Trivia Recap – March 1, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

Better late than never? Better late than pregnant? Better never than late? Am I just rattling off popular trivia team names, or making excuses as to why this trivia recap from Tuesday at Johnny’s Grill is being posted so late? All of the above? Well, there was a slight delay in scores being posted on the Sporcle Live site, and I wanted to report ours as accurately as possible. FIFTY EIGHT. Yes, a dismal, dismal game for me, who wanted to burn off a $20 gift certificate. I was feeling a bit more fancy than usual, so I ordered a vodka collins instead of the usual Labatt Blue. I was NOT disappointed! Shout out to bartender Drea for making a cocktail that rivals those served up at Knight’s! I kid you not…and I consider Knight’s cocktails to be the local gold standard for cocktails, so that is saying a lot! It had a decent amount of vodka, and was just tart enough for me to be able to sip a couple of them over the course of the two rotten, rotten games. Boy were they BAD! I foolishly wagered 20 on both finals and missed ’em both. AND blew nine points on a question about state abbreviations. Clearly winning this night was not high on my list of priorities. All that said, how about the questions?
Game One
1. Animals – The Appaloosa is an American breed of what kind of animal? 10
2. Companies- Threshold and Room Essentials are exclusive lines of home goods lines owned by what retailer? Good guess for 4.
3. Film Settings – What major U.S city is the primary setting for the following films – Mrs. Doubtfire, Big Trouble in Little China, Dirty Harry and Milk? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, which of these movies was released first? Got this for 9 plus the bonus.
4 The Military – If an Air Force captain is promoted, what is his or her new rank? Brain FART. Would not have missed had my Army brat husband Mike have been able to join me at this game. And this was just one of a few questions he would have helped me with, miss for 3.
5. ’80s Music (now THAT’s more like it) – What band released “Why Can’t This Be Love” in 1986? This question is abridged, got this for 8.
6. Mascots – What animal serves as the mascot for the University of Alabama Crimson Tide? Brad would have helped here, silly me for thinking of an animal that might actually be native to this state. Silly, silly me…miss for 1.
7. Animated TV – Within one, in what year did “South Park” debut as a half-hour show? 7
8. Appetizers – What appetizer, popular at dinner parties in the 1950s and 1960s, is made from water chestnuts, chicken livers wrapped in bacon and cooked in a Polynesian-inspired sauce? I was really, really hoping “aspic” would be the answer. I have a slight obsession with aspic and its utter grossness….I did know this one though, just because of Haab’s restaurant in Ypsilanti, which serves this on their menu. Though I have never eaten it, because…gross. Got for 6.
9. U.S. Geography – What two states are the end points of the Appalachian Trail? Unnecessary miss here, totally should have know this, miss for 5.
10. Gaming – What Nintendo console is being released this week? Another abridged question, miss.
Mystery – Quickfire- Four highest-grossing Jim Carrey films released in the 1990s. Got two correct.
Scores: I was third from last out of eight teams with 52 playing under the moniker Beatrix Squiddo. More Beer Less Pants was in first with 62 points.
Final Category – Literary Sidekicks
What portly literary sidekick has a cutlass sword nicknamed Johnny Corkscrew?
I thought of a portly sidekick, but not the right one. Mike the bookworm clearly needed to be at this game!
Final scores: Girls Night Out, 77; Slick Rock, 79.
Game Two
1. Classroom Science – What gas is created by mixing baking soda and vinegar? 3
2. Hair Care Products – Until 2016, Jennifer Aniston was the spokesperson and co-owner of what hair care brand? This was a FB clue which I literally looked on my tablet just before heading out the door, clearly I needed to pay more attention, burned my 2 on this.
3. Title Roles – What actor played title roles in “Encino Man” and “George of the Jungle?” 10
4 .Baseball – As of February, 2017, name one ofthe two current franchises to never have hosted an MLB all-star game. Nope and nope. Miss for 1.
5. Poetry – “O Captain, My Captain” is a quote by Walt Whitman about what U.S. president? Good guess for the points.
6. current TV – Tom Ellis is the star of what Fox series that debuged in 2016, based on Vertigo Comics? Miss.
7. Postal Abbreviations – What is the first postal abbreviation alphabetically to use double consonants? Miss for 9.
8. Cereal – What Barbara’s cereal is named for a stocky large bird with a black bill? Points, yes!
9. Audio – Identify the composer of “Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina.” Yes, I had a “triviagasm” here, lol…
10. Artwork – What DaVinci masterpiece underwent massive restoration between 1979 and 1999? Points!
Mystery – Got them all.
Scores – Seven teams, I was second from last tied with Venus Fly Trap with 46 points, MBLP was in third, and Slick Rock was in first with 62.
Final Category – Sports Geography
I actually decided to wager on this, because I do happen to know SOME stuff about sports – where the teams are is one of them. But alas, victory on this question for me was not to be…
As of the 2010 census, what is the LEAST populous U.S. state that is home to a team from at least one of the four major North American sports leagues?
Nope. game winners, Slick Rock, Girls Night Out. And the photo with this recap is dedicated to Mike and his love of “Big Trouble in Little China.”

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