Trivia Recap – Feb. 17, 2017 – Sticks

Like our underwater mascot…our trivia team has swam our way up from the deepest trenches of the ocean, battling various trivia teams, brutal final questions, sharks and other predators along the way. And it took seven weeks to do it – but we are now in first place at Stick’s, but still have a couple of other predators gnawing at our tentacles. Just like in that reality TV show about ocean life. Is that a thing? It totally SHOULD be. I would watch it! Screw you, Kardashians! I want to keep up with the Crustaceans! See a “real” shark tank! Any network executives reading this? I want my underwater reality show! Unscripted! Oy, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, so brain is a little loopy right now (as if any of you would notice, ahem…). Our “playas” last night at our Sporcle With Tim game included a whopping five – myself (Heather), Mike, Brad, Dave and Geoff, who has not played with us since a a My Trivia Live semifinal game in December. He’s pretty much just doing tournaments now, for the most part, but he was able to squeeze us in last night! Sure he was sorry he did, since…well, we’ll spare you the gory details! Let’s see…oh yes, questions!
Game One
1. CEOS – What is the last name of the man named Michael, who became the youngest CEO in history in 1992 with a computer technology company named for him? Gotta get four points…
2. TV Jobs – What animated TV duo worked shifts at Burger World while attending Highland High School? 10
3. Musical Words – From the Latin for ‘time,” what word means the speed at which a musical piece is played? 9
4. Presidents – In 2001, what president was posthumously given a medal of honor for his service in the Spanish American War? 5
5. The Human Body – Sternutation is the technical term for what? Sneezing, hiccuping, blinking, or yawning? Miss for 3.
6. Screenplays – What actress wrote the screenplay and starred in the 1995 film “Sense and Sensibility,” which was based on a work by Jane Austen? 8
7. Trees – What is the national tree of Germany, France and the United States? Brad all over this for 7.
8. Bowl Games – What U.s. city is host of the annual Sugar Bowl? 6
9. Rivers – What river forms the only border of Kansas that is not a straight line? And Mike commenced with his “I used to live in Kansas and it really, really sucked” monologue. You really had to be there…2
10. Art – What art movement that emerged in the 1950s is closely associated with Roy Liechtenstein and Andy Warhol? Mike distracted enough from his ranting about Kansas here for 1 point. Always nice to have a 1 point left at the end of a regular round!
Mystery – Leo di Caprio Movies – Identify the movies based on the release years and the characters he played in them.
1. 2004 – Howard The Duck (JK, it was really Howard Hughes). And you all knew Howard the Duck was released way earlier than this, didn’t you? I’m going to guess…1987. Prob a year off.
2. 2008 – Frank Mueller
3. 2013 Jordan Belfourt
4. 2002 – Amsterdam Vallon
Missed #2 and #4. We just focused too much on another 2002 diCaprio movie that Sporcle likes to ask about. A lot. Though the name is not even remotely correct. Sigh, those late night trivia games can mess with the brain…
We were in first going into the final out of nine teams with 60.
Only two NBA teams won more than one championship in the 1970s. They both currently play in the same division. Name both teams.
Named one, but not both.
Finished in second with 53 points, behind Dirty Mike and the Boys with 66.
Game Two
1. Movie Titles – What film franchise had a 2011 installment called “Ghost Protocol?” 10
2. Government – U.S. senators are elected to terms of how many years? For nerd bonus point, the longest serving incumbent U.S. Senator is what senator from Vermont? Picked wrong long-serving Vermont senator. Well played, Sporcle…well played! You win this round 🙂
3. Measurements – What does a pluviometer measure? One of Mike’s little obsessions, nails this for 8.
4. Figure Skating – Beginning in 1998, what figure skater won eight consecutive figure skating championships? 3
5. Paranormal – When referring to EVP, what does the letter V stand for? Should NOT have been one we missed, considering how many of those silly “ghost hunter” shows MIke used to watch. I’d tell him, “Wake me up when they actually reveal a real ghost.” Yawn…miss for 5.
6. TV Settings – Audio clue of a Showtime series about a serial killer, had to ID the city in which the show is set, got this for 7.
7. State Symbols – Although it is actually a fruit commonly associated with summertime, what vegetable is the state symbol of Oklahoma? Dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Not only us for missing it – but them for calling THIS a vegetable! What, it’s not enough that they have an oil derrick on their state capital grounds? I’d “sooner” die than have to answer any more trivia questions about this stupid state…(see what I did there)? Miss for 4.
8. Book Series – What book series by Francine Pascal is about identical twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield? To think I wasted some of my tween years reading this garbage. Now I’m thinking of a re-write…”Sweet Valley High with Zombies.” Yes, I gave away the answer, but it was the Facebook clue, anyway…
9. Capitals – MInsk is the capital of what country bordering Russia and the Ukraine? And for some strange reason, I remembered a story from a few years ago about a beaver from this country who bit a guy and killed him. I will share a link in the comments if anyone simply MUST know more about this…
10. 2000s Albums – The Album “American 4 – The Man Comes Around” is the last studio album released during the lifetime of what musical artist? Nope…miss for 1.
Mystery – – Missed #3.
We were in second going into the final with 51 behind Count Chocula, who had 54 points – out of 10 total teams.
In Rolling Stone’s 2016 list of the 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time, the top 20 contains three scripted comedy series that debuted in the 1980s. Name two of those three shows. Other trivia spots had to name all three, we were only asked to name two. We wagered poorly by wagering zero, we were uncecessarily scared off by the “TV” category. Would have been far more scared off had we actually had to name all three. Trivial water under the bridge…
Did not catch the final standings…Until next time, which will be the YpsiAlehouse Sunday. Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz, we thought you’d like to know there was a team playing at Sticks last night calling themselves “Spaceballs: The Trivia Team.” We knew it couldn’t POSSIBLY be you, since their scores were just too low! See you Sunday? As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you Belarussian beavers with rabies! Those big teeth can do some DAMAGE!

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