Trivia Recap – Feb. 8, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

It’s been a strange, strange trivia season for the ‘Pods. First off, we decided to not use the “barhop” route to the Sporcle Live league championship this season and try qualifying by playing the same place every week. Turns out we’re not doing so hot at the place we targeted for qualifying. And we’re playing pretty well at a “just for fun” trivia spot in a different league division. And to make things even stranger? We’ve wound up in the barhop standings! We’re in the fifth place spot as of this writing, and still plan to try the “qualifying” route, even if it means we fail. Failure builds character, right? Two of us played Tuesday at Johnny’s Grill in Belleville, finished first for the night and won a $20 gift card in game two. And this isn’t even the spot we’re trying to use to qualify for finals! We’ll probably just play the minimum games to qualify for the venue tournament here anyway, because why not? Just four more games to go, right? Venue tournament time is always fun to at least be a “spectator” and have a front-row seat to see what teams get the tournament spots. We’re convinced our dark watery overlord Cthulhu has some kind of plan for us. He must, right? And here are the questions…
Game One
1. Current Movies – The latest sequel to what 2002 horror film had been slated for a 2015 release but was pushed back three times before finally being released on Feb. 3, 2017? Before you die you see…10.
2. Alcohol – What flavor of Schnapp’s is Goldschager, which has flakes of gold in it? John used to drink a LOT Of this stuff in college…9
3. Team Nicknames – Which Eastern Conference NBA team uses the same nickname as the University of Viriginia? Hornets, Cavaliers, Hawks, or Bulls? Miss for 1.
4. Marvel Heroes – Which Marvel superhero has battled villains named the Chameleon, Rhino, Scorpion and Vulture? Mike all over this for 8.
5. Capitals – Islamabad is the capital of what Asian country? And for “nerd” point, what other color is on the flag besides white? Got this for 7 plus the bonus.
6. Reality TV – What reality TV series takes its name from the symbolic figure in George Orwell’s “1984?” Yup, we get a reality TV question for max points (yet another strange occurrence), 6
7. Planets – Which planet in our solar system has moons named Rhea, Titan and Prometheus? 5
8. Country Music – What country music artist was only 13 when her hit song “Blue” was released in 1996 and became a hit? Miss for 2.
9. Microsoft – What computer video game was purchased by Microsoft in 2014? FB clue, 4
10. U.S. Rivers – The Savannah River forms the border between what two U.S. states? We normally flunk these questions, but MIke said he took a Sporcle quiz earlier this day and remembered this factoid. Nice! 3
Mystery – PS – All correct responses will have the initials PS
1. Automotive feature first introduced in 1951, designed to make turning the wheel easier
2. Desert resort city of Southern California that once had Sonny Bono as its mayor
3. Colorful name for notice of dismissal of employment
4. Tough guy in “Fargo” and “Prison Break.” Also Swedish…
Missed #4.
Scores: Nine teams, scores 42 to 67, with More Beer Less Pants in first. We were in fourth with 62.
Final Category – Competitions
The Youth America Grand Prix is not a race, but rather it is the world’s largest international student competition for what activity?
Nope, miss. No teams got this. Zero betters reigned supreme, Venus Flytrap finished second with 58, Stephen Hawking School of Dance finished first with 64.
Game Two
1. Musicals – What Broadway musical features songs from the band Abba? Social, 10.
2. Sitcoms – What sitcom starred Ted Danson as a small private practice doctor? We guessed “Cheers 2: Electric Boogaloo.” Nope, miss for 2.
3. Animated Movies – Johnny Depp provided the voice of what animated title character – who was a chameleon fond of adventure int he town of Dirt? 9
4. The Military – What is the lowest rank in the U.S. Army? 8
5. Baby Animals – What three-letter word describes a baby skunk, ferret or muskrat? 7
6. TV Actors – Before this question was read, we joked about the answer for #5. So when we heard the audio clue for this question, which was about a show with a sentient talking car from the ’80s, there was some boisterous laughter. You had to be there. But Scott said, “Now I can die happy.” And the photo tie-in with this game re-cap is dedicated to him and his love of that show!
7. Finance – What financial term is defined as a payment made by the company to its shareholders? 5
8. MVPs – Name one of the two MVPs from the 2017 Pro Bowl. Name both for an extra “nerd” bonus. This may have been a “doozy…” Miss for 1.
9. Weather – From the Greek for cyclone, what is the name for a tropical cyclone that develops in the Western Pacific Ocean? 4
10. Firsts – The first Ferris wheel made its debut at the Columbian Exposition in what city in 1983? I have a very, very strange reason I knew this answer…and it’s because of a guy named H.H. Holmes. He built a “horror house” in this city, and took advantage of this event to lure some more “customers” into his house. Who says reading about murderers doesn’t occasionally help in trivia? 🙂
Mystery – Got all of these.
Host Sporcle Live with Megan M, who was subbing for the regular host Elyse, asked this question for an extra five points: What 2005 movie featured America Ferrera, Amber Tamblyn and Alexis Bledell? Nope…
Scores: Eight teams, scores 45 to 66, with More Beer Less Pants in the top spot. We were in sixth with 60 points.
Final Category – U.S. Presidents
A total of seven U.S. presidents were directly elected president while acting as a governor of a U.S. state. The two most recent people to do this were George W. Bush and Bill Clinton.
Name one of the other five.
Looked over the list I VERY hastily jotted down and the right man’s name just jumped out at me. Two times, to be exact…
Final Standings: You’re Killing Me Smalls, 63 (zero bet); ‘Pods, 80.
Until next time, which will be the ’80s music theme night tonight at The Bowery Grille & Pub in Canton with team “More Music, Less Pants.” We’ll have one player from the ‘Pods, one player from MBLP, one player from Sparty on, and “the” player from One is the Loneliest Number. We’ll let y’all know how we do! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you Nihilists from “The Big Lebowski!”

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