Trivia Recap – February 24, 2017 – Original Gravity

A couple of us decided to take a little break from our normal Thursday trivia routine by hitting up an old favorite trivia haunt, where we played a couple of seasons in 2016 – Original Gravity Brewing Co. in Milan. Though it is a bit of a drive, it was a nice evening for it, even in a car where the heat doesn’t work very well! Mike and I took a short walk around town before our game and saw tae kwon do classes, an art gallery and too many “cute” local businesses to count. That wood paneling in the car dealership! Almost makes me want to pretend I want a Dodge vehicle just so I can sit in that waiting room! This town really is a poster child for small business America! We decided to loop back after checking out the lake/dam area on Wabash (for some reason Google maps is not telling me the name of that body of water…so I’ll call it that big lake thing, that if you get too drunk at any of the nearby watering holes, you just might face plant into if you’re not careful! Not that I know anything about drunken face plants ***cough). Sooo… we had an enjoyable pre-game walk on a pleasant Spring evening. Even though it is not Spring yet…As for the game, we finished in first for the night with 148 points, and won $30 (one first/one second place). And the questions…
Game One
1. Mergers – In 2013, Office Depot merged with what rival office supply retailer? 4
2. Famous Names – What is actor Bruce Willis’ given first name? George, Charles, Malcolm or Walter? Miss for 2.
3. Washington, D.C. – What is the street address for the White House? 10
4. Blood Vessels – In which part of the body would you find the brachial artery? 7
5. Stage Names – What is the stage name of Amethyst Kelly who had a Billboard hit in 2014? For “nerd” bonus, name that song. Nope and nope.
6. Dogs – What two dog breeds are combined to make a “shorkie?” WAY too adorable to exist…look it up in Google images. Got this for 5.
7. World Leaders – As leader of Germany, Otto Von Bismarck was given what metallic nickname? Very quotable fellow…he said something about victory only being achieved with “iron and blood.” Got this for 9.
8. Books – What satirical news site published “Our Dumb World” and “Our Dumb Century?” 8
9. On the Calendar – If the Fourth of July falls on a Saturday, what day must Christmas fall on? Miss for SIX.
10. Coaches – What coach led the ’49ers to championship victories until 2014? This question is abridged, but NO ONE living within spitting distance of the “Big House” is going to miss this. Even if you don’t really follow sportsball, you’re going to know this through osmosis. Can’t believe we saved our one pointer for THIS!
Mystery – Crosswords
1. Eight letters – Tuna brand that has used Charlie as a mascot
2. Four letters – Word used to describe rap battles in a YouTube series from 2010
3. Eleven letters – word for second to last
4. Five letters – One side of a many sided cut gem
Missed #2 (though Mike’s guess was really good…nice try!)
Scores: Eleven teams, scores 29 to 58, with Throwback Thursdays in first. We were in third playing as The Podd Couple.
Final Category – Music in Movies
In the 1971 movie A Clockwork Orange, which numbered symphony by Beethoven is used on Alex for the controversial aversion therapy?
Final Scores: Podd Couple, 73; Bicurious (did not catch their name), 75.
Game Two
1. Snacks – “Cloud Cakes” are Little Debbie’s take on what Hostess snack cake? 3
2. Breakfast – Which “Star Wars” character is featured on an 1984 breakfast cereal with the tagline “A New Force at Breakfast?” Mike used to eat this cereal…10
3. Expansion Teams – Name one of the two MLB expansion teams that began playing in 1993. Name both for an extra “nerd” point. Got one, but not both (but for only 1).
4. Disorders – What is the 12-letter term for an inability to resist the impulse to steal things? Wasn’t this a Def Leppard album? 🙂 9
5. Lawsuits – What hip-hop group who won six Grammy awards was sued by Rosa Parks for using her name in one of their hit songs? Thank you Sporcle Live for providing this as a clue, otherwise we would have had none!
6. ’80s Movies – Audio clue of theme from blockbuster film about an adorable alien. 7
7. Fashion – Name three of the four cities involved in “Fashion Week.” Mike asked if I was sure, I said, “Well, I did see ‘The Devil Wears Prada.'” 6
8. Radio – “ATC” is the abbreviation for what NPR show first broadcast in 1971?
9. Banking – What does “CD” stand for in banking/finance parlance? 4
10. Commercials – What brand-name product included the directions, “Apply directly to the forehead” in its advertisements? Oh how that made us run for the “mute” button on the remote…so annoying. But memorable! 2
Mystery –… Missed EVERY ONE. Yes, I know I need to brush up on Oscar nominees (aka Oscar “losers,” imho).
Scores – Ten teams, scores 40 to 59, with barhop team Snow Spiders (whom we recognized from being one of the regular YpsiAlehouse teams) in first. We were in third with 55.
Final Category – Languages
Chin, Karen, and Mon are all regional languages spoken in what Asian country that borders China and Thailand?
Mike and I teamed up on this one, but it was clearly his map mojo that prevailed here…
Final Standings: Breast Friends, 63; Podd Couple, 75.
Until next time, which unless impulse over the weekend strikes…will be next Tuesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Otto Von Bismarck!

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