Trivia Recap – Feb. 5, 2017 – Oscar’s (Saline)

My “trivia pardner” Mike wasn’t even supposed to be in town this weekend. But since he skipped out on a weekend-long Super Bowl party, he and I decided to hit up Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline for a Sporcle Live fix on Saturday. We finished in second overall, just one point behind first place finisher One is the Loneliest Number. We won a $10 gift card in game one, but blew the final in game two – as did every other team in the bar. The crowds were lighter than usual this night, perhaps the calm before the Super Bowl storm? Thanks to Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz for typing up the questions. I had to work at 6 a.m. today, so forgive my laziness! 🙂
Game One
1. Beverages: What brand of beverage was first introduced in 1965 after development at the University of Florida?
2. Cartoon Animals: What is the name of Garfield’s dog companion in the comic strip written by Jim Davis? Bonus: what is the first and last name of Garfield’s owner? Missed the bonus.
3. Court Cases: Which US Supreme Court case overturned Plessy v. Ferguson and required that public schools be desegregated?
4. Elements: Which element’s two letter symbol is the same as the postal abbreviation for the state with a capital city of Little Rock?
5. Parodies: Weird Al Yankovic’s song “Perform This Way” is a parody of a 2011 song by what artist?
6. NHL: From 1942 until 1970, the only Canadian teams in the NHL were the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens. What Canadian team began play in 1970 to bring the total of Canadian teams to three? Miss.
7. Nicknames: Due to his perennial youthful appearance, what radio and TV personality who passed away in 2012 was known as America’s Oldest Teenager?
8. Neighborhoods: What US city contains a historic neighborhood known as Dupont Circle? Miss.
9. Modeling: Early in his career, actor Mark Wahlberg appeared in TV and print ads for what brand of underwear? Pardon me while I daydream, lol…
10. Minerals: Topaz is a mineral that is the birthstone of which month? Miss, off by one month on this.
Mystery Round: Quickfire
Other than Steve Urkel, give the first names of the four characters that appeared in at least 200 episodes of the sitcom Family Matters.
Neither of us have ever watched a SINGLE episode of that show. Blew the whole round…ick!
Heading into the final:
Seven teams, scores 40 to 58, with Manhattan Project in first. We were tied for third with 52 with The Duo. We were playing under the name Billy the Squid Gang.
Final Category: Agriculture
Final Question: Five countries produced more than one million metric tons of cotton each in 2016. Name THREE of those countries.
Got it and bet 20…
Final Standings: ‘Pods, 72; Manhattan Project, 76.
Game Two
1. Planes: What Memphis-based company operates the world’s largest cargo air fleet consisting of more than 650 planes?
Re-racked with success here.
2. Racing: After Lance Armstrong won the Tour de France in 2005, the next four years in a row saw winners from the same European country. What is this country?
3. Tribes: Which Native American tribal nation was historically made up of tribes called Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota, separated by their language groups?
4. Prescription Drugs: What pharmaceutical company manufactures Viagra? Bonus: within two, in what year was Viagra first made available to the public? Missed the bonus by four years.
5. Political Groups: What nonpartisan political organization founded by Carrie Chatman Catt in 1920 is abbreviated LWV?
6. Broadway: Audio clip of Frank Sinatra singing “Luck Be a Lady.” Identify the musical the song is from. Got this for low points, Mike said to me, “Good, you get to keep your ‘woman card.'” Uh, yay? 🙂
**Extra trivia note provided by Spaceballs: Sinatra is in the film version of this musical, but Marlon Brando plays the role that sings this song.
7. Slogans: Which company uses the slogan “Because so much is riding on your tires?”
8. After SNL: Former SNL cast member Jon Lovitz voiced the character of Jay Sherman, the protagonist of what short lived animated TV program? Loved that show. And did you know the actress Doris Grau, who played “Lunchlady Doris” in early “Simpsons” episodes was also in the cast of this show?
9. Universities: Which of the following universities is furthest west: Temple, Duquesne, DePaul, or Ball State? Neither of knew where any of these were, we needed our “sports” guy Brad for this one.
10. Stocks: Under what single letter ticker symbol does AT&T trade on the New York Stock Exchange? Overthought and went too old-school, miss.
Visual: Missed #1 and #4. Dang it, only saw that #4 movie once, clearly not enough to remember that stupid outfit Michael Cera is wearing. What’s up with that headband, anyway?
Heading into the final:
Six teams, scores 39 to 58, with No Scrubs in first.
Final Category: TV Theme Songs
Final Question: Although lyrics do exist for the tune, what classic TV sitcom used an instrumental arrangement of a song titled “The Toy Parade” as its theme?
No teams got this, though lots of interesting guesses, the most interesting ones being “The Office” and “The A-Team.” Guess this might be what younger players would call “Classic TV.” #asificouldnotfeelanyolderthanidonow Final scores: One is the Loneliest Number, 36 and ???, who wagered zero, 39. Until next time, which “may” be Tuesday (weather permitting). We’ll be taking Monday off from trivia because of a visiting friend. Unless he wants to play…and if he does? Well, twist my arm! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ward Cleaver! Don’t be so hard on the Beaver!

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