Trivia Recap – Feb. 12, 2017 – Oscar’s Grill (Saline)

A couple of ‘Pods encountered some rough seas in a Sporcle Live trivia game Saturday at Oscar’s Sports & Grill in Saline. Not surprising, really. We’ve been on quite a “hot streak” the past few games – sweeping first last Thursday, winning a $20/second place gift card (playing with a player down) Wednesday, winning the ’80s theme trivia night, finishing first for the night Tuesday in Belleville, and winning a first place prize the previous Thursday at Sticks, which ended a long prizeless drought. Anyone need to catch their breath? Long story short, what comes up….must come down. And we certainly know how to fail spectacularly when we fail! Hell, if you have to be good at something? And here are the questions! Thanks to the “Reigning Kings” of trivia Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz for being up sooner than me this morning and typing these up! Read on if you dare (trigger warning – there may be EXTREMELY colorful language, do not read aloud to your kids. Repeat – DO NOT read aloud to your kids!).
Game One
1. Words: Which English word meaning “an insane person” comes from the Latin for “moonstruck?” Anyone else think about that movie where Cher slapped Nic Cage in the face and told him to “snap out of it?” And has anyone else fantasized about doing this to another person? No? Just me? 🙂
2. Third Parties: Cynthia McKinney was the presidential nominee on what third party ticket during the 2008 US election?
3. Musical Collaborations: Name one of the two singles in which Eminem and Rihanna collaborated to hit #1 on the Billboard charts. Bonus for both.
Got this for low points, but no bonus.
4. Beauty Products: What maker of bath, body, and beauty products distributes the bath oil called Skin So Soft? I have a giant bottle of this with our camping gear. It works fairly well repelling skeeters, but NO mosquito repellent works 100 percent on me.
5. Hockey: After Wayne Gretzky, name two of the next four players on the all time goals scored list in the NHL.
Got one of the guys, but not the second guy, miss.
6. Science!: What is the name of the metabolic process in which bacteria, yeast, or other microorganisms convert sugar into acids, gases, or alcohol?
7. Actresses: What actress played lead roles in the period films Atonement, Silk, and A Dangerous Method?
8. Africa: Lagos is a port city and the most populous in what African nation?
9. Gaming: What six letter word from Sanskrit describes a computer gamer’s virtual representation?
10. Kids TV: On what Disney Channel series that ran from 2003 until 2007 did the characters hang out at a restaurant called the Chill Grill?
Mystery Round: Before and After
1. The song that begins “He rocks in the treetops all day long”/The only person to win an acting Oscar for a role in the movie Good Will Hunting
2. The animated TV show featuring Mr. Garrison and Kenny McCormack/The second most expensive property on the standard US Monopoly board
3. The song by Seal that appears on the Batman Forever soundtrack/The Pasadena stadium that hosts a New Year’s Day football game
4. The colorful term for safe, well-established stocks on the stock market/The second best selling brand of cookie after Oreo.
Anyone else think the answer for #1 would be a great album title?
Heading into the final:
Ten tams, scores 36 to 62, with us in first. More Beer Less Pants was in fourth with 54 (only because of flubbing the hockey question for big points, apparently) playing under the very creative name “Team #7. Hm, maybe we should use names like that sometime – play incognito! But we wouldn’t be very pirate-like if we did THAT, would we? More about this topic later…
Final Category: Grammy Awards
Final Question: Come Dance with Me!, September of My Years, and A Man and His Music are the titles of the three albums that won the Grammy for Album of the Year for what artist?
Mike wanted to wager zero, I wanted to wager 20. Wagering zero would NOT have benefited us, but getting the question correct CERTAINLY would have benefited us! Alas, that was not to be…
Game winners: MBLP, 74; Twelve-person team of way too many screaming women (I think my ears still hurt), 76.
I did think of the right guy for this answer, but apparently didn’t think of him long enough. Went with another famous crooner whom is still alive. And did a duet with Lady Gaga.
Spaceballs had this as a tiebreaker: Frank Sinatra and Dionne Warwick were both born on December 12. How many years apart?
I played along and was off by only two years, for the record.
Game Two
1. Star Wars: Which Star Wars character has only 45 seconds of screen time in both 2005’s Revenge of the Sith and 2015’s The Force Awakens?
I thought of right answer immediately, but Mike was being a Doubting Thomas. Which means we did this for lower than we should have. First hint of doom in game two…
2. Real Wars: Which country did Britain fight in the First Opium War between 1839 and 1842: We re-racked with success here.
3. Wine: What six letter name is given to the size of wine bottles that measure 1.5 liters?
I knew this one too, but Mike was again racked with doubt, so not big points. Heh, it shares its name with a prophylactic!
4. The Office: On an episode of the American version of The Office, what stand-up comedian does Michael Scott impersonate that leads to the staff having to undergo racial sensitivity training?
No fucking clue. You didn’t just read that aloud to your kids, did you? We warned ya…
5. Logos: The Y in the eBay logo and the L in the Google logo are both what color?
6. American Idol: We had an audio clue on this one, miss.
7. Puzzles: Within 2, how many squares long is the typical daily New York Times crossword puzzle on one side? Bonus for exact. And Mike hits this one for exact (nice work!).
8. NFL Awards: Doing so in 1979 and 1980, what quarterback is the most recent player to be named Super Bowl MVP in back to back years? Have to commit this guy’s name to my memory, I always end up picking some “other” guy when this guy is the correct answer (shakes fist – sportsball!).
9. World Geography: What nation in the Pacific Ocean is divided into two main parts by the Cook Strait?
10. The Internet: What type of item caused a viral Internet debate concerning whether its colors were black and blue or white and gold?
Visual: Missed them all. Though I did have one correct guy, just didn’t match him to the right photo.
Heading into the final:
We were tied for third with 45 going into the final. MBLP was again in first with 55 points.
Final Category: Fictional Characters
Final Question: Buster Crabbe, Tony Goldwyn, Alexander Skarsgard, and Christopher Lambert have all portrayed or voiced what fictional character, who first appeared in print in 1912?
Game Winnners: One is the Loneliest Number, 65/ MBLP, ??
Wagered 20 again and missed. The name Christopher Lambert made us think of another person…there can be only one? Nope, this was definitely NOT our game. We’ll pile into our beaten-up pirate ship and sail on to find some other ports in which we may find some nice pirate booty! Heh, we said “booty.” Until next time, which is TBD. Mike has requested taking a break from trivia this coming week (the poor dear…). And it’s a MTL “bye” week, so will be taking a break Wednesday (or playing somewhere different). So you will see us when you see us! Or not!

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