Trivia Recap – Jan. 15, 2017 – Oscar’s Sports Grille

Our “Gruesome Twosome” of ‘Pods visited Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline for a helping of Sporcle Live trivia. OK, so we’re not technically “that” gruesome, but there really aren’t that many words that rhyme with “twosome.” Maybe use the phrase “Wild Pair” instead?” That was the name of the singers who sang in the “Opposites Attract” duet with Paula Abdul in 1988. Remember that video with the annoying hip cartoon cat? Yes, that one! But enough ’80s music reminiscing! Without burying the lede, we managed to get our first final question correct since Jan. 4! And how about those other questions, too?
Game One
1. Late Night TV – What late-night host has a segment called “mean tweets?” Nope, neither of us ever watch late-night talk shows, miss for 2.
2. Quarterbacks – After 16 seasons with the Green Bay Packers, what NFL team did Brett Favre move to in 2008? We managed to pick the other team he briefly moved to, miss for 1.
3. Advertising – Which brand of soft drink have Cindy Crawford and David Beckham whored themselves out for? This is NOT exactly how the question was worded, but let’s face it, money talks, and sex sells, people! 10
4. Band Names – What American rock band that found commercial success in the 1970s shares its name with a Greek mythological river that forms the boundary between Earth and the Underworld? 9
5. Book to Movie – What Bret Easton Ellis book was turned into a movie starring Christian Bale? I tried reading one of his other books, I would rate it a “less than zero.” Whiny drugged-up, spoiled preppy kids…maybe it just didn’t speak to me. Got this for 8, this is one of our favorite movies! Even if the blood/gore isn’t your bag, the ’80s music commentary is fantastic! What could be better than watching a super yuppie commenting upon Whitney Houston songs while he’s watching two coked-up hookers make out on a sofa in posh Manhattan apartment? How about him (in a clear raincoat) commenting upon Huey Lewis and the News just before hacking up a fellow yuppie atop the New York Times style section, which he’s laid out painstakingly on the floor? There, now you don’t need to see the movie, lol! Well, there is also the business card scene from the movie, too. I was so torn about which image to use with this recap, there are so many good ones!
6. Earth SCIENCE! – Human activities have damaged what region of earth’s stratosphere? I still have some residual guilt over using so much Aqua Net hairspray in high school…7
7. Presidents – Name one of the two 20th Century presidents who self identified as Quakers? Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus, we were only one president off in guessing the second president, but got the points for 6.
8. Computers – Although it’s sometimes listed as 1K, what is the more accurate number representing one gigabyte? Mike steps in for 3.
9. Beer – Land Shark Lager became the signature beer for what singer-songwriter who has their own chain of restaurants? Good thing we didn’t “waste away” those points, got it for 5.
10. Fans – A “brony” is an older adult male fan of what TV show and line of toys? I don’t know why Mike knew this one…and I’m still disturbed that this term exists. And here I thought furries were awful! Color me DISTURBED…4.
Mystery – Crosswords
1. Five letters – first name of oldest daughter played by two different actresses on “Roseanne.”
2. Five letters – country that borders Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey and Iraq
3. Eight letters – Chemical element with the atomic symbol Ti
4. Four letters – Last name of brothers who formed the Bee Gees
Missed #1, though we really, really tried to think of her name!
Scores – Eight teams, scores 39 to 63, with us playing under the name Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Squid in first. Kimberly‘s team Sparty On was behind us a couple of spots with 60 points.
Final Category – Speeches
On April 3, 1964, at Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, OH, who delivered what has come to be known as “The Ballot or the Bullet” speech?
Mike came up with this answer right away…
Final Standings: Team #3, ???; ‘Pods, 82.
Game Two
1. Mythbusters – In addition to busted and comfirmed, what is the third designation given to theories tested on the reality TV show “Mythbusters?” Miss for 1.
2. Games – Traditionally, what color is the #6 solid ball in billiards? And for nerd bonus, what number is the same color in stripes? It’s too bad Fast Eddie turned down our invitation to come out to our trivia game, lol…miss for 2.
3. Action Movies – In the 1991 action comedy film “Hudson Hawk” starring Bruce Willis, there are rogue CIA agents who use the names of what as their nicknames? Cars, Muppets, planets, or candy bars? Mike actually remembered this bit from this awful, awful film. Only scene I remember is Sandra Bernhard badly singing that C&C Music Factory song, “I’ve Got the Power.”
4. Astronauts – Within three, how old was Neil Armstrong when he first took his walk on the moon? Wise hedging of bets by Mike here, got this for 3.
5. Cars – What car company has used the slogan “Everything we do is driven by you?” We “thought” this was the FB clue but were not 100 percent certain, so went only 4.
6. Grammy-Winning Songs – Audio clip of 8-bit version of 2013 song, nope, miss for 5.
7. Appetizers – Which Italian appetizer is traditionally made with bread, garlic, olive oil and tomatoes? 9
8. Athlete Nicknames – What boxer, a gold medalist in the 1992 Summer Olympics, was known by his nickname “The Golden Boy?” miss for 6.
9. Economics – What does GDP stand for? 8
10. War History – In what war did Joan of Arc lead the French Army? 7.
Visual Mystery – Missed #1 though almost had it, we were thrown by the beard.
Scores – Did not write down all of the scores…we were in third with 47, Sparty On was in fourth with 42 going into the final.
Named for a character in Greek mythology, what is the name of the first cervical vertebrae, which supports the skull?
We know the regions of vertebrae have names, but did not know the individual vertebrae have names. What are the others? George? Ralph? Randy? Yes, we missed this…
Congrats to Sparty On for getting this correct and finishing second place, and The Compound for finishing first, and also first for the night. Until next time, which is…a “special engagement” Tuesday! Or possibly a Monday game if Mike feels like going out (I leave Monday nights up to him – see, I don’t drag him to ALL of the trivia games, just for the record!). As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Richard Nixon! Did you forget you used to be a Quaker when you used your poker winnings to fund your political campaigns? Awesome…would be sweet to go back in time to watch our former presidents playing poker, wouldn’t it? Nixon was supposedly the best!

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