And why this little town could afford to have a murder a week without arousing the suspicions of the FBI, I’ll never know!
7. “Newhart.” Composed by the great composer Henry Mancini, who also composed themes for “The Pink Panther,” “Peter Gunn,” “Ripley’s Believe it or Not” and “Remington Steele.” Another “orchestral” theme song, fits in nicely with the bucolic “bed and breakfast” theme of the series.
That’s it for our picks (for now). What are your favorite TV theme songs?

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