Trivia Recap – Feb. 16, 2017 – Corner Brewery

It was the “bye” week for My Trivia Live, so the ‘Pods decided to play somewhere else on a Wednesday besides our normal trivia spot, The Wurst Bar, where the show is hosted by Stacy (we’ll see you next week when the season starts!). So three of us decided to hit up Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery (aka “Corner Brewery”), which is not only an “old trivia haunt,” but the first one we played regularly back in 2012. You always remember your “first,” right? You can let your imaginations run wild with that one! OK, if you need help…first girlfriend, first boyfriend, first car accident, first time you got drunk, the first time you rode in a police cruiser, the first romp in the back of Mom’s station wagon, the first time you smoked weed…uh we’ll just stop there! Both the Wurst Bar and “Corner Brewery” typically have a lot of trivia teams in the mix every Wednesday, with Wurst having as many as 15-20 on some nights, just like Corner – which had 21 teams in game one last Wednesday. The interesting thing about “Corner,” is that it’s usually the same top 5 teams vying for tournament spots every time the venue tournament comes around – and it’s always interesting to see how the five-person limit affects the dynamic, too. And it’s wise not to bet upon which team will win, because you never can tell! Will it be the number 1 team? Maybe. The number 5 team? Possibly. The number three team? Perhaps. And that is part of the appeal of playing there – every team – of any size, experience, league team or not – has a shot at glory on any given night. As for us – myself, Mike, and John – we finished in fourth overall with 119 points, won a $10 gift card following a nail-biting double tiebreaker in game two. And the questions, which were typed up by Your Resume Sucks
Game 1
1. Landmarks – From 1976 until it closed in 2015, The Museum of Westward Expansion was located in the Visitor Center at the base of what U.S. landmark?
2. TV Actresses – What actress, known for her roles on The Office and Parks and Recreation, also plays the title character in the TBS series Angie Tribeca? Love Angie Tribeca, it’s SO goofy…
3. Words – What six-letter past tense verb is the only common English word to end in the letters “mt”? John comes up with this quickly…
4. Football – In football, the term “nickel” is commonly used to refer to a defensive formation with five defensive backs. What is the related term that refers to a defensive formation with six defensive backs? Good try, but nope…
5. Book Characters to Movie – What fictional amateur detective introduced in the novels by Agatha Christie was later played on film by both Margaret Rutherford and Angela Lansbury?
6. Madonna Hits – What 1983 single by Madonna includes a line from a classic English nursery rhyme?
7. Numbers – What is the term for a number that is equal to the sum of its positive divisors? Mike and John teamed up nicely here…(thank goodness, math ain’t my thang).
8. Governors – In 2003, which state’s governor, Gray Davis, became the second governor to be successfully recalled and removed from office? Nerd Point: Who is the current governor of that state? Got both.
9. American Idol Contestant – Beginning in 2015, what American Idol Runner-up has appeared in advertisements for Diet Dr. Pepper as the diminutive rock star Lil’ Sweet? Nope…
10. Directors – What word completes the nickname by which director Alfred Hitchcock was often known? “The Master of ______”
Mystery Round: Crossword, answer based on the crossword clue given.
1 Six letters – a form of poetry consisting of one short (unstressed) syllable followed by one long (stressed) syllable.
2. Five letters – A small handheld instrument played by humming into it, producing a buzzing sound.
3. Four letters – North Carolina cape that was the setting of a 1991 film starring Robert deNiro.
4. Eight letters – Sugary byproduct known as treacle in Britain.
Got all of these.
Scores: Twenty one teams – scores 11 (?) to 66, with I Choo-Choo-Choose you in first. We were one of four teams tied for second with 64 points.
Final category: Companies
Since 2011, the same three companies have topped the list of most U.S. patents received each year. Name one of those companies. Discussed right answer, but went with another…
Final Standings: Sabretoothed Crotch Crickets, 60 (zero bet), ???, 64 (another zero bet, did not write down the name or recognize the name), and Your Resume Sucks in first with 84. Nicely played!
Game 2:
1. Art – What is the four-letter term for a sculpture of a person’s head, shoulders, and chest? And here is the photo tie-in…
2. TV Themes – The song in the following clip is a parody of the song that serves s the theme to what 1980s TV series? You had to be there to hear it, sorry. It was a silly answering machine message from George Costanza…
3. Mascots – What kind of bird has been the mascot of Vlasic Pickles since the 1970s?
4. Ancient Rulers – Reigning in the 18th century BC, Hammurabi, was the sixth king of the First Dynasty of what ancient empire? Mike and John teamwork again…
5. Actresses – For playing the role of a troubled mother in a 2015 film, what actress won the Academy Award for Best Actress? Never heard of her…miss.
6. Baseball – In what year did a player’s strike cause the cancellation of the World Series? Miss.
7. Hit Singles – Name one of the two singles by Tracy Chapman that have reached the Top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart? Nerd Point, name both. Got this for points plus the bonus.
8. Mexico – What major Mexican city is located directly south of the San Diego metropolitan area?
9. French Cuisine – In a French cuisine, if a dish is served À la Crécy, it is being cooked or garnished with what vegetable? Facebook clue.
10. Game Shows – From 1984-1990, and again in 1993, Chuck Woolery hosted a game show that was based on what classic board game? Miss.
Mystery Visual Round: Company Headquarters, name the country that is home to the headquarters of each company or business whose logo is pictured.
Got them all.
Scores: Eighteen teams, scores 27 to 61, with Your Resume Sucks in first. We were tied with two other teams for fourth with 55 points, two teams were tied for third with 56 (Sabretoothed Crotch Crickets and Corn Fritters), and one team was in second with 58 points with the word “Police” in its name.
Final category: Country Borders
Russia shares a land border with 14 countries, including three that have common English names that begin with a vowel. Name those three countries.
A bit of discussion, but eventually came up with right answers, woot!
This put us in a tiebreaker with one of the other second place teams, team “Colors.” We had to answer this first: In what year was Chuck Woolery born? We guessed 1926, they guessed 1956, and were evenly split, so…on to tiebreaker number 2: What is the straight line distance between Mexico City and Miami? We gussed 1,125, they guessed, 3,001, our guess was closer (though I did not write down the right answer). So we won the $10, and team Police (whomever they were) finished in first. Until next time, which will Sunday at the YpsiAlehouse for a “special” night of trivia. There “may” be a visiting team from out of state in the mix, so we can’t wait to see how things shake out! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, the most interesting man in the world!

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