Trivia Recap – Feb. 10, 2017 – Sticks

And to think I almost canceled Thursday’s Sporcle With Tim trivia game at Stick’s. I sent a text to the team letting them know I was calling off the game Thursday. But all it took was ONE player’s sad face emoji in a responding text to make me change my mind…(sigh) oh ALL right! We’ll play! Good thing we did – we won two first place ($15/each) gift cards, the first time in quite a long time we’ve managed a first place sweep. Representing players this time were myself (Heather), Mike and David. We have had to “crawl” our way out of a hole since we started playing here in early January. Now, since we’ve moved into second place, we’re just starting to see what it’s like once we move out of the “twilight zone” of the ocean. Yes, that’s a real science term – it’s really, really dark there in the lowest depths, and for humans, it’s a world of virtual darkness to the naked eye. Seeing as how our cephalopod mascot tends to hang around the “twilight zone” quite a bit, maybe our trivial struggles have been symbolic! It’s basically eat – or be eaten. Is competitive trivia really that different? We know what it’s like to be devoured by sharks, and occasionally we manage to get the jump on the “sharks,” too! Look up the videos on YouTube (octopus vs. shark in your search window). Octopuses fight like cornered rats. Now you have a choice – you could watch cat videos, watch some porn, maybe see what Donald Trump has been tweeting about today, or you could watch videos of octopuses kicking sharks’ asses! What’ll it be? What’s that? You’d rather read the questions from Thursday’s game than watch a video of an octopus kicking the ass of a shark? Well, I don’t believe you for a second, but OK! Here goes!
Game One
1. Sequels – What word completes the title of a direct-to-video sequel of Aladdin – “Return of (blank)?” 10
2. Appetizers – Escargot is what kind of animal? 9
3. Same Title – What title is shared by a 2012 Bruce Springsteen album and a 2013 Miley Cyrus single? Dave with right guess for 2.
4. Nicknames – American frontierswoman Martha Jane Canary was better known by what “disastrous” sounding nickname? 8
5. Elements – Also known as Wolfram, what element is represented by the chemical symbol W? 7
6. Super Bowls – The same two teams have faced each other three times in the Super Bowl. Name one of those teams – name both for an extra “nerd” point. Yes, we got this AND the bonus WOOT! 1
7. Sidekicks – What late-night sidekick played quintuplets, each with a different personality, on the TV series “Arrested Development?” Dave with right guess for 4.
8. Painters – What Dutch painter’s portrait of Jacques de Gheyn III has been stolen three times since 1966? Should have just asked the host how this name was spelled – I just scrolled through long list of this guy’s paintings on wikipedia to find this correct spelling! #thethingswedoforlove 3
9. Islands – The group of villages and towns known as the Hamptons are located on what U.S. island? 6
10. Vehicles – What manufacturer makes Goldwing motorcycles? Miss for 5.
Mystery – Anagrams – Decipher the anagrams of people who have hosted the Oscars (spelling counts)
1. Rick Corks
2. Slender Eel Gene
3. A false merchant
4. Rick Airplane Skirt
Missed #2. And talked about how utterly un-funny we think this person is (even though this person is super popular). Would not entice me to watch the Oscars. The number three person, on the other hand? Hilarious…
Scores – Ten teams, scores 28 to 60, with us in the top spot.
FInal Category – Companies
We were very tempted to wager zero, we worried it would be a “put these companies in order from east to west based on where their company headquarters are located. Instead, we decided to wager, an got this question…
What company, well-known for producing Cabbage Patch Kids dolls and early video game consoles, was founded in 1932 as the Connecticut Leather Company?
Final standings: I’ll bet my Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad, 54 (zero wager), ‘Pods, 76.
Game Two
1. Scientific Research – What is the name for the inactive substance used as a substitute for real drugs in scientific research? 10
2. Breakfast – What cereal has used the slogan, “The taste you can see?” 9
3. Courts- The International Criminal Court is located in The Hague in which European country? 8
4. Returns – What sci-fi series is slated to return in 2017 after a 14- year hiatus? For nerd point, identify this series’ creator. Got both for 7.
5. Animals – A monotreme is what kind of animal? Bird, insect, fish or mammal? 6
6. Movie Soundtracks – Audio clue of song used in 2014 film. Initially had right guess…but missed it (please note how UN-upset I was about this one….sigh). Miss for 1.
7. NBA – Who served as the NBA commissioner from 1984 to 2014? Nope, miss for 2.
8. Computers – Acquired by Lenovo in 2005, the Thinkpad brand was originally designed by what computer company? Dave steps in for 5.
9. Rebellions – The Easter rebellion occurred where? Spain, Ireland, or Greece? There was one other choice given but I don’t recall it – started writing down this answer before the choices were read.
10. Mythology – According to Greek mythology, 100 eyes of a giant Argus are said to be preserved in the feathers of what bird? 3
Mystery – Got all of these (Dave and I teamed up here).
Scores – Ten teams, scores 34 to 61, with us in first.
Final Category – Cinematic Firsts
Julia Roberts was the first actress to earn $25 million for a film, doing so for her work on what film released in the decade of the 2000s?
Nope, missed it and so did every other team.
Final Standings ??? 46, ‘Pods, 47. Until next time…which may be Saturday. A “special” event is planned for tonight, we’ll see you guys in the next game recap! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Avril Lavigne!

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