Trivia Recap – Feb. 3, 2017 – Sticks

It was starting to get discouraging. Four consecutive weeks of winning no prizes, three consecutive weeks of getting NO final questions correct. Thursday night that all changed at Stick’s for our weekly Sporcle With Tim outing, with us scoring 161 points for the night and one first place/$15 prize. A whopping four players ventured out on this cold evening – myself (Heather), Mike, Brad and John. The trivia gods were kind to us, with an easy presidents final question, a planets visual round and…well, you’ll just have to read on to find out what the rest of the questions were like!
Game One
1. Food – What makes up a vast majority of a giant panda’s diet in the wild? 10
2. 2000s Products – What colorfully named line of accessories, clothing and cosmetics was launched by Victoria’s Secret in 2002? “Isn’t she…pretty in (blank).” Sounds better coming out of the Psychedelic Furs. Got this for 9.
3. Musical Artists – What is the stage name of Colleen Fitzpatrick, whose biggest hits were “Smile” in 1999 and “Graduation (Friends Forever),” which Tim played as an audio clue. Clearly we were lacking in millennials on our team at this moment, none of us had heard of this person or ever heard this song. Miss for 1.
4. 20th Century Film – F. Murray Abraham won an Academy Award for playing a character in what 1984 film about a classical composer? 8.
5. Sports Champions – Name two of the other teams the New England Patriots defeated in the Super Bowl besides the Seattle Seahawks. Miss for 2.
6. British Writings – How many different ghosts visit Ebenezer Scrooge in “A Christmas Carol?” 7. I have an idea for a modern take on this story involving a greedy record company executive in place of the Scrooge character. And he gets visited by the ghost of Bob Marley – and winds up smoking weed with him, and then he gets so chill that the other ghosts don’t end up having to visit him. Needs a bit of fleshing out, though!
7. Big Things – Built in Dubai in 2010, what is is the name of the tallest building in the world, at 2,717 feet? 6.
8. 20th Century TV – The bar owner on Deep Space Nine shares his name with what subatomic particle? For an extra “nerd” bonus, what race is this person? Got both for 5.
9. Humans – Where on the human body would you find the sciatic nerve? And just when Tim was reading the multiple choice answers on this? Some loudmouthed idiot blurted out the answer. So we got this question instead…
9. Short Stories – In the Edgar Allen Poe short story “The Murders at the Rue Morgue,” what type of animal turns out to be the murderer? Brad for the points here for 4. Bet some of the other teams wished we’d had the original question instead! Seriously, how did you know that one, Brad?
10. From the Classics – What Greek mythological figure drowned in the sea after his wax wings melted from flying too close to the sun? 3.
Mystery – Add ’em Up – The sum of the numbers will add up to a perfect square.
1. Number in the name most closely associated with the band Ben Folds
2. Number of dresses in title of Katherine Heigl movie
3. Jersey number retired by the Boston Celtics in honor of Larry Bird
4. Legal drinking age in Germany, Belgium and Switzerland
Missed #2 and #4.
Scores – Twelve teams, scores ??? to 66. We were in fourth with 60, behind Northern Watch, Trump 2020 – Make America Great Again and Obey the Pig.
Final Category – Presidents
Two U.S. presidents have graduated from the United States Military Academy at West Point. Name both of them.
Got it, but so did two teams ahead of us, finished in third, just shy of the money zone 😦
Game Two
1. Food – Which of the following candy bars does not contain peanuts? Take 5, O Henry, Baby Ruth or 100 Grand? For an extra “nerd” bonus, what color is this candy’s wrapper? 10
2. 2000s Products – Among the Wii, X Box and Playstation 3, which one was released first, in 2005, ahead of the others? Miss for 1.
3. Musical Artists – Audio clue of “lounge” version of a 1983 song, had to identify the song’s original artist. As soon as I heard the year “1983,” I said, “Give me that big points slip, Mike.” This was around the time when I used to write down the Billboard Top 40 songs every week. #dork Got this for 9.
4. 20th Century Film – What 1997 film starring Neil Patrick Harris and Denise Richards was based on a 1959 Robert Heinlein novel of the same name? 8
5. Sports Champions – Outfielder and First Baseman Joe Carter helped win the World Series for which MLB team in 1993? Miss for 2.
6. British Writings – In 2017, Claire Hollingworth died at the age of 105. She was known for being the first journalist to cover the events of what war? 3
7. Big Things – What large desert covers most of North Africa? 7
8. 20th Century TV – Who served as host of Classic Concentration from 1987 to 1991? FB clue, 6
9. Humans – What human was ranked second behind Bill Gates on Forbes’ list of most wealthy people from 2001 to 2007? A bit of debate, but got this for 4.
10. From the Classics – What seven-letter Latin word describes the base or frame of a motor vehicle? 5
Mystery – Got all of these (Mike was the superstar here. See what I did there?)
Scores – Eight teams, scores 38 to 61, with us and Trump 2020 sharing the first place spot. At this point I was actually kind of hoping for a tiebreaker, but alas, that was not to be…
Category – Counties
San Bernardino County in California is the largest in the U.S. according to total area. Each of the next six largest counties by total area is located in one of two Western U.S. states that share a border. Name one of those states. We also had the hint that the states do not border Canada.
Got it. Top teams, Fallopian Swim Team, 73; ‘Pods, 81. Until next time, which might be tonight, weather permitting. Check in with us again Saturday for a possible game recap! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you murderous orangutan! Bad ape! Bad ape!

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